Marthas New "Everyday System" With California Closets

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I was thrilled to read about Martha's new collaboration with California Closets on her blog this morning. Martha has been a great proponent of California Closets for some years now and a collaboration with them seems like such a natural fit. She has used California Closets for several projects around her farm in Bedford, including the conversion of one of the smaller bedrooms in the Winter House to a walk-in closet and dressing room. She also used their services to outfit the dining room at the Maple Avenue House on the property with custom shelving to store her vast collection of cookbooks. You can see photos of these projects below.

Martha's offering with California Closets is called "The Everyday System" - borrowing that familiar vernacular so many of us remember from her Kmart days - and is the first modular system offered by the company. For the launch, there appear to be two finishes or styles the consumer can choose from with an infinite number of ways the storage and shelving systems can be configured to suit a closet, a pantry, a home office, a laundry room or living space. There are also Martha Stewart accessories, such as a variety of sturdy hangers and acid-free storage boxes.
This is the Perry Street White Woodgrain with Gold Metal finishes. Designed to feel fresh and modern, the system can be adjusted and modified to suit your personal space and requirements.
One of my favourite features is the screen detail in the cupboard door, designed to minimize dust and keep out unwanted pests, such as moths, while still keeping your sweaters and bags visible.
The drawers in this unit are soft-close, which is a very nice and thoughtful feature.
A place for everything and everything in its place! This configuration offers more than 15 feet of hanging space. Click here to watch a video on how this Everyday System can be easily installed.
This more masculine design is called the "Bedford Gray Woodgrain with Graphite Metal" finishes and is shown here in a reach-in closet configuration.
The metal mesh drawers are a nice modern feature.

There is also a full range of sturdy hangers on offer, in both white and gray. Suit hangers, coat hangers, shirt hangers, skirt hangers and slack hangers are all available as part of this collection.
Two sizes of fabric-covered, acid-free storage boxes are also available to store scarves or seasonal items. They come in three different colours: light gray, dark gray and white.

The Perry Street White Woodgrain with White Metal finishes is shown here used for pantry storage. It can be used in a walk-in pantry or on a kitchen wall, as shown here.
Here is the same motif used in a home office system with concealed drawers (soft-close) and a spacious desk surface. There is also a three-dawer filing cabinet and smart storage for all your technology needs including power sockets and USB ports so devices can be charged and on-hand.
This media center is in Bedford Gray Woodgrain with Graphite Metal finishes. The open shelving comfortably holds TV sets from 43-inches to 48-inches with plenty of space to display books and collectibles. Storage cabinets keep DVDs and other media out of sight, if desired.
Last year, Martha employed California Closets to design custom shelving for the dining room in her Maple Avenue House to store her cookbook collection. I love the effect!
And this is the rough plan for the small bedroom she converted into a closet and dressing room at her main house at Bedford using a custom California Closet design. To see more of this project, click here.

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