Fisher Paykel Refrigerators (2020 REVIEW)- Ideal Fit for Urban Kitchens

Fisher Paykel Refrigerators (2020 REVIEW)- Ideal Fit for Urban Kitchens

Why should you choose Fisher Paykel refrigerators over other brands? Here are three compelling reasons why:
1. Fisher Paykel offers sizes that others do not such as the 25-inch and 32-inch width paired with a 67-inch or 70-inch height.
2. The company offers an attractive price point for a modern refrigerator.
3. Fisher Paykel makes refrigerators that are a great alternative to ultra-premium, built-in fridge brands.

We have prepared this review to help you select the perfect Fisher Paykel refrigerator that not only meets your budget but also brings a modern look to your kitchen. We have covered all pertinent topics from Fisher Paykels smart technology to their upscale conveniences. This way, you will not miss out on any of the latest bells and whistles that Fisher Paykel has to offer.

Overview of Fisher Paykel Refrigerators

Fisher Paykel currently offers three distinct refrigerator styles: contemporary, professional, and integrated.

Contemporary Style Refrigerators

The Contemporary Style focuses on traditional aesthetics. This style is the hallmark style of Fisher Paykel, and it features clean lines and size options that are suitable for urban kitchens.

32-inch Bottom Freezer Selection


Fisher Paykel 32-inch bottom freezer refrigerators are true counter-depth and come with the option for an ice maker. If your home has a water connection for the fridge, you can get a model that includes an ice maker or save some money by purchasing a model with a non-ice maker unit.

You can find models with handles or opt for the same fridge with a recessed pull to prevent the clash of different handle styles in your kitchen.

If you have adequate space in your kitchen for a large refrigerator, you can place two 32-inch width models side-by-side. This set up will not only provide you with great food storage option but also add a style touch that is traditionally reserved for far more expensive ultra-premium brands.


Fisher Paykel gives you two options to construct this combined refrigerator with or without the help of a surround kit. The surround kit is a decorative stainless steel frame that gives the effect of a continuous single fridge.

25-inch Bottom Freezer Selection


Fisher Paykel bottom freezers feature a large refrigerator on the top and a deep freezer on the bottom, which is similar to the French door design. Bottom freezers are smaller than French doors and are also lighter in terms of features. Bottom freezers tend to be ideal for more narrow spaces, too.

French Door Selection


Fisher Paykel French door refrigerators are split into two categories: the traditional French door and the quad door. The traditional French door is designed to place the most frequently used food items at eye level and the freezer items below, and they generally have the largest capacity. French door refrigerators do tend to be more expensive, but they are packed with the latest features. The quad door refrigerator, RF203QDUVX1, is freestanding and features a two-door fridge at the top and a two-door freezer at the bottom. This style separates the fridge into one zone and the freezer into two zones.

Professional Style Refrigerators

Fisher Paykel Professional Refrigerator RF201ACJSX1N

Professional style Fisher Paykel RF201ACJSX1N stands out with robust, thick round pro style handles.

Apart from the handle style, these fridges mimmick the feature set of their French door cousins from the contemporary series.

Keep in mind that Fisher Paykel only offers two Professional Style models.

Integrated Style Including Columns

Fisher Paykels Integrated Style refrigerators are meant for you to use your own custom panels to match your cabinetry. These customizable fridges are less expensive than the ultra-premium brands such as Sub Zero or Thermador. We feature the Fisher Paykel on our article where we cover affordable replacement options for built-in refrigerators.

Although this style is made to accept customer cabinet panel doors, you can still get a stainless steel panel as an option.

There are two categories in the Integrated Style:
1. Flush integrated models that are flush to your cabinets (Fisher Paykel recently starting calling these the Series 7 Integrated.).
2. Columns, which are separate refrigerators and freezers that all for many installation configurations (Fisher Paykel recently starting calling these the Series 9 Integrated).

1- Flush Integrated Refrigerators

Flush integrated refrigerators are designed to match your cabinetry and provide a clean, cohesive look to your kitchen. These models sit flush with your cabinetry for consistent break lines, and you can choose a variety of handles and front panels. These models can also be built in to your existing cabinetry.


Two of these models can be finished with a height of 80 or 84-inches. Sub Zero and other ultra premium fridges are also a height of 84-inches, so Fisher Paykel designed these models to replace the Sub Zero at a more affordable price point.

If you dont want to use your own panels with these models, Fisher Paykel will sell you stainless steel panels to use. There are also models in this style that include a water dispenser on the door.

