Industrial Accent Walls & Open Concept Bedrooms

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While these two distinctive home interiors differ in scale and colour palette, they find common ground in sleek modern decor, industrial accent walls, and open concept bedroom designs. The first of our two featured home designs is a soothing pale grey interior with rugged exposed brickwork and a slatted wall bedroom design directly off the living room. In colourful contrast, our second featured home interior comes alive with teal and bright yellow accent pieces that warm and uplift cool concrete industrial feature walls. A glass wall bedroom design opens up on two sides to fully meld it with the neighbouring lounge and kitchen diner spaces.

Visualizer: 4balance design  

Located in Kyiv, Ukraine, this 83 square metre apartment features an open plan lounge, kitchen diner combo. The soft grey modern sofa melds tranquilly with colour matched living room walls.

A slatted wall clearly divides the bedroom from the main living space without obstructing its view altogether. The open concept increases the sense of space and light in the home, and achieves an easy flow. A rugged brick feature wall builds an aged, industrial effect across one side of the room, drawing focus to the TV.

The dark and sculptural lamp duo by the end of the sofa are Muffins floor lamps by Dan Yeffet for Brokis.

A light grey round rug almost disappears against the smooth grey microcement floor.

An arrangement of two small side tables and a rustic coffee table lay down solid black accents across the sea of grey.

A wide kitchen island draws across the open plan living room, with a dining table extension taking advantage of natural light by the window.

The dining table extension can be retracted over the sink in the kitchen island when not in use. This shift brings prep surface area close to the hob and clears floor space when the kitchen diner is not in use. A push down faucet descends under the cover.

A lengthy floor lamp stretches across the multifunctional island countertop.

A smaller version of the floor lamp draws the same linear aesthetic across the lounge area.

Glass tumblers and a carafe make a functional centrepiece on the dining island.

Open kitchen shelving displays organised rows of flatware, wine glasses and serving bowls.

Inside the master bedroom, a floor bed design incorporates an upholstered bedside unit. On the other side, a small side table is teamed with the Sampei floor lamp designed by Davide Groppi and Enzo Calabrese.

A brown rug melds warmly with the low, upholstered bed.

The industrial vibe is dominant inside the bathroom. The rugged, white-washed brick wall treatment we originally encountered in the living room now creates a feature wall behind the tub. Microcement floods the floor in here too, creating smooth contrast with the aged brickwork.

An illuminated bathroom mirror emits a fresh white glow onto the vertical tile behind the vanity. Black grout accentuates the precise tilework.

A slender floor lamp leans elegantly toward the bathtub, providing focussed reading light for long soaks.

Black fixtures complement the unique black marble bathtub.

The modern bathroom fixtures and Sampei floor lamp create sleek contrast with the rough brickwork.

Inside the kids’ room, an upholstered kids’ bed provides a soft landing for pillow fights.

Modern wood effect wall panelling builds a cosy wraparound with hidden storage spaces.

A Baymax plush toy leans up against a built-in bookcase, which is given contrast with black shelves & backing material.

A kid’s study area occupies the industrial style wall. A floating desk cuts cleanly across the brickwork.

Visualizer: Simple Forms Interiors  

This 57 square metre home in Moscow, Russia, is styled with raw concrete feature walls and colourful accents.

An Oda style lamp creates atmospheric glow by a teal modern sofa. The original Oda floor lamp was designed by Sebastian Herkner for Pulpo.

A round coffee table smoothly fills in the centre of the small space, without any sharp corners to knock into.

A short, central wall has been installed to accommodate the TV set and a floating tv stand. The TV wall’s small stature only partially obscures the glass wall bedroom design, enabling plentiful light share.

The plush grey area rug echoes the tone and shading of the living room’s concrete feature wall.

Following the L-shaped living room layout around the corner of the glass wall bedroom design, we come to the kitchen diner.

Directional kitchen pendant lights descend on a walnut dining bar, which achieves a floating effect on a transparent support leg.

Deep teal paintwork darkens the home entryway, whilst a small pouf provides a cheerful pop of bright yellow.

Floor-to-ceiling frameless mirrors climb behind the pouf and beside the entry door, increasing the sense of space in the small foyer.

A teal headboard wall continues the cohesive colour palette inside the bedroom. A grey upholstered platform bed carries the soothing grey element.

An extended headboard design fills the width of the room, and provides a mount for a floating bedroom vanity table.

The teal accent continues over the ceiling, fashioning a darkened, cosy cocoon. The glass walls of the bedroom open on two sides to create one square open living space.

A bright yellow vanity stool pulls up to the wall mounted makeup table. Industrial style pendant lights fall in front of the round mirror.

A walk-in wardrobe stands just off the home entryway, with space to stow away some cleaning equipment.

Yellow accents bring mellow warmth to the bathroom through a statement vanity unit and stunning, patterned wall tiles.

Wood effect wall tiles clad the wet wall.

A double workspace has been installed at one side of the lounge, alongside office storage units and a custom-built floor-to-ceiling bookcase. See more ideas for double seat workspaces.

Floor plan.

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