Home Tour: A Dream Home of Rustic Midcentury Modern That Visually Attract Everyones Eyes

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After being amazed by the best midcentury modern dcor ideas in previous post, now I want to invite you to get a home tour that absolutely will make you get inspired and want to adopt some that fit your personal preferences. We get a beautiful house to visit and this house is designed by Regan Baker Design. In general, the house is unique; it exposes a blend of modern industrial and midcentury modern that bring warm, homey, and inviting.

bathroom vanity with frameless mirror brass faucets white sink brass finish wall lamps vintage tile floors

Becki Owens

There is a good balance of wood component and beautiful blue shade weve found on the tiles, and this absolutely gives a beautiful contrast to this bathroom. Wood component here also adds a rustic touch in modern implementation.

black tiled walls vintage tile floors white bathtub brass shower faucet clear glass shower room partition

Becki Owens

Lets move to the shower space where well find a modern white bathtub and a walk-in shower space. The darker blue dominates this space, creating an elegant wall especially for the brass hardware.

clean and minimalist reading nook with small bay window with cushion and some throw pillows recessed book shelves

Becki Owens

A cozy reading nook supported with the recessed shelving units. The small space isnt a big matter and you can optimize your bay window as the new reading nook. Its practical and super-functional as the space is well-lighted and comfy. Just add some throw pillows and cushions for more comfort.

clean white bathroom design with purely white bathtub brass standing shower faucet light wood ladder rack vintage tile floors black framed glass window

Becki Owens

I personally love the clean, airy, and bright rooms and this bathroom has stolen my heart. Whites dominate the space but the tiled floors give different texture (in color), so the space is failed to be boring. The brass hardware and the ultra-light wood ladder rack are sweet makers but functional.

huge pendant lamps in modern rustic style white top kitchen island with blue shade for base gray stools flat surface wood cabinets

Becki Owens

Blue and wood shades are still dominating in this house and these shades are visually found in the kitchen. Maybe the homeowner wants to combine two great components of nature: ocean represented by the blue shade and woods represented by the natural wood.

kid's bedroom with black framed glass window white bed frame with shelves headboard modern industrial pendant poppy colored rug

Becki Owens

Kids bedroom looks so different in use of color shades. Its more colorful and full of layers of color schemes. To make these colors stand-out, the homeowner chooses whites as the primary wall color.

master bedroom design with comfy white bedding set wood bench bed with striped cushion gray throw blanket light toned rug series of glass windows natural wood ceilings

Becki Owens

Calmer and simpler, this master bedroom is filled with light and neutral color schemes. Black is just the one and only color shade thats intentionally used for a bolder look.

modern rustic mudroom design with natural wood front door wood bench with under storage slim hallway console table made of black metal dark tiled floors

Becki Owens

What an inspiring hallway! I love this space so much because its minimalist and uncluttered. Theres just a hall console table that furnishes this space. The high-legs console table is a perfect option for such a narrow space. Another side of the table, well find a bay window plus some throw pillows. This corner is the most favorite one for reading or just sitting down while doing a prep before leaving the house. The glass window is more than just a window; its a media to let the natural light in.

rustic midcentury modern dining space with wood wall panel white dining chairs kitchen island with blus shade white area rug modern rustic pendant lamps

Becki Owens

Its clear to see that the dining space emphasizes the details of each dining furniture and pendants. Simplicity with the clean lines as the details are the value weve discovered in the dining furniture. Both the dining table and chairs are exposing non-finish wood material, directly bringing the nature back to modern living space. These two big pendants here are also so stunning, really acting as the industrial statements.

white bedding set bed frame with black headboard white nightstand with nightstand lamp light wood floors

Becki Owens

The nightstand is my focus and its functional for book storage unit and of course for putting the nightstand light fixture.

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