2- Column Refrigerators and Freezer

Fisher Paykel offer a unique door style called Column Refrigeration, that are a whopping 84-inches tall. These are refrigerators or freezers only, and are perfect for families who want to extend either their fridge or freezer space. You dont have to stick them right next to each other either. These column units can be placed side-by-side or in separate locations, giving you more versatility.


The Column Refrigeration options are all under the Integrated Style, so they fit in seamlessly with your cabinetry. You also have the option for a full stainless steel interior that stands out in any kitchen.

Specialty Under-Counter Fridge

Fisher Paykel Undercounter Refrigerator RB36S25MKIWN1

RB36S25MKIWN1 is unique 36-inch undercounter refrigerator from Fisher Paykel. This drawer refrigerator can be configured to be a fridge or a freezer and anything in between. Therefore, Fisher Paykel calls it a "cooldrawer". With a touch of a button you can select the most appropriate refrigeration option for your food: refrigerator, freezer, pantry, chill and wine.

This under-counter design has 3.1 cubic feet of food storage and looks just like another drawer in your kitchen, so you can easily blend one (or multiple) in with your existing kitchen suite.

Fisher Paykel makes this cooldrawer versatile by giving you options to attach your wood cabinet front, or a stainless steel panel.

Features of Fisher Paykel Refrigerators

Separate Spaces Ensure Fresher Produce

While apples and pork may come together to form an amazing culinary creation in a dish, storing them in the same place can lead to underwhelming results. Wide ranges of fruits, for example, like apples and tomatoes, give off ethylene as they ripen. This gas speeds up the ripening process for other vegetables and berries because these foods are highly sensitive to ethylene gas. Having the ability to store these foods separately not only allows for you to set the perfect temperature and humidity controls, but also ensures that all of your food remains fresh for longer.

Many Fisher Paykel models offer different storage zones, such as the pantry, chill, and fridge. The pantry zone is perfect for foods that do not benefit from cold storage. Tomatoes, for instance, lose flavor when they get too cold, and bananas can turn black but not ripen. The pantry zone can bring the ideal environment to these foods that are sensitive to the cold. The chill zone of the refrigerator brings the temperature close to freezing, which is ideal for meats, fish, and poultry. This zone can also bring beverages down to the desired temperature quickly so that they are cold and ready when guests arrive. The fridge zone is ideal for your everyday items, such as fruits and dairy. This zone is broken up into different storage compartments so that you can regulate temperature and humidity options separately, giving each type of food its optimal storage environment.

Fisher Paykel ActiveSmart Technology

Fisher Paykels ActiveSmart technology consists of a microprocessor, door and temperature sensors, variable speed fans, and multiple air ducts. This microprocessor is essentially the brains of your refrigerator, and it controls how your fridge operates based on your use. The sensors continuously send information to the microprocessor, which analyzes the input and adjusts the fans and compressor accordingly. This continuous feedback means that the fridge essentially learns how you live and only exerts the minimal energy needed, bringing down your energy bill.

There are several unique features that ActiveSmart uses, like the humidity control system. This creates the perfect climate in each humidity-controlled crisper bin. There are two humidity-controlled slides located on top of the crisper bins that allow you to control the humidity settings for fruits and vegetables.

ActiveSmart also utilizes multiple variable speed fans that control the airflow through air ducts in both the refrigerator and freezer compartments. These fans mean greater cooling control when you place new items into the fridge and rapid cooling for new items in the freezer.

Are Fisher Paykel Refrigerators Any Good?

There are a few essential factors that you need to consider when you are buying a refrigerator. These factors have been detailed in our blog post about how to choose a good refrigerator.

Fisher Paykel is a dependable brand, and this eliminates the need for us to look at some of the factors that are covered by all of their models. It offers great refrigerators with innovative features that have your best kitchen experience in mind. Fisher Paykel refrigerators also are quiet compared to other fridges in this category.

Fisher Paykel is generally a reliable brand. The company backs up its technology with a 2 year parts and labor warranty and a 5 year sealed systems parts warranty. All in all, you can have the peace of mind when it comes to the most vulnerable years of your appliances.

More on Cooling

Though many refrigerators come with a lot of high-tech features, they really have one central purpose to keep your food cold. Fisher Paykel offer a variety of cooling options to ensure that each type of food item is stored at the perfect temperature and humidity settings.

Fisher Paykel fridge models come with three different freezing options: soft freeze, freeze, and deep freeze. Soft freeze is designed for food that requires a gentle freeze process and then quick thawing. Soft freeze is perfect for foods that will be consumed quickly and that you do not want to wait to thaw. The "freeze" setting is the best for the storage of everyday food items that you want to preserve for future use. The freeze setting is ideal for preserving meat, seafood, and poultry and for keeping ice cream at the perfect consistency. The deep freeze is designed to halt bacterial activity and can keep food items preserved for months. This way, you can enjoy your favorite holiday dish even after the holidays are well over.

