Entrancing Textural Home Interior With Stylish Outdoor Living Areas

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Entrancing textural decor brings this modern home to life for a large family, located near Kyiv, Ukraine. Designed by Trush Design, the 750 square metre house features a collectable Ferrari that is displayed in the living room from within a glass wall garage. The interior is a chic array of comfortable modern furniture and huge pieces of eye-catching art. A combination of deeply textured stone and burnished metal brings brutalist moments to the cosy decor scheme, creating a wonderful juxtaposition of materials. Unique pendant lights and a plethora of perimeter lights make up an atmospheric glow after dark. Terraces are styled to match with mood lighting, modish lounge furniture and sculptural elements.

Visualizer: Ira Kulyk  

The impressive modern home exterior communicates a sharp, linear aesthetic against the green landscape. A lush lawn rolls from a decorative modern pool by the terrace, to the edge of a picturesque lake. Mature trees sway in the breeze, creating a soundtrack of restful rustling leaves around the house.

Linear stepping stones cross the man-made reflection pool that runs along the front of the outdoor living space. The Spun chair designed by Thomas Heatherwick for Magis dots small sculptural moments along its grassy edge.

There is a dreamy hammock space set up at one end of the sheltered terrace, where the home owners can read or snooze under a blanket in the cool shade. The glass wall garage brings a glimpse of the homeowner’s collectable Ferrari to the outdoor living room, which is sharply outlined with LED ribbons.

A massive modern sculpture stands on a platform within the boundary of the pool. Its hammered metal finish playfully reflects the sunlight just like the rippling waters below.

A sculptural wall light glows behind the outdoor sofa, where it highlights formwork concrete and slatted panel walls.

Living spaces surround the terrace on two sides, creating a courtyard design.

A lounge area juts out across the plot toward the spectacular lakeside vista. A modern fireplace makes the spot feel cosy and welcoming.

An outdoor kitchen features a state of the art grill.

Huge boulders nestle up against the front of the house, bedded within a naturalistic groundcover. The organic forms spectacularly contradict the building’s flat modernity, and the sleek Ferrari that can be glimpsed through the glass in the facade.

In the main living room, sections of a plush dark grey modern sofa are arranged into a large L-shaped formation with side tables neatly inserted between.

Square coffee tables gleam under a burnished metal finish.

A fabulous arched floor lamp interacts with a looped ceiling light across the dining area.

A contemporary fireplace flickers underneath the TV mount, which is suspended from the ceiling. Modern wall lights burn brightly along the hallway behind it.

Unique directional pendant lights softly illuminate the glass wall garage and its showpiece.

Rough rock walls make a deeply contrasting frame around the sleek lines of the collectable car.

Another large bronze sculpture is displayed within the home, close by the view of the huge outdoor version.

Boards of wooden flooring artfully interrupt the concrete screed.

The long formal dining table seats 12 diners, a must for the large a family,

Upstairs, there is a comfortable terrace with a stylish modular sofa. Built-in planters provide a brush of tranquil greenery.

Glass balustrades leave the beautiful panorama unobstructed.

A modern painting brings a blast of blue to the formwork walls.

Pebble-like stools sit in observation of the artwork.

LED ribbons thread light along the hallway.

The kitchen is a crisp contemporary line of travertine and metal.

Mood lighting brings the luxurious kitchen to life.

The designers packed the entire layout with edge lighting to instil a cosy atmosphere in the evenings.

A mini inner garden grows a bonsai tree by the staircase.

In the bedroom, an illuminated art installation makes up a striking headboard wall.

The large wall art spans the width of a modern upholstered bed and a unique bedside table with a designer table lamp.

A floating vanity table runs off the wall of wardrobes. A frameless custom cut mirror makes the small vanity area feel much larger and lighter.

This dramatic grey bedroom is textured with ridged rock wall panels, which are spotlighted under a modern floor lamp and warm perimeter lights.

A freeform bedroom rug edges out from under the upholstered bed.

The sculptural bedroom chair is the Serie Up 2000 chair by Gaetano Pesce for B&B Italia.

A luxurious square bathtub is sunken into a deep platform with steps leading up to it. Wide windows open the bathing area up to spectacular lakeside views.

A wall hung grey toilet and bidet set are situated within the screened shower area. A recessed shelving unit stores toiletries and rolled towels.

Subtle mood lighting creates a relaxing shower ambiance.

Freeform wall mirrors form an artistic trio over the basin. Bronze wall panels hug the edges of the contemporary bathroom vanity.

In the powder room, a rock face feature wall boldly backs the bathroom vanity area.

A black toilet and flush plate quietly camouflage against a shadowy black cistern concealment wall. Stem bathroom vanity lights descend upon the modern stone basin and countertop. A bespoke horizontal mirror cleanly cuts across the rugged backsplash. See more inspiration for vanity mirrors here.

The final bathroom on the property takes on a much lighter decor aesthetic, with all-white sanitaryware and pale concrete walls.

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