Minimising Interior Fuss With Microcement Industrial Decor

Minimising Interior Fuss With Microcement Industrial Decor

Microcement finishes smooth, shape and contour the stylish interior of this modern 90 square metre apartment, located in Lviv, Ukraine. Visualised by Ira Lysiuk, the industrial style decor here is an understated and tactile affair that meets with natural wood slatted features, oak cabinetry and soft creamy textiles that prevent the aesthetic from falling cold. The simple microcement decor scheme is free of fuss, which allows contemporary furniture and fashionable designer pieces to command the limelight. The cohesive grey palette floods every room of the home, engulfing all horizontal and vertical planes to create one restful expanse that soothes the eye and the mind.

A textured rug lays down a creamy base for a matching modern sofa. The curved edges of the couch are complemented by skillfully rounded microcement covered walls.

A single black accent cushion on the cream upholstered sofa has been put there to tie in with two adjacent Bernard lounge chairs, designed by Shane Schneckis for Hay. A round coffee table layers in a warming element of natural wood tone.

Black steel framed windows contrast darkly with the pale grey microcement walls, whilst heavy drapes quietly meld with the modern industrial style finish.

Directly behind the sofa, a combination of dining chairs, a dining bench and a unique stool make up a personalised dining set.

A unique vase makes an interesting standalone centerpiece on the rounded rectangular dining table.

Twin black dining room pendant lights pick out the black framework of the dining chairs. The stylish chairs are the Cesca Chair, designed by Marcel Breuer. The original was designed back in 1928 and the name came as a tribute to his daughter, Cheska. In 1968, the design was purchased by Knoll.

The dining stool at the head of the table increases the seating without cluttering the visual.

A wall of glass separates a dedicated home office space from the lounge and dining room combo. Black steel frames form cohesivity with the external window frames.

A neat swivel chair makes an elegant addition to the contemporary wooden desk design. Solid oak panelling conceals a little built-in storage, whilst wood slatted panels add textural and tonal interest behind the daybed. The beige upholstered daybed provides a cosy reading area within the home office, which doubles as a guest bed if the occasion should arise.

Beside the modern home office desk, a steel framed shelving tower coordinates with the balcony door finish.

The entry door places the warm wood slatted aesthetic into a cool grey microcement hallway. The smooth finish unites both sharp and curved edges and a durable micro screed floor, perfect for heavy footfall.

A racetrack shaped wall mirror, a wall mounted entryway shelf and a coat hanging rail add black accent notes to the restful modern grey backdrop.

The hallway to the bedroom is characterised by wide wood slatted doors that catch the light.

A wide load-bearing column somewhat separates the kitchen from the lounge area, although all are joined together in an open flowing arrangement. A set of elevated drawer units bridge the gap between the cumbersome column and an adjacent wall to form a sleek peninsula bar.

On the opposite side of the kitchen installation, natural oak units build a modern rustic vibe.

Open shelving units negate the need for a backsplash, resulting in one solid golden wood tone volume.

Kitchen tower units have been set back into the grey microcement wall to form extraordinary contrast.

A modern wall sconce lights the kitchen breakfast bar area. A pair of Tokyo stools designed by Rodney Kinsman for OMK perch on gracefully slender black framework that allows beautiful oak slatted facia boards to shine through. A black indoor planter complements the stools’ dark finish.

An assortment of decorative vases add a homey touch against the microcement covered column.

In the bedroom, an upholstered bed appears to float on a cloud-like fluffy white area rug. A racetrack shaped floor mirror has its foot tucked cosily underneath the pile.

The inviting rug stops short of a bedroom reading area in the corner of the room.

The modern wood bedside table coordinates with an impressive edge-to-edge oak slatted headboard feature wall.

Dried botanics loll in a clear glass vase by the bed.

A designer chair forms a stylish reading corner over by the window.

The mid century modern chair is a Wassily style chair. The original Wassily Chair was designed by Marcel Breuer at the Bauhaus in 1925, and now belongs to the brand Knoll.

A double sink bathroom vanity has been given the same microcement finish as the bathroom walls to minimise visual noise. The wooden base unit makes a warmly toned companion for a wood slatted walkway across the wet zone. Recessed spotlights and a chic wall lamp make up a bright show of bathroom vanity lights.

Unique faucets add a glossy black accent at each bathroom sink. Two black framed racetrack shaped vanity mirrors complete the contemporary bathroom ensemble.

Dual shower screens part dramatically in front of a modern freestanding bathtub, which stands on colour coordinated black steel supports. Twin chrome showerheads balance out each side of the bathroom layout.

Recessed nooks in the microcement walls make handy stow away points for toiletries in the shower area, whilst a decorative oak shelf is mounted by the bathtub.

Apartment floor plan, with terrace.

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