Let’s face it: You spend more time in your bedroom than any other room in the house

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And, even though few people will probably see it, the master bedroom really does have to be comfortable and welcoming so that it’s a pleasant place to spend all those hours. It’s such a personal area that it should reflect your personality while being stylish and well organized because it can be very difficult to rest in a roomful of disorganized clutter. Obviously, the main focus of the space has to be the bed, but aside from storage for your clothing, the only other furnishings you definitely need in the bedroom are some sort of bedside tables or nightstands. Any other pieces you add, such as a chair, bench or other seating, will be driven by the size of the space. Here are some fresh master bedroom decor ideas that are streamlined and make the perfect starting point for creating a restful haven.
Modern Canopy Style

A far cry from the frilly, fussy canopy beds that trap legions of dust, today’s canopy beds feature streamlined architectural forms that visually frame the bed rather than enclose it. A great example is this Ziggy Bed Baldacchino from Porada. The bed is crafted from solid ash and sports a sturdy slatted base always included. The headboard lends a soft touch with its tufted upholstery, which is available in various leathers or textiles. At the end of the bed, the Axxia bench is a contemporary take on the traditional bedroom bench. Metal legs in a Bronzoro finish support a solid canaletta walnut seat frame that is upholstered in a selection of fabrics. Altogether, the variety of materials create a comfortable bedroom with a relaxing vibe.
A Minimalist Haven

There’s no better place for clean lines and spare decor than the master bedroom because it can allow you to fully relax. This bed has a light feel and a low profile. The Margareth bed from Misura Emme combines an elegant, minimalist design with advanced technical materials. The bed, designed by Carlo Marelli and Massimo Molteni, has a steel headboard that is upholstered and accented with seams along the edges.  The solid wood base has a seductive shape that complements the headboard. Alongside is the Milvian nightstand by Francesco Lucchese, which has a unique shape and stylish construction of mixed materials. The oak sides frame the piece to the floor and the glass top sits above a convenient drawer to stash necessities. The nightstand is also part of a collection that includes a chest of drawers.
Completely Neutral

If serenity is important for restfulness, this bedroom color is super calm, with its subdued palette and minimalist lines. The Altea bed from Georgetti has a straightforward shape that is also ideal for a contemporary and relaxing bedroom. The shape of the base is plump and practically calls you to crawl into the bed. Moreover, the overall design — which can be done in leather or textiles — is flexible enough to match up with many types of existing furnishings. On either side is a stylish ad super functional nightstand called the Frame, also from Georgetti. The combination of the gray wood exterior and drawers clad in saddle leather give the piece extra dimension and a unique look.
Moody and Dramatic

Not everyone wants a bright and airy bedroom. Some people find a darker, dramatic interior more conducive to relaxation and sleep and this bedroom certainly fits the bill. The walls and flooring are neutral with an edgier finish and the Let’s Play Bed from Munna Design makes an impressive focal point. The tall upholstered headboard is inspired by backgammon and has sides that can fold in, enclosing the head of the bed. On either side, the Amber table lamps from Ginger and Jagger balances the height of the headboard and softly illuminates the space, adding striking accents at the same time. The base is crafted from marble and embellished with tree bark molded in brass casting, evoking the rings of a tree in the veins of the marble. Last but certainly not least, a pop of rich color can keep a moody space from being too drab and here, the Fringes bench from Munna Design does just that. The expansive size of the upholstered bench is amplified with the two layers of long fringe that ring the bench, which is hand made in Porto, Portugal.
Multifunctional Sleeping Spaces

Living in a city does not always allow for a bedroom of grand proportions but living in a studio apartment or other multipurpose space does not sentence you to a jumbled bedroom area. Ingenious designs like this one from Clei take the old concept of a Murphy bed to a whole new design level. These transformable sofas make changing a room from a living space to a bedroom a simple, effortless switch. The panel behind the sofa is actually a wall bed, which comes down without having to remove cushions from the sofa. When you wake up, just lift it back up. The company also offers all sorts of similar solutions that include more storage and shelving.

Mixed Materials

One way to add a great deal of interest to a bedroom — even a minimalist bedroom — is to use a mix of materials. The Aforisma bed from Ivano Redaelli is a prime example because it features a large frame made of warm wood that surrounds an upholstered section. The sophisticated design uses brass detailing to suspend the upholstered section in the headboard and a light brass frame to support the entire bed. Instead of a traditional nightstand, this bedroom uses two ITS small tables. Each one is like a piece of jewelry, decorating the space with their glass tops and base made using a Tiffany processing technique. The pieces make a very versatile and nuanced bedroom set.
Loose and Casual

Loose and casual furniture designs are perfect for people who prefer to be more relaxed in their approach to bedroom design. The Marlon bed from Cattelan Italia has a modern, rounded silhouette that has a very unstructured upholstery design for the headboard. Instead of precise pleating or tufting, the headboard is instead is loosely gathered, showing a vibe that is more like a casual slipcover. The platform bed itself is crafted from canaletto walnut or burned oak stained ashwood. The modern yet eclectic look is completed with the use of a traditional nightstand on one side and mixed height tables on the other.
Sofa-Like Style

For a more tailored look, this amazing green Venice bed design from Papadatos has the style of a sofa that’s been transformed. The headboard has a smooth, stately look with gentle wings, reminiscent of a modern sofa. The upholstery is carried through the base of the bed, unifying everything into one sleek piece, ideal for a modern, mid-century or contemporary bedroom. It’s matched with the lacquered Venice nightstands, with their two-toned stylishness. Tall legs support a single-drawer unit that is devoid of knobs or pulls, maintaining a very streamlined visual.
Focused on Sleep

When the bed is arranged in the middle of the room without other furniture or distractions, the focus is definitely on sleep. This Papilio bed from B&BItalia is boldly white, evoking a cloud-like vibe. Designer Naoto Fukasawa said that a bed should make you think about falling asleep when you look at it and this certainly does. Minimal nightstands are paired with two similarly styled but different bedside lamps. On the left is the Mantis floor lamp by Bernard Schottlander from DCW editions of Paris and on the right is the Lampe Gras N°411 by Bernard-Albin Gras. This complete space is super relaxing.
A Scandinavian Vibe

Fans of warm wood furnishings will find that a Scandinavian inspired bedroom can create a peaceful haven that is clean and uncluttered. Nordic minimalism is ideal for this particular space in the home because it is a naturally serene style. Here, the Indigo Bed is from Philipp Selva, designed by Leonardo Dainelli, and features a low walnut frame with side sections in walnut veneered linden and a headboard that is actually backrest.  The two large, loose cushions are removable and held in place by a leather strap with a brass toggle closure. Instead of a traditional nightstand, a side table creates a lighter look for the room. These Plaisir tables from Zeitraum literlaly translate to “with pleasure.” The three-legged base is topped with a removable tray of wood or aluminum. The sideboard facing the bed acts as bedroom storage and a stand for the large television. The Invito Sideboard from Artisan is a very versatile solid wood piece designed by Michael Schneider.
Custom Contemporary Style

For a decidedly contemporary style, the Sumo bed from Misura Emme is the perfect centerpiece for the room. The overall feeling is one of refinement with a soft aesthetic that exudes comfort. The sleek, smooth upholstered platform is topped with a straight tufted headboard that can be finished with a variety of leathers and textiles. Slight wings at the bottom of the headboard add an extra element of style.  In fact, the back of the headboard is also beautifully finished, making it very suitable for placement in the middle of the room. The design is very adaptable depending on the upholstery choice and overall room decor style.

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