Do you have a bookcase or shelving unit in your home that just never seems to look “right”? Well, you’re in luck today because I’m walking you through my no-fail tips for styling a bookcase

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Through this process, I'm also going to show you how I decorated one of my bookcases.


No-Fail Tips for Styling a Bookcase:

I do follow a few "rules" when it comes to getting the look I want in a bookcase/shelving unit. Here are the elements I keep in mind: function, color, shape, texture, spacing, botanical, bling, and personal.

I know this may seem like a lot, but each aspect is important. Once I explain things a bit, I'm sure it will make sense. I’ve snapped some pictures of a bookcase in my apartment to walk you through the process. Let’s do this!

Bookcase Styling Tips:

Function – Decide what you need your shelving to do.

I wanted to use this bookcase for storing books and miscellany. It’s close to my kitchen so it needs to double as a wine rack. My overall goal is to balance storage and décor.

Color – Stay within your color palette.

Here I used greens, teals, and blues. These are the colors I have in the rest of the room. I pulled in neutrals as well (black, white, and wood) because they coordinate with details in the space.


Shape – Use a variety of shapes to create balance and interest.

A bookcase full of square items is probably going to be a bit boring. To break up the sharp lines of my bookcase, I added elements with different shapes - my bunch of grapes, tree sculpture, and round pots and vases. This keeps things interesting!


Texture / Pattern – Bring in multiple ones to enhance visual appeal

Things like plants, baskets, and wood are great for adding texture. Incorporate them throughout your bookcase to create different surfaces.


Spacing – Leave some empty space. (It's the difference between collected and cluttered.)

Allowing room between the items is better than cramming in too much. When a piece can breathe, it can stand out.


Botanical – Include flowers and plants to complete a space.

If you ever look at a shelving unit and think it’s missing something try adding a plant or fresh cut flowers. A botanical element is a natural way to finish off any space.


Bling – Add something that sparkles – glass, metallic, mirrors, crystals, etc.

Finally, every space needs a little bling. Add something metallic or another item that reflects light (like my vintage bunch of grapes). Touches like these will instantly give your bookcase life and movement.


And voila! Your bookcase went from drab to fab in seven simple steps! I hope these ideas are helpful.


As always, Happy Decorating!

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