Living Room Shelving Ideas to Enhance The Room Decor

Living Room Shelving Ideas to Enhance The Room Decor

When it comes to the living room decor, there are some aspects that must be considered. From the theme, interior design, color scheme, furniture, to the storage ideas. If talking about the living room storage, it also comes in various types. And the common use is shelves.

Living room shelves are very important for the living room decor. There are many kinds of living room shelves that you can use for your living room. If you still wondering about the living room shelves, here are some ideas that might inspire you.

Fixed Bracket Shelves

There are many different kinds of shelf ideas for living rooms, and I’m going to highlight a few of them here. One of the most common types of shelves for living rooms is going to be the fixed bracket type. This kind of rack is typically simple to install and you can do it yourself. The bracket usually comes in wood, metal, or plastic. All you have to do is attaching the bracket to the living room wall. This shelf looks simple but sturdy to display your collections.


Some of these vertically arranged melamine wooden shelves are equipped with iron supports that are more sturdy and strong when accommodating a larger number of books and painting frames. You can also put green plants as a complement that makes the living room decoration fresher and not easily boring. Melamine wood shelf with iron support from decordots.


Take advantage of the corner of the living room wall to hang fixed bracket shelves that have white paint splashes. White is one of the favorite color choices that many people like because it has a cleaner and brighter appearance, besides that this color will also be more neutral and easier when combined with other furniture around it. White paint fixed bracket shelves from decordots.


If you have a limited floor area in your living room decoration, then take advantage of the wall area as the right storage idea by installing fixed bracket shelves made of a combination of wood and metal. You can paint these two materials in the same color so that they blend in more perfectly. Painting black and white frames to complete and sweet final touch. Combination of wood with metal fixed bracket shelves from decordots.

Built-In Shelves

Another living room shelving idea that you can use is a built-in shelf. This shelf is a unit of shelving that is fitted right into the structure of the wall. Built-on shelves are a good idea if your living room has an awkward nook, you can maximize it by building this shelf. This shelf is sturdy and looks neatly. But the important consideration thing about this shelf is you can’t easily remove it after install it. So, you have to think carefully about choosing the right material and the installation.


To save floor space in your living room decoration, the use of this built-in wall-mounted shelf is the right idea that you can try to display some of the room decorations you have. This built-in shelf is made of wood which is repainted in white so that it displays a cleaner and more elegant impression, you can build it using professionals. Wooden built-in shelves from homestratosphere.


If you have a wall that is still empty and unused, then you can use it as a built-in storage idea that saves more floor space. This storage rack is built openly so that it is easier for you to store or retrieve the items you need. This shelf is also an area to display some of the antiques you have. Built-in open shelf from homestratosphere.


The built-in shelves that are applied to the living room wall are equipped with transparent glass doors that will clearly display decorations such as ceramic antiques. With this door, all your decorative items are protected from dust, the idea of ​​the built-in shelf is usually used in modern and minimalist living room decorations. Built-in shelves with glass doors from homestratosphere.

Floating Shelves

If you are looking for a wonderful way to add some style and class to your home, then consider floating shelf ideas for the living room. This shelf has a good visual to enhance the living room decor. You can find many different types of floating wall shelves to choose from, and some of them are made with exotic materials that may be used in your home. These types of shelves look great in your home as well as giving it an overall unique and simple look.


When you need an area to display some beautiful decorative items in the living room, then installing an open floating shelf is a smart idea that you can try. You can make this shelf from wood and then repaint it with a darker color than the wall to make it look more contrasting but not damage the color tone of the room. Floating dark color shelves from homestratosphere.


Install and use floating shelves with unique shapes and layouts. In addition to beautiful decorative items, you can also put green plants as fresh accents that you can enjoy in the living room. This floating shelf is made of plywood so it has a smoother surface and is safe for those of you who have small children at home. Floating plywood shelves from homestratosphere.


To enhance your minimalist living room appearance, then you can install several floating shelves that are used to place flower pots and small frames as wall decorations that are suitable and appropriate. Choose and use shelves made of melamine wood for a sleeker and modern look. Minimalist floating rack from homestratosphere.

Corner Shelves

The good thing about choosing corner shelves for use as storage space is that you can use them in any part of the room without the need of having them break the flow or rhythm of the rest of the room, especially for the living room. You have the options to choose from several designs when it comes to corner shelves. You also have the choice between using simple wooden shelves or more stylish and expensive metal corner shelves. Both styles are perfectly suitable for use in any part of the house as long as they are placed in such a way that they do not obstruct the flow of the other decorative items in the area.


Take advantage of the living room corner area as a storage idea by adding a floating shelf made of wood and repainted with a color that has a splash of color that matches your wall. These corner shelves consist of several vertical shelves that you can use all in a neat and orderly manner. Vertical corner shelves from realhomes.


Corner shelves with a wider and larger size will help your storage while decorating the living room. You can place books, photo frames, and other beautiful ornaments in the same area with a neat and orderly layout. Perform regular maintenance on this shelf to keep it clean and free of dust. Large corner shelves from realhomes.


Do you have a living room decor with a limited floor area? If so, then you can use the wall area as an idea for built-in corner shelves that you can use to store some of your favorite books. Organize all of these books by a theme to make them easier to find when needed. Built-in corner shelves from homesandgardens.


The last living room shelving idea that you can implement is a freestanding shelf. This can be in the form of a bookshelf, divider shelf, or another freestanding shelf. They can against the wall or used to divide between two different spaces such as the living room and dining room. By using this shelf you will have more benefits, first for the storage space, as a place to display your collections and to divide the space. It will very useful for your living room decor.


Besides being used as an open storage idea, this taller freestanding can be used as a more functional divider room and will be of better use. Take advantage of this shelf to store all your favorite books safely and not easily damp because it has an open space that will be exposed to sunlight that enters through your glass window. Freestanding bookshelf from digsdigs.


The next storage idea that you can try is a standing shelf made of wood and then re-polished for a cleaner and shiny appearance when exposed to reflected sunlight or light. Next, you can put your books and some beautiful ornaments that you have with a neat and uncluttered layout. Standing wooden shelves from digsdigs.


The combination of wood and wire is the perfect combination for a standing shelf design that you can place in your living room decoration with a wider room size. These two materials will work well together and feature open shelving that is sturdier and more durable when used for long periods of time. Place this shelf next to the sofa or rather in front of the window to get a maximum reflection of sunlight. Combination of wood with wire standing rack from digsdigs.

These are some living room shelving ideas that you can copy to enhance your living room decor. You can choose one that suits your living room.

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