Futuristic Home Decor With Starship Inspired Furniture

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Unique sweeping furniture designs, standout lighting installations and creative colour schemes come together to make this decidedly futuristic home interior, designed and visualised by Buro511. This scene isnt set in some far flung advanced civilisation though, this is simply a modern apartment with a bit of starship inspired zing. Clean cut room designs buddy up with a minimalist aesthetic, and the muted shades used within contrasting colour schemes make them comfortably suited to everyday life. The united colour story runs through home accents to fashion reassuring continuity. Asymmetrical pieces present new opportunities for room division without building rigidity, or feelings of hemmed in restriction.

A low backed asymmetrical sofa design kicks off the futuristic effect in the living room, along with a coffee table design thats styled in a similar modular form. UFO-like lighting fills the ceiling space, beaming light in all directions.

Smooth flat white panels reveal storage space inside, some of which are home to a piece of classical artand the kitchen sink!

Deep burgundy and fern green accents colour the room. A unique kitchen island snakes across the room in organic form, and becomes a dining table at one end where the height is lowered to accommodate a regular dining chair height.

The classical art mural creates an atmospheric backdrop for the dining kitchen, and quirkily juxtaposes the futuristic nature of other items in the same space.

White decorative vases stand on the white sculptural modern coffee table, as if theyve been formed out of one piece of clay.

Behind another of the secretive white doors in the living room, we find an integrated oven unit and a coffee making station.

An built-in microwave is situated in the base of the island, where a couple of kitchen bar stools stand in the window light.

Another invasion of UFO-style lighting descends on the kids bedroom. The dark red and green colour story continues in here too, making all areas feel reassuringly united and flowing.

Contoured green panelling sets the scene for a bespoke kids bed. Chunky ladders attach to the top bunk at the foot of the beds, whilst a built-in shelving unit offers up a landing spot for bedtime books and toy treasures.

A circular rug makes a soft play area in the centre of the room. Rugs typically bring a pop of colour or texture along with them, but in this unusual scheme the mat is colour coordinated to the floor and smooth to give it a purely utilitarian aesthetic.

Opposite the bunk beds, a green desk chair pulls up to a floating desk. A lower reading table runs off along the window wall, teamed with a comfortable red reading chair.

A modern table lamp lights up the minimalist workspace. The modern floor lamp illuminates the reading area and tall book stacks.

The green desk chair, lamps and red reading chair are repeated in a single bedroom design.

This time, the desk model incorporates storage drawers underneath. Red bookshelves grow from the desktop to the ceiling, and repeat on the opposite side of a soffit.

Wall cabinets and a wardrobe are built around the bed in this room. The floor lamp lights up the sleeping nook.

A strong circular theme runs throughout the home, from flying saucer style lighting installations and circular lamps, to round floor mats and curvaceous furniture lines. Its this shape theme that evokes much of the futuristic character in the scheme.

In the master bedroom room, there is a vanity centre thats structured like some kind of energy core for the mother ship. Undulating perspex sheets have been fashioned into an impressive column that lets light permeate through, yet obscures the view of the bed on the other side.

Closets edge the full perimeter of the room.

The red platform bed has a hilly headboard design that wings at the edges.

An origami fold side table serves a red bedroom chair by the window, beneath a familiar floor lamp.

Out in the hallway, a deep red chair and pouf set are teamed with black side tables to make a plush seating spot.

Rippled panels round out the corner behind the lounge chair.

Doors are given the same finish as the walls so that they can meld quietly and not distract from statement decor pieces.

A bright cobalt blue seat stands proudly poised inside a long walk in wardrobe.

LED shelf lights glow brightly from inside a closet system of shelves and garment hanging compartments.

Spotlights wash walls with atmospheric light

Even the plainest hallway gains special ambience in the glow.

Behind one of the plain hallway doors there lies a dedicated utility room with a stacked washing machine and tumble dryer station.

Another door leads to a unique bathroom design with a red double sink bathroom vanity and a matching red side table.

Behind the large vanity unit we find a grey luxurious freestanding bathtub, thats filled by a black waterfall tap.

The next bathroom design swaps out the oval tub for a more linear look. Sculptural red wall panels add to the angular effect.

The toilet and bidet are finished in green to contrast.

With plenty of high colour pieces in the room already, the vanity is tiled simply to match to walls.

A rainfall shower head unleashes into a softly lit wet room.

A grey toilet and bidet set work into the shadows of the low lighting scheme.

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