The CoolDrawer functions as a refrigerator, freezer, or pantry all at the push of a button. Need more fridge space? Just set the CoolDrawer to refrigerator mode, and you instantly free up more room.

Some Fisher Paykel models equipped with ActiveSmart technology can use adaptive defrost, so you dont have to set any vacation settings while you are away. Adaptive defrost can recognize when you are away and not using the freezer as often, so it defrosts less often. This can help save energy consumption and, therefore, money on your power bill.


Currently, Fisher Paykel refrigerators do not come equipped with Wifi. We are hoping that this not not mean that the capability wont be available in the future.

Other Conveniences

Do you have the knack to reach food crumbs that are caught between your fridge shelves? Fisher Paykel shelves are designed with an EZKleen feature that makes the shelving spill-safe. This feature means that the glass shelves will capture any drips or leaks instead of letting them get caught between the shelves or drip below.

Are you frustrated that your favorite water bottle wont fit into your fridges water dispenser? The slimline water dispenser can accommodate any size or shaped vessel you want due to the design of the angled water delivery system. This dispenser also takes up no room in your refrigerator door, meaning more storage space for food items.

Are Fisher Paykel refrigerators energy efficient?

Many Fisher Paykel refrigerator models are ENERGYSTAR qualified. This means that they are certified to save you energy without sacrificing functionality or features. Having this ENERGYSTAR qualification means that you not only save money on your energy bill, but you also help to protect the environment.

3 Best Fisher Paykel Refrigerators

1) Most Popular Integrated French Door Refrigerator Freezer, 36", IceModel number: RS36A80J1N

Fisher Paykel Refrigerator RS36A80J1N

The RS36A80J1N is the most popular of the Fisher Paykel refrigerator models and was featured as our best 36-inch width option to replace a built-in Sub Zero refrigerator [hyperlink to article:]. This model can seamlessly integrate into your kitchen, fitting flush with all of your cabinets. In terms of features, the RS36A80J1N comes equipped with ActiveSmart technology, which helps to keep your food fresher for longer by maintaining the ideal temperature inside the fridge and freezer. This model also comes with an ice maker that can increase ice production by 30% when you need a lot of ice, or can be turned off to free up space in the freezer.

2) Best French Door Freestanding French Door Refrigerator Freezer, 36", 20.1 cu ft, Ice & Water

a. Model number: RF201ADUSX5N

Fisher Paykel Refrigerator RF201ADUSX5N

The RF201ADUSX5N makes our list as the best French door refrigerator, and it is specifically designed for those who need plenty of flexible storage space, but also desire a stylish, sleek look. This model is also environmentally friendly, adapting to your daily use and only expending the energy to cool and defrost when it is needed. You also will never have to worry about your water bottle not fitting in the dispenser again. The RF201ADUSX5N features a slimline dispenser to accommodate any bottle size or shape.

3) Best Overall Integrated French Door Refrigerator Freezer, 36", Ice RS36A72J1N

Fisher Paykel Refrigerator RS36A72J1N

The RS36A72J1N tops our list as the best overall, and this model is packed with features while also not breaking the bank. This model is ENERGYSTAR qualified and equip with ActiveSmart technology to help keep your food fresh for longer while also saving you on energy cost. The RS36A72J1N also comes with a spacious bottom freezer with a full extension drawer that gives you easy access to your frozen goods.


Fisher Paykel offer incredibly sleek refrigerators that are also environmentally conscious. Though they do not include any Wifi, smart features like ActiveSmart allow your fridge to grow with you and tailor optimal temperature settings to your needs. Fisher Paykel also offer three distinct style options to ensure that you get the most out of your fridge design. If you are looking for an energy-efficient, simple refrigerator that still looks modern and sophisticated in your kitchen, a Fisher Paykel fridge might be the one for you.

Pros of Fisher Paykel refrigerators:
Unique sizing options
Fair price point
Environmentally conscious

Cons of Fisher Paykel refrigerators:
No connectivity options
Simple designs

If you are looking for an energy-efficient, simple refrigerator that still looks modern and sophisticated in your kitchen, a Fisher Paykel fridge might be the one for you.


Where is Fisher Paykel from?
Fisher & Paykel refrigerators combine environmental awareness with usability to create a sleek and modern look for your kitchen. With its headquarters in New Zealand, Fisher & Paykel began as an importer of refrigerators in the 1930s. Now they produce their products which can rival any major appliance company.

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