Living room furniture has to be more than just nice looking

Living room furniture has to be more than just nice looking

It has to be comfortable enough for you to get some rest and relaxation but it also has to be stylish enough for guests. While the elements in any room are typically the same — sofa, chairs, tables — it’s their details and special features that make them chic and fresh. As you already know, the basics look very different in each style of interior decor and that style needs to be the one in which you feel most comfortable. If you haven’t explored various furniture options in detail, you might not notice off-hand some of the detailing that makes each one unique. Homedit has pulled together some examples of living rooms that feature special pieces that make the room stand out from the ordinary. Take a look at these beautiful living rooms.
Unique Styling
A range of details makes this living room different. The leather sofa, which is the focus of the space, has a loose, less formal flair. In front of it, two square tables are arranged to serve as one giant coffee table, which improves flow around the room because they are staggered to mirror the outline of the sofa. Last but not least, the trendy arrangement of the pendants hanging over the coffee table is atypical and each fixture includes a living plant — something you don’t ever see.
Whimsical Pieces

Just because a piece of furniture is very functional doesn’t mean it can’t be fun too. An earthy palette of green and brown is the basis of this living room which is centered around a fun and funky coffee table. Designed to look like a garden cart, two of the legs are actually round wheels. This circular element is repeated in the collection of stools that are used instead of standard chairs. These are great because most of them can serve as a seat or occasional table, depending on the situation. The stools are also handy storage bins for items that would otherwise clutter the space.
Mixed Placements

Sectional sofas are usually positioned all together with a coffee table in the front and occasional tables at the sides. Here, the traditional look is rearranged with the sections split apart and a low table inset between them. This adds convenience no matter which side you are sitting on. In the center, the grouping of an ottoman, bench and table stand in for a traditional coffee table. This is really versatile for entertaining because the grouping can be split up and used for extra seating while the table is a moveable and handy spot for setting down a cup or plate.
Nice Legs

It’s easy to overlook the legs on furniture unless they have been turned into a major design element as they have been here. The sofa, chair, side table and magazine rack all have a distinctive construction of the legs, evoking a slight midcentury or even Japanese minimalist vibe.  In a spare design like this one, details on the furniture are everything. It’s easy to imagine that if these pieces were standard designs, there would not be much that is special about this room. The color palette is largely neutral, which helps highlight the unique legs on the pieces.
Small Special Pieces

In this living room, the smaller pieces are the ones that make a big difference. Starting at the top, an unusual plant hanger is far more modern than the ubiquitous macxramé versions. Next, the occasional table has a torso-like shape that is covered in shirred upholstery material. Finally, instead of a standard coffee table, a grouping of small occasional tables with interesting brass frames created a geometric pattern underneath. All of these small elements are easy additions to a living room that needs some updating.
Mixed Materials

Since the matchy-matchy trend is generally dead and gone, mixing materials is what it’s all about these days. Three tables are used in this living room and all each one has a different style and is made from different materials. The dominant table is a clean-lined marble block and the second one of the same size is made from wood, glass and metal in a split design. The two-part glass table is a lighter counterpart to the heavier stone table, arranged together but offset. The third table is round, with a simple frame, is solid and set into the corner of the sofa extension.
Lighted Shelving

While this living room has a number of trending elements like the side tables, but the most dramatic one is the lighted bookcase. Sure, many living rooms have shelving units or bookcases, however, few make use of this dramatic technique. Lighting inside and underneath shelving has several effects, including injecting some mood lighting into the room. It also highlights the shelving itself, drawing attention to that part of the room and the objects displayed there.
Souped Up Sectionals

Sectional sofas have been around for quite some time but new versions have added features, both in terms of design as well as function. Jazzed up versions like this one still offer plenty of comfy seating but are enhanced with details like the white trim that goes all the way around the bottom. The sofa also encompasses an attached side table that flows around the back to become a display or storage shelf. The cushions themselves are comfortable overstuffed and plump, ideal for a casual living room.
Glamorous Details

For those who prefer a more glamorous living room, this example is a winner. The wall unit includes very stylish closed storage and tall cabinets on both sides. In the middle. the television is set into a fancy frame that matches the finishes around it. And, in the middle of the room, a trio of round tables with tapered sides is grouped as a functional and very chic centerpiece. This space really demonstrates how small details can make a big difference.
Multifunctional Pieces
Look at this living room and right away it’s easy to notice a few things that are different. The sectional sofa is divided by an integrated table section, but the coffee table has the most innovative design. Made up of several sections, each one has a sliding, removable cushion unit that can transform it from a table to seating in a flash. It’s a wonderful concept for people who entertain and often need extra seating but don’t necessarily want to deal with folding chairs and such. Each table also has a solid wood side section that is very handy for guests juggling plates and glasses.

These are just a few examples of the unique features of what today’s living room furniture can offer. When shopping for new pieces, there’s no reason to stick with basics if you’re on the hunt for something more special. Choose pieces that add a special flair to the space and reflect your personality and the level of formality with which you are comfortable. It’s your space, after all.

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