How We Updated Our Pantry Area with a New Shelving Unit from Yaheetech #Review

How We Updated Our Pantry Area with a New Shelving Unit from Yaheetech #Review


Thanks to Yaheetech for providing me with product for this post. All thoughts are my own.

One of my biggest pet peeves since we moved into our home over one year ago, was the lack of pantry space. Our previous home had a walk-in pantry with wall to wall, floor to ceiling shelving, and that pantry was awesome to have. Our new home doesn't have a designated pantry, but it does have a ton of kitchen cabinets. We soon realized that our cabinets were being taken up unnecessarily by pantry items, when we really needed the cabinet space for storing baking dishes, Tupperware, etc. While we had previously planned to do a custom built-in pantry shelving unit, the price of lumber shot up, and now we're in need of a temporary solution until lumber becomes more affordable.

Luckily, Yaheetech had the solution to our problem with their wonderful 5-Tier Metal Storage Shelving Unit. At first, I wasn't sold on the idea of an industrial-looking pantry shelf, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized how perfect and functional it would be for our family. The wide shelves would be perfect for our non-perishable items which were previously taking up way too much space in various cabinets around the kitchen. 

The shelving unit shipped quickly and arrived within about three days' time. I was pleasantly surprised by how fast it got to our house! My husband lifted the box with ease, opened it up, and began the assembly process. You don't even need tools to put this unit together. Simply slide pieces into place, and then use a rubber mallet to bang into place for a secure fit. The shelves are a high-quality MDF, and the unit is steel. It's extremely sturdy and doesn't budge when you lean on it, which is a huge plus in my book.

With five adjustable shelves, you can create the height you desire having in between each shelf. I really like that we have the option to switch the shelf height if we need or want to. The unit was put together in less than an hour. I couldn't believe how quickly my husband had it together- barely enough time for me to nap while I waited.

I love the final look of the shelf! It has tons of space for our pantry items.

Once the shelf was put together and put into place in our pantry area, the task of organizing the pantry shelves came next. What a task! It did give us the opportunity to sort through items and throw things away, though. We organized all of the food and drink items and placed them in groups. We tried to place drinks and snacks where the kids would be able to reach them. I'm much happier having the food items where everyone can reach them, and where I can see everything, too! I hate to think how many things we actually purged when we were cleaning our cabinets yesterday, simply because the items had been shoved to the back and had been forgotten.

Now, everything is clearly organized, and we'll also have a much easier time finding what we need for cooking meals, packing lunches, etc.

This was one of the projects on my list of things to get done before the new baby arrives in September, and I am so happy to have this nearly completed. While we may add a second shelf for even more space in the future, I do feel great knowing that we've gotten this project done.

I do still want to add a couple of decorative touches, like a farmhouse-style pantry sign and also a floor mat in front of the shelving unit, just to make it look even better! Overall, my husband and I are really pleased with the shelf and how it looks and functions. It's already made life a lot easier.

Want it? Get it!

Ready to upgrade your pantry? These shelves would be great anywhere- in your home or garage and can be used to store all kinds of items. Head over to Yaheetech to see what else they have to upgrade your home with, or check out their Shopify store!

Thanks to Yaheetech for allowing me to share about their fantastic 5-Tier Shelf.

Where would you use this shelf in your home?

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