Mid Century Modern Interiors Spiced With Asian Influence

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Asian influence adds a different flavour to these three chic mid century modern home interiors, communicating a worldly sophistication. Along with Asian styling, there comes an inviting balance between minimalism and cosy comfort that shapes practical, restful living spaces. Shades of cream, beige and warm whites instil a sense of serenity that unwinds the mind and quietens the senses, whilst punchy black elements anchor a modern vibe. There is also a green accent theme that punctuates each of these welcoming residences, appearing in the form of a statement cabinet in home number one, a plush emerald green sofa in tour number two, and the simple freshness of plant life in home three.

Visualizer: Alexandr Tyan  

In our first mid century modern living room, an airy cream and beige decor scheme is weighted down by heavy black accents, which complement the Asian influences in the home.

A large area rug holds the different elements of the lounge layout together, meshing two different pairs of chairs and a modern chaise lounge together as one cohesive set.

A solid marble coffee table and an overlapping counterpart have been situated at the centre of the lounge arrangement. A series of decorative objects including candlesticks, coffee table books, a tabletop clock and an incense burner to complement and build upon the relaxing mood of the space.

A modern magazine rack holds reading material close by the couch.

An oversized pendant light descends low over the nesting coffee tables, adding dramatic effect to the lounge layout.

Black leather chairs have been teamed with a small side table and a neat floor reading lamp in order to fashion a comfortable reading nook. A bank of short storage units are placed along an entire wall of the living room to maintain peace and order in the space.

In the kitchen diner, a round dining table makes the most of the bright natural light that flows in through a large window.

Chic mid century modern style chairs and stools encircle the wooden table with a varied selection.

The kitchen is a stylish combination of rich wood cabinets that complement the mid century modern vibe. White marble finishes across the backsplash and the dining peninsula elevate the feeling of luxe. A curation of decorative vases interestingly adorn the countertop and open kitchen shelves.

A black linear suspension light illuminates the length of the kitchen peninsula, where matching black kitchen bar stools make a darkly contrasting trio against its white marble face.

A black ​​kitchen faucet provides a final black accent onto the luxurious kitchen island.

A statement green cabinet provides an uplifting pop of colour behind the dining table and low hanging dining room pendant light.

A black table lamp adds mood lighting over the storage cabinets.

Another mixed selection of mid century modern chairs and stools gather around a study table in the home library.

The dining room pendant light design is repeated here as a pair, to light the full length of the rectangle table.

In the master, a cream textured bedroom rug complements the ribbed shade of the bedroom pendant light. Arched doorways beautifully balance the restful layout.

Visualizer: Alexandr Tyan  

The concept behind our second home design was simplification and unification, which led to a minimalist interior design balanced with a cosy atmosphere. A series of uniform arches elegantly frame the living room windows. A colour palette of warm beige and organic wood tones complement the green views and a coordinating emerald green sofa.

The cream living room rug is lightly dappled with black accents, which tie in with darker elements in the room.

Black candlesticks and coffee table books dress the rectangle coffee table.

A black lounge chair sets down a spot to recline by the bookshelves.

The variety of materials and shapes is minimised to continue the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere into the dining room. Stone grey upholstered dining chairs gather at a rich wood dining table design, where a black vase provides a simple centrepiece.

An Asian lantern-like dining room pendant light forms an ultra-warm accent over the eating area.

Cabinet doors carry a complementary textile finish.

The crazed glaze flatware delivers a wonderful Wabi-sabi aesthetic.

The kitchen design was influenced by Asian simplicity and practicality. This emphasis on functionality led to a perfect wall of concealing kitchen cabinets that tuck away an integrated oven, fridge-freezer, and dishwasher.

A long kitchen island doubles as a breakfast bar.

An exceptionally long linear light illuminates the full width of the kitchen.

The core of the cabinet arrangement opens up to reveal an additional prep zone with open kitchen shelving.

In the bedroom, clean lines and subtle furniture shapes blend gently. Doors are absent within graceful arched doorways to create an aesthetically refined space.

The wood and warm white palette flows cohesively from living space to sleep space to create visual harmony.

Window recesses are clad with deep wooden panels to build a high-end finish.

In the bathroom, a small pendant light adds a warming touch over a marble and wood vanity unit.

Wood same wood tone finish characterises the bathroom storage unit and a handy stool.

The bathtub carries a fashionable slatted aesthetic to keep the home current.

Visualizer: Nguyễn Thủy  

Our final home tour begins in a large living room that’s filled with natural light.

A round rug cradles a minimalistic lounge layout that consists of a curved sofa design, Pierre Jeanneret’s Kangaroo Chair, and a wooden bench seat.

A circular coffee table neatly repeats the outline of the round rug.

In the mid century style dining room, a modern light fixture descends from a classical ceiling rose.

A small side table displays an unusual gorilla sculpture, which pushes personality into the stylish space.

In the kitchen, a freeform decorative wall mirror reflects a puddle of light from the large windows. A terrazzo island and an indoor plant introduce areas of fresh colour.

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