Five Fun & Fabulous Studio Apartments Under 30 Sqm

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Ranging from fun to fabulous, these five modern studio apartments demonstrate a variety of colour palettes and creative layouts to complement and maximise small spaces. Studio apartment design number one is a sophisticated white and brown tonal abode with a daring glass bathroom design and built-in blocks that define each zone in the open layout. Stark black and white, pale grey and natural elements make up the crisp interiors of Scandi-inspired apartment designs two and three. An explosion of colour and botanical introductions shape the fourth, whilst aqua blue and yellow accents brighten things up at our final stop. Detailed floor plans are scattered throughout for reference.

Visualizer: 吴 振宇  

Rich brown accents warm the pale grey and white decor scheme of our first studio apartment interior. Built-in blocks of storage, varying floor height and design elements define zones within the small layout, from a raised bedroom platform with a headboard storage wall to a glass screened kitchen with wraparound track lights.

A unique coffee table creates a wave of interest through the central lounge space. Its creamy stone finish is complemented by a plethora of perimeter LEDs that emit a soft golden glow around the ceiling line, sleek baseboards, and wall contours.

A unit of shelving is recessed into the side of the headboard storage wall. The decoratively backlit shelves work double duty as a wall light next to the sofa.

Abstract art pulls all of the tonal hues together in one definitive piece.

The stylish lounge chair is the Easy chair that was designed by Pierre Jeanneret in the 1950s.

A shallow media unit makes a space-saving piece beneath the wall-mounted TV.

The raised bedroom platform hosts a floor bed. The small change in floor height and material crisply differentiates the sleep space from the directly adjacent lounge area.

A backlit recess creates the impression of a modern fireplace at the foot of the bed. Built-in storage units are banked along both ends of the bed, providing the lion’s share of storage for the apartment.

A soft grey bed set and brown accent pillows provide a cohesive continuation of the lounge decor palette. Natural light from the large window streams unobstructed over the low bed.

The L-shaped kitchen layout divides the general living space from a glass wall bathroom design.

The kitchen units build a small privacy screen behind the glass WC.

A round bathroom mirror drops a bold black accent above a bespoke cream stone vanity unit.

The stone vanity cuts through the bathroom’s glass wall to form an outer shelf for the entryway.

Visualizer: Ygest Design Studio  

Stark white and pale grey decor with natural wood and woven accents create this Scandi-inspired studio space. A gallery of monochrome wall art and two textured area rugs zone the lounge from the bedroom area.

A large wall of shelving is delicately arranged with a multitude of design items, decorative vases, books and candles, with a practical row of rattan storage baskets tucked uniformly along the baseline.

Sheer black curtains complement the black powder-coated shelves and monochrome artwork.

Rustic log side tables serve the bedsides, sofa and even the kitchen.

Shorter black-coated shelves create an open pantry in the small kitchen, where they create dark contrast opposite white and oak cabinets.

Visualizer: Ngurah Arya  

Another white, grey and wood studio space takes on a slightly darker tone, with walnut furniture finishes and graphite accents. A small sofa slots ideally between the kitchen and a half-panelled room divider across the bedroom.

The upper half of the room divider is glass to allow light from the only window to illuminate the whole of the studio apartment, all the way to the kitchen diner in the back.

A modern fruit bowl ignites a bright copper accent.

Designer: Fateeva Design   Photographer: Sergey Polyushko  

This 30 square metre apartment is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Colourful accents infuse an element of fun into a layered botanical setting where indoor plants rule.

Two round coffee tables place a punchy black accent at the centre of the predominantly green lounge.

This project saw a minimum of compromises to ensure maximum self-expression of the client. The clean layout was constructed with a simple set of materials that achieve zoning under different colours.

A combination of green and blue decor elements enclose the bedroom nook. By alternating areas of dense, deeply saturated colour with light and airy expanses, the home interior appears more spacious than its actual dimensions.

A small dining table anchors a heavy black accent amongst the abundance of white surfaces in the kitchen.

White integrated appliances complete the all-white kitchen run.

Pink kitchen cabinets set a warming contrast opposite the wall of white.

The pink and white galley kitchen colours an inviting hallway off the home entryway. A mirrored wall increases the sense of space by the front door.

In the bathroom, an orange ceiling and matching vanity unit add playful punch.

Terrazzo tiles fashion an en vogue backsplash.

Studio apartment layout.

Designer: Richard Guilbault   Photographer: Meero  

Our final apartment is a bright, fun and lively 30 square metre Parisian flat. Aqua blue and yellow accents create a sense of movement in the small surroundings. Three unique kitchen pendant lights mark out the edge of the kitchen diner over a portable dining island.

The original flat configuration has been transformed from four separate dark rooms to accommodate a new open living space.

The reconfigured open space benefits from the combined light of two windows.

A long white and birch plywood unit runs the length of the flat, forming a backbone of multipurpose storage. An electric panel is concealed here, along with integrated appliances, a pantry, fridge, wine storage, TV, and closet.

The raised, cabin-like, sleeping space conceals a large storage chest in the floor.

The intimate bathroom only measures only 2.3 square metres.

Geometric tiles fashion an eye-catching graphic floor treatment under a small farmhouse sink.

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