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Hi everyone, after lurking here for quite a while to get ideas and learn what I can I decided to finally make an account so I can ask questions and contribute where I can.

I finally bought my first house a few months ago and I'm excited to build out my workspace. As much as I wanted one large space to do everything, due to timing and budget I've found myself in a kind of unconventional setup with a 20x20 detached garage and a roughly 15x25 shed. The garage is unfinished and basically an open canvas for what I can do with the space and the shed was finished pretty well with insulation, subpanel, window a/c unit, shelving, a few workbenches and even some piping I'm assuming is meant to be for a dust collection system.

I'll mainly be using the space to build/maintain my racecars and also dabble in a bit of super basic woodworking.

I've already upgraded the lighting in the garage and built some shelving and tire racks which I'll be happy to share pics and build plans for if there's any interest. The next big project I'll be diving into is running a subpanel in the main garage. #IntroduceYourselfHere!

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