How to organize your wardrobe

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Getting organized is about more than your desk drawers and the knickknacks on the bookshelves. You also need to organize your wardrobe. That way you can see what you really have, get rid of what you dont wear, and be able to find the things you like when you want to wear them. There are some simple and effective ways to get your wardrobe looking great, and have a far more organized space for your clothes. Here are some things to think about.

Understand How Much Space You Have

It doesnt matter how much you want to have when it comes to your clothing, if you dont have the room for any of it. Having a wardrobe thats stuffed full of clothes means that things get wrinkled and you cant find the items you want when youre looking for them. Neither one of those things are good, and theyll only add to your stress levels. Thats especially true if youre trying to get ready for work or for some kind of important event where you need to dress nicely.

Install an Easy Storage System

Install an Easy Storage System

There are shelves and hangers that can be used in wardrobes to make more space. Some of these attach to the bar thats already available, and others have brackets. But theyre all easy to install and not difficult to move if you decide you want to take them out or relocate them in some way. With the right storage system, you can make a lot more space in your wardrobe and keep more of the clothes you like and enjoy wearing. Its a great option in many cases.

Arrange Items According to Use

Having your work clothes that you wear every day right at the front of your wardrobe makes sense. You can easily get to them, and you dont have to worry about digging through other items each morning. By taking things out of your wardrobe and putting them back in a way that makes sense for you, youll be able to arrange all your items according to the use they get. Thats a great way to make your days less stressful, since you can just grab the clothes you need quickly.

Make Use of Your Floor Space

If youre not using the floor of your wardrobe, youre missing out on a lot of space. You can use that area for shoes and boots, or even for small boxes or bins where you could store things that are folded instead of placed on hangars. Depending on the size of your wardrobe, you may also be able to put a small dresser or shelving unit on the floor, giving you additional space you can use for other items you might need to store. There are so many options for extra space.

Keep a Stool or Step Handy

You want to be able to sit down when youre dealing with items on the floor. You also want to be able to reach things that are on high shelves. To do both of those things easily, youll want a step or stool handy. You can keep it in your wardrobe or in the bedroom nearby, depending on which is most convenient for your needs and the amount of room you have. No matter where you store it, though, it will help you make the best use of all the space you have available.

Remember That Its a Room, Like Any Other

A wardrobe is a room, just like the other rooms in your house. Because of that, you should clean it just as often as you clean other rooms. Vacuum or sweep the floors, dust the shelves, and make sure everything you have in the space is something that belongs there. With too many things in your wardrobe, you cant easily get to the clothing you need. Reducing clutter and making sure you dont have too many unneeded items is a great way to reduce your stress.

When it comes to organizing your wardrobe, its about cleanliness, convenience, and a good use of space. You can have all those things if youre committed to going through your wardrobe and getting it organized properly. Then its just a matter of keeping up with the organization, which is generally easy to do for a relatively small space like that. Youll be glad you did, when its so easy to get to what you need.

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