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Metro has been producing top-quality storage and transportation solutions for decades. Founded in 1929 and headquartered in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, this American-based manufacturer focuses on providing consumers with practical, cost-effective solutions for their storage and transportation needs.

Metro's products are designed for use in a variety of environments including restaurants, labs, hospitals, hotels, factories, and retail spaces. With a company slogan of "Metro puts space to work," they have become an industry leader for optimizing space, workflow, and productivity with an emphasis on getting their customers' operations to a point where they can store, do, and save more.

With over 30,000 products offered worldwide, Metro has global manufacturing and distribution so that customers can order and receive Metro products regardless of where they or their business is located. Many other manufacturers also offer solutions for storage and transportation but what sets Metro's products apart from the crowd are its built-in features. Metro items come with a variety of features built-in to address a range of consumer concerns including adjustability, corrosion resistance, energy efficiency, modularity, maneuverability, ergonomics, durability, and more.

Metro products themselves also range from large items like heated cabinets, medical storage and transportation systems, and security storage carts, to smaller items like shelving, shelf label holders, and shelf markers in several colors.

Great for large kitchens or businesses that need to transport food to other locations, Metro's heated holding cabinets and heated holding and proofing cabinets are available as full height or undercounter models and can be insulated or non-insulated. The insulated units can reach up to 200°F while the non-insulated units can reach 190°F. The one- or two-door heated banquet cabinets are also a great way to transport food between locations without giving the food time to cool down. Other useful items for large kitchens include Metro's dish dolly and mobile tray racks.

For restaurants that have a take-out or carry out section where employees either organize orders or where customers can pick up their orders themselves, the Metro2Go Order Hot Station is perfect. Available with two, four, or eight compartments, this to-go station makes the carry out process more organized and efficient for both the restaurant and its customers.

For items that either do not need to refrigerated or need more secure storage in or out of a walk-in unit, Metro's security units are ideal. Available as a stationary or mobile model, these security units feature a fully enclosed unit with an opening on one side so that anything stored within can be easily secured.

Other types of shelving and storage units offered by Metro include wall mounts, hanging drying racks, and shelving units designed specifically for storing wine or similar bottles. The wine storage units contain shelving space to store bottles either side-by-side on the shelves of the unit or with diagonal dividers so that bottles can be carefully stacked on top of one another.

Labels and label holders designed to fit various shelf widths are useful in keeping spaces organized and optimizing space and productivity. Metro not only offers label holders that can fit all shelves or specifically sized shelves, but also makes colored shelf markers that snap over the edge of the shelf. These shelf markers make it easy to color code an area so that an organizational system can be easily implemented and maintained in any space.

Other items from Metro designed to help businesses store, do, and save more included insulated food carriers, heated shelves, food carrier dollies, open-shelved workstations, dunnage racks, and a number of accessories such as dividers, individual shelves, and casters.

Having taken the basic concept of storage and transportation and applied innovation and organization, Metro products live up to their company's slogan or putting space to work.

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