Designing a Teenagers Room to Save Space

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Designing your teenagers room to save space can make your life easier in many ways. Having installed organization systems allows them to keep their rooms clean and have more space for all their things. Our designers at More Space Place can custom design teen closets, Murphy beds, wall desks, and more with your teenagers style and organizational needs in mind. Read on to learn how these installations would bring value to their rooms.


A closet can be designed with multiple additions next to it. These additions could include a shelving unit for foldable clothes, cubbies for shoes, and drawers for undergarments and pajamas, and any extra articles of clothing you cant fit elsewhere. You can also include a hook on the inside of the closet door, which is useful for scarves, coats, and dressing gowns.

Teenager custom closet

Murphy Bed

Murphy beds can be installed with attached cabinets, shelving, and even a desk. This allows multiple storage spaces to be compact and part of only one or two walls, meaning that there will still be plenty of wall space for photographs, displays, and posters. The shelving alongside the Murphy bed is a great way to visibly store items or have surface areas to place dcor. Lastly, a built-in wall desk is important as teenagers will be able to study at their own desk instead of studying in their bed where they will be more likely to feel tired and lose motivation.

Additionally, if you have an older teenager who may later be moving out for college, the fold-in Murphy bed means that the room will remain versatile and is capable of transforming between an added storage room or a bedroom.

Teenager Murphy bed custom desk

Your Next Step

Organize your teenagers room today with custom closets, Murphy beds, and desks with the help of More Space Place installations. Visit a showroom nearest you or contact us to book a free, in-home consultation and estimate with our professional design experts.

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