Multifunctional Cabinet Acts as Wardrobe, Dining Space and More Inside this Apartment

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Nothing steals the show in a small apartment like a multi-functional custom unit that delivers plenty while occupying little space. It is not very often that you have one of these units in bright color; turning them into the visual focal point of the entire setting. Draped in beautiful turquoise, a bespoke multi-tasking cabinet is what steals the show inside the fabulous 108 Apartment designed by CoDA arquitetos in Brazil. The apartment was reworked to expand its available space, re-imagine the alignment of spaces and create a much more vibrant and cheerful interior.

Track lightig inside the apartment highlights the custom, colorful multitasking unit

The apartment was recreated for a modern couple who loved cooking and wished to entertain guests on a regular basis. Inside the new apartment space was clearly delineated into two larger areas with the public spaces containing the living room, kitchen and dining area and the private zone holding the bedrooms, kids rooms and workspace that can be turned into home office as well. It is this separation of spaces that gives birth to the larger, new living area that is connected with the kitchen and dining area on one side and the balcony on the other. It is a continuous visual space that you cannot miss!

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Dashing wall art piece brings color to the living space in white and concrete
Guest room with workspace next to it
Home workspace that can be turned into a guest room when needed
Sliding glass doors separate the living space from the roomy balcony
Small all-white bedroom with smart lighting that saves space
TV and entertainment unit placed in the multifunctional cabinet

Coming back to the multifunctional cabinet, the large unit hides inside it a dining table that can be pulled out pretty much anytime. It also contains the TV and entertainment area along with additional storage units that offer ample decorating opportunities. Smart, evolutionary and chic, this is an apartment makeover that offers ample space for those who wish to save space in their own home. [Photography: Joana Frana]

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Wall in white tiles with greenery and small shelving in the kitchen
108 Apartment in Brazil with a gorgeous multi-functional wall in turquoise
Bedroom neutral hues and ample natural light
Bringing out the dining table from the multifunctional hallway wall unit
Custom multi-functional wall inside the Brazilian apartment
Revised floor plan of the apartment with revamped interiors

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