MUJIs Latest Customizable Tiny Homes Are A Minimalists Dream Come True

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MUJI has unveiled its latest architectural projectthe Y no Ie Houseto join its selection of tiny homes.

The single-story tiny house encourages minimalist yet functional living, and comes without interior walls, allowing homeowners to change floor plans personalized to their needs.

The house is also customizable for easy access and for use across multiple generations. In addition, it features a large wooden deck with a recessed area for families to sit at and a small outdoor fire pit.

There are also three large doors at the front of the home that can be left open or closed, depending on the owners privacy needs. The interiors of the house boast a bed, a kitchen, a small dining area and a living area.

MUJI has also created a handy cube shelving unit in the bedrooms for owners to store their belongingss, eliminating the need for a closet. The Y no Ie House is available on the market for US$150,000 for 80 square feet.

#MUJI has recently announced its latest architectural feat, a tiny home named Y no Ie House. The home stays true to the brand's past designs through its customizable feature which allows buyers to create a unit that best fits their needs:
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