Luxury Minimalism In Interior Design

Luxury Minimalism In Interior Design

Laconic yet luxurious, this minimalist home design features high-end twists on wide open space. Visualised by Igor Sirotov, the city loft features oversized modern furniture pieces that lay down big statements within a pared back layout. Colourful atmospheric light transforms the plain white decor in an instant, without complicating or cluttering the space. Raw concrete elements add an industrial element to the modern loft interior, to offset the cleanliness of colour and line. The bedroom and its open plan ensuite bathroom are housed within an extravagant glass encased volume, which lets the city panorama flow uninterrupted. Only the WC and a butler’s pantry are tucked away from plain view, resulting in one spectacular multifunctional living experience.

An all-white minimalist living room lays quietly in awe of the sweeping cityscape that unfolds beyond edge-to-edge windows.

An oversized anglepoise floor lamp strikes a sudden black accent into the pure white scene. The lamp casts focussed task light over one side of the modular sofa arrangement, which forms a reading nook by the window. The other side of the sectional faces in towards a modern linear fireplace on the opposite wall.

One pale dove grey area rug is layered on top of another to create a layered effect that stretches all the way beneath the wide span of the modern sofa design.

The grey accent dips a shade darker in raw concrete accent walls and an industrial style kitchen island.

The modular sofa wraps around a concrete structural wall to maintain the free-flowing link between lounge and kitchen area.

With the flames of the contemporary fireplace at rest, the long linear hearth appears as a simple white floating shelf in front of the couch.

Once the lights are lowered and a smooth projector screen is slid into place, the living room becomes a private cinema reserved for only for the homeowner and their closest friends.

Metal kitchen bar stools complement the industrial aesthetic of the large concrete kitchen island.

The stools gather around each side of the cast volume by the window to form a dining area large enough for several dinner guests.

Unique dining pendant lights are each suspended from a trio of tensioned cables, which creates an eye-catching yet lightweight feature across the dining bar and prep area.

The hob is installed right by the dining table to keep the cook close to his/her guests. A little further along, the kitchen sink is set into the solid concrete countertop. Sleek grey base cabinets and drawers meld tonally with the raw material.

Other appliances and more kitchen storage cabinets have been confined to a butler’s pantry, which is tucked away out of sight.

A glass fronted wine storage cabinet aids selection of the evening’s beverage.

At night, the tall wine cooler emits a tempting glow.

A perspex shelving unit subtly defines the entryway from the glass wall bedroom, but allows natural light to flood through from top to bottom.

Perimeter lighting around the large open plan room can be controlled via remote control to change colour to suit the required mood.

A backlit storage unit fills and brightens a tight niche right by the front door.

White handle-free wardrobes conceal the homeowners clothing collection and outdoor coats.

A single mirror-fronted wardrobe provides a handy checkpoint for neatening up appearances before answering the door or exiting the apartment.

An extraordinary chrome bathtub design draws the eye into an integrated bedroom and ensuite combo.

The luxurious bedroom is a fabulously grand design, encased within impressively massive panes of glass.

Colour changing LED lights flow straight through from the kitchen/lounge area to the bedroom, keeping the mood lighting mode consistent throughout.

The unique, round bathtub is situated to take full advantage of the spectacular city views.

No neighbours tower high enough to peer in.

Another projector screen is stored in the ceiling of the bedroom, just above the bathtub. Once powered into place, the screen is perfectly positioned to be viewed from the minimalist floor bed that’s set in the centre of the space.

A low-level bedside table and a minimalist table lamp serve the understated floor bed design.

A glass partition replaces the standard headboard, which waterproofs the sleep space from the ensuite shower area. A mirrored wall seamlessly blends the two sections of the room together to maintain the flow.

Behind the shower area, a double sink vanity unit is also angled for enjoyment of the view. Ladder shelves reflect dramatically in the mirrored wall to create the illusion of freestanding A-frame units.

Every area of the bedroom, ensuite and open concept living space can be seen from the next. A simple white privacy curtain is drawn around the ensuite when in use.

Tall stemmed vanity mirrors emerge elegantly between the deep cuboid basins.

The WC is given complete privacy just off the home entryway, making it easily accessible for guests.

A unique basin and a square wall hung toilet sharply furnish the small space.

An unexpected bookcase fills the remaining wall.

Sharp black shelves complement the angular basin design.

When viewing the floor plan, we are able to see the small division of space between the hidden areas of the home, which are the butler’s pantry and the WC off the home entryway only. The rest of the vast apartment remains visually open and connected, with only clear glass to zone.

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