Elegant light layers, smooth luxury marble features, exquisite boiserie and smart wainscot panels come together to create three stunning neoclassical style space

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s. Shapely modern twists spike the classical backdrops to create homes that are relevant and functional whilst exquisitely beautiful. It is perhaps the exceptional modern lighting options that form the most significant element in uniting the classic and modern aesthetics. Extraordinary chandeliers, candle inspired modern wall sconces and bold floor lamps call attention to refined architectural form, whilst causing an edgy shift in the lacy glamour. Take a tour through three grand open concept living spaces, magnificent kitchen arrangements, and luxe boiserie laden bedroom designs.

Our first inspirational neoclassical piece is a home concept visualized by Juraj Talcik and Veronika Demovicova for AlexAllen Lighting. The visualisations style the same space with multiple options for lighting, along with small changes in minor accompanying furniture. A unique trilateral chandelier communicates a semicircular motif that complements a pair of stunning neoclassical archways and an impressive set of arched windows.

Fabulously decorative mouldings depict florals at either side of a grand fireplace. A contemporary designer lounge chair echoes the dark curves beneath the mantlepiece.

Wainscot panels have been gently shaded with a delicate tint of warm grey, which is drawn out by darker sofa upholstery.

Another semicircular focal point is hung playfully inverse of the arched doorway. A modern black console unit displays more sculptural focus underneath.

The trilateral pendant light is also a great fit for the dining area, where its semicircular motif complements a set of curvaceous modern dining chairs.

A classical white bust is elevated on a plinth behind the contrasting black rectangular dining table.

The black bands of the lighting fixture cut deeply against the ethereal backdrop.

In this alternative visualisation of the same dining space, a crisp cross shaped chandelier draws focus to the more linear aspects of its neoclassical setting.

Modern elements adhere to a black colourway, whilst neoclassical features shape the pure white canvas.

Only a small modern console table breaks the colour divide, sporting a clean white finish to blend with the elegant wall panelling.

Moving on into the kitchen, a linear suspension light cuts a sleek black line above a luxurious marble island.

Modern black kitchen bar stools bring out the white marble’s dark vein.

Here we see the same kitchen design brought to life with a striking side by side semicircular pendant arrangement.

A matt black kitchen faucet boldly punctuates the smooth white island countertop.

The white marble finish seamlessly wraps the edges of the island to give the volume a solid monolithic effect.

In this alternative kitchen concept, the original shapely bar stool design has been switched out for a simpler style. The new circular frames make a curvy connection with the island light.

Opulent dark green bedroom decor is framed under an intense floral feature wall

Glass doors share the sunlight.

A glass vase brings living botanicals to the bedside table.

Visualizer: Bui Ni  

Unique lounge furniture introduces contemporary form into the heart of our second neoclassical inspired space. A classic chandelier crowns the aesthetic meld.

A basic grey rug clearly outlines the lounge area within the open plan living arrangement.

Modern wall sconces flank a discreetly concealed TV set mounted over the fireplace.

The chic modern sofa backs onto the kitchen peninsula, leaving a defined walkway to the bedrooms.

Ribbed siding texturally defines the dining peninsula from the rest of the shaker style kitchen cabinetry. A marble countertop and backsplash bring natural pattern.

Humorous wall art nods to both the classical and modern influences.

Inside the master bedroom, decorative boiserie frames another piece of art that hangs aglow under a picture light.

An impressive modern chandelier encourages the eye to climb up to an exquisite ceiling rose. Below, an arched headboard complements the element’s circular form.

Crown moulding works around a partition wall that divides the bedroom entryway from a dressing area.

An arched recess has been made in the partition wall to accommodate a bespoke shelving unit. LEDs light up a display of designer bags.

The second double bedroom is a slightly more modest affair. A modern floor lamp provides the main light source for the room. A modern wall sconce balances out the opposite side of the bed.

Mint accent pillows and a matching throw accent the grey and white platform bed.

Two more wall sconces light a boiserie wall at the foot of the bed, where they appear to play contemporary interpretations of glowing candles.

Visualizer: Pribylova Interior  

Our final neoclassical living space is a tranquil abode with layers of greige, taupe and dreamy white.

A marble TV wall is cut through with striking geometric pattern, which contradicts the delicate boiserie embellishments around the rest of the room. A linear TV unit floats cleanly above the floor.

Golden bands marry a couple of luxe vanity stools beneath the floating entryway shelf. Gold wall sconces flank a full length hallway mirror.

A round pedestal dining table fits snugly into the corner of the living room, tucked behind the modern sofa. Modern dining chairs match the rest of the soft grey upholstery in the scheme, whilst the tabletop adds a slightly darker note.

Over at the kitchen island, a gold chimney extractor grabs the limelight in a tasteful white kitchen arrangement. Golden cabinet trims and a unique gold kitchen sink and faucet set complement the hero piece.

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