How to Organize Your Custom Garage in 6 Steps

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Custom Garage Storage Organizers
Some people, like author Doug Larson , believe that: "A clean basement, garage, and attic are signs of an empty life." However, a messy garage can be wasted space and limited square footage. If you want to customize your garage to maximize space and organize your storage, it is possible in just six easy to follow steps.  

How do you organize your custom garage in six steps? Organizing your garage can be done by following these six easy steps: 
  1. Make an organizational plan
  2. Decide on the best custom storage 
  3. Draw out your plan with the new custom storage items
  4. Organize before you toss
  5. Install storage space items
  6. Set an organizing schedule 
The six steps in this list will help you to have a plan of attack. A solid plan will help you to purchase the storage materials you need and stay on a schedule to maintain your sanity and keep you focused. Read on to learn more about the steps you can take to organize your custom garage .

Six Steps to Organize the Custom Garage

Organizing your custom garage is possible if you have a plan for attacking the mess and clutter. The worst mistake that people make when trying to organize their garage is not having a plan. The steps in this list will keep you motivated and organized as you customize your garage, to create more space and reduce unsightly clutter.

1. Make an Organizational Plan

Having a plan of attack on your messy garage can make a custom garage space come to life. The best ways to plan out the organization of your garage are:
  • List how you currently use the garage
  • Decide on the most essential functions for your garage
  • Get inspired!
These are the critical parts of planning your custom garage organization plan. By taking the time to do this step, you will save time and have a better idea of how the end product of your custom garage should look.

List How You Currently Use the Garage

If you wrote down the different ways that you use your garage, you might be surprised by how often you do some things and how infrequently you do other things. The function of the garage should be for activities that you spend a reasonable amount of time doing, to limit the clutter of items that are just taking up space. 

Make a list with the different things you currently use the garage for, and next to each item, write down how often they are used, such as daily, weekly, or seasonally. 

Standard features of a garage include:
  • Automobile storage
  • Seasonal decoration storage
  • Tool storage and workspace
  • Sports bar/recreational space
  • Outdoors recreation storage
  • Pet living space
  • Business material storage

Decide on the Most Important Functions for Your Garage

The essential functions of your garage may need individual storage items. You can begin to plan on what you will need to buy and get ready to space everything out. If you have enough space, time, and money, you can decide on the next most crucial function of your garage to add to your plan.

Get Inspired!

Starting with a blank slate is always tricky. Look around at other garages on the internet or from friends and family to get inspiration for your custom garage

Here is a list of some ideas for the organization by function category in your garage: 

Tool Organization: 
  • Magnetic Tool Holders can be used to hang drill bits, screwdrivers, and wrench sets so that they are easily accessible. 
  • Hangers for larger tools can keep tools off the ground and help to organize bigger tools with longer handles.
Seasonal Decoration Storage
  • A shelving unit can be a great way to organize things by use. Seasonal decorations deserve their own bin, labeled and stored away safely with a lid. 
  • The hanging storage from the room is also an excellent option for seasonal decoration storage. The things you use rarely are not functional if they are out in the open, so packing them away where you can get them only when you need them during that particular time of the year, frees up space for the more consistently used items. 
Sports Bars/Recreational Space
  • Adding a TV to your recreational space can be done easily with a mount. 
  • You may also want to store your recreational things for hanging out in your new custom garage space for easy access. In this case, you could install a seating area with added storage under a table. 
Some of the most popular ways to get inspired for custom garage organization are to use social media like Instagram and Pinterest. Pinterest is a great place to get visual examples of garage storage. Creative and novel ideas are easy to access with specific keywords. 

Some of the most common keywords for garage organization on Pinterest include:
  • Garage organization
  • Spring clean garage
  • Garage storage
  • Tool storage garage

2. Decide on the Best Custom Storage 

The size, shape, and function of your garage space will all determine the type of organizational items that you may need. Below are some of the most common organizational items that you will need for your custom garage:
  • Garage Cabinets : Garage cabinets are easy to fill and access. They are also able to be securely anchored to the walls. Bringing in garage cabinets will better assist you in organizing many different kinds of items in one place. Label the bins with a pen on the front side sticker for easy identification.
  • Overhead Storage Racks : To optimize the storage space in your garage, you may want to consider ceiling racks. These racks are an excellent option for storing the things you only use seasonally, such as decorations for the holidays.
  • Wall Storage: Take advantage of the space on your garage walls. Installing a slatwall storage system or a gridwall storage system are two ways to utilize wall storage, while also keeping your garage floors clear of clutter.

3. Draw a Diagram of your Plan

To get a better idea of how the floor plan will look with your new storage containers, shelves, etc., you should draw out a diagram of your garage storage plan. 

Here are a few tips on drawing out your plan:
  • Use graphing paper: Graphing paper with squares is an excellent option so that you can use the squares for measurement and guidance, for spacing things out on your diagram.
  • Measure: Make sure you know how much space you have for storage and how much space you need for the other top priority functions of your garage.
  • Draw several angles: Draw the diagram from several angles, including from the top (bird's eye) view, head-on from the front of the garage, and looking directly at where you will be mounting or adding storage items.

4. Organize Before You Toss

This is sometimes the best or worst part of customizing and organizing your garage. Purging unwanted or unneeded items is made more comfortable after you have prioritized the functions of your garage and have drawn out your plan. If items that you rarely use don't fit into the plan, filter them out of your life by donating them.

You will also want to categorize items by function in your garage, using the list you made in step #1. Categorizing things physically can lead you to de-stress your space. This means that you move things into piles or pile them in your mind and even label the groups of items on your diagram. When you categorize, you also get a better idea of what you can filter out of your life. Categorizing makes organizing much easier.

5. Install Storage Space Items

Now that you have your plan, diagram, and storage, you are ready to install them in your custom garage. Make sure to follow all instructions for the installation of the storage containers. Also, consult your diagram to make sure that your vision becomes a reality.
  • Install the most prominent pieces first. This will ensure that you have the space you need for those storage items. Also, you should fill your largest storage with items and see which things you have leftover. You may find that you have overestimated your need for storage and may not even need some of the storage. 
  • Line up angles for aesthetics. Angles in any room should be taken into account, even your garage. Measuring the distance from one end of the wall on each side of the storage can help to ensure a balanced look to your garage. 

6. Set an Organizing Schedule 

The odds are that creating your customized garage will not be done in one day. Since organizing a garage and installing storage spaces and containers can be an ongoing process, it is good to set goals for yourself. Dated goals for each part of your garage customization will keep you on track and motivated to finish your custom garage. 

In Conclusion

Most people start renovations or organizations of their custom garage space and never quite finish. This is mostly because many do not organize their plans ahead of time. Luckily for you, this list has the steps you need to quickly and effectively organize your custom garage space in six easy steps. Enjoy your new organized garage!

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