Dapper Interior With Edge-To-Edge High-Quality Finishes (Plus Floor Plan)

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This dapper 101.3 square metre home interior is skillfully crafted with edge-to-edge high-quality finishes that build a bespoke, luxurious aesthetic. Designed by Elena Sedova, the modern apartment benefits from custom-made cabinetry, a bespoke glass bedroom feature wall with an on-trend fluted texture treatment, and a fabulous muxarabi room divider. We’ll see how small bathrooms can be the jewel in the crown with the right materials, and we’ll wander onto a magical balcony area that’s sure to tempt anyone to enjoy a glass of something bubbly in the evening air. You can find the floor plan for this stylish home layout at the end of the tour.

Visualizer: Sergey Sedov  

We begin our tour in an open plan living space that’s gently zoned by a round rug under the lounge area. The edge of the circular carpet peeps out from the sofa just enough to encompass a small round coffee table and a stylish lounge chair.

The other half of the living room dining room combo is furnished with an elegant marble dining table and modern wooden dining chairs.

The lounge chair serves as a brief dividing obstacle between the lounge and dining space.

A wall of tall kitchen units and appliance housing units run behind the dining set. Two columns of cabinets have been switched out for built-in bookshelves in order to provide the dining spot with moments of decorative elegance.

The integrated shelving units are backlit to highlight decorative vases and sculpture.

A unique dining room chandelier makes a bold statement above the table, which helps distract from the kitchen essentials behind it.

The curve-backed dining chairs smoothly complement the silhouette of the racetrack dining table. A glass vase brings natural greenery to the dining table as a living centrepiece.

A glass door leads out of the dining room onto a balcony. Two modern outdoor chairs make an inviting spot for conversation and relaxation.

Modern wall lights softly illuminate the welcoming outdoor living space.

Candle holders extend the glow to the floor of the balcony, where they spread magical, twinkling light around the outdoor furniture.

A couple of wine glasses set the scene for an evening of talking, laughter, and dreaming up plans for tomorrow.

A small floor lamp offers focussed lighting over a small outdoor coffee table, making drink refills easier as the darkness of night falls.

As we move on into the luxurious bedroom design, we discover a fabulous muxarabi headboard wall. The screen separates the bedroom from a vanity area. Two bedroom pendant lights adorn either side of the decorative screen.

An attractive ceiling fan with light fitting pushes airflow through the open weave of the muxarabi to cool both areas of the room. A freeform wall mirror reflects daylight into the back of the space.

A textured bedroom rug complements the intricate screen design. A bedroom chair is settled over by the bedroom windows, creating a pretty reading nook amongst mature indoor plants.

Modern bedside tables flank a pale grey upholstered bed. A soft grey comforter dresses the foot of the bed.

A fluted glass feature wall lightly separates the bedroom from the living room. The attractive glazed wall shares light between the two main rooms of the apartment.

Behind the muxarabi room divider, a vanity table and modern vanity stool make a neat dressing area that benefits from natural light. This area also holds the entry door into an ensuite bathroom and the exit door to the living area.

Inside the ensuite bathroom, a fitted ​​bathtub is tiled to coordinate with the grey stone floor and matching wet walls.

A round mirror is backlit to highlight the stunning tile.

A unique bathroom sink is crafted to merge elegantly with the grey stone backsplash. Brass bathroom fixtures warmly contrast with the cool tilework.

Above the round mirror, a modern wall sconce continues the circular shape theme.

A ribbon of LED light glows warmly upon a shelf of fresh towels beneath the wall mounted basin.

Beaded wall panels smartly conceal the toilet cistern. Two cabinets of hidden storage extend all the way up to the ceiling line to make the most of the generous room height.

The chic guest bathroom design takes a lighter approach with luxe white marble walls and shower wet zone. A recessed shower shelf cuts into the marble wall to neatly contain a couple of toiletries. A tall decorative vase houses a softening spray of Pampas grass on the vanity unit.

Built-in storage areas are picked out in rich wood grain to match the modern vanity unit. The recessed wooden cabinets in the cistern wall break in the middle to display a column of clean white towels.

Two slender modern wall sconces place fashionable brass accents at either side of a grand vanity mirror. See more inspiration for bathroom vanity lights.

A modern brass bathroom tap feeds a luxurious white marble basin. Wooden storage units are routed into a slatted effect, which fashions an interesting contradiction with the smooth wooden vanity unit.

We can see from the floor plan that the apartment enjoys two balcony areas, the one just off the main living space, and an additional private terrace that is accessed via the bedroom. A walk-in wardrobe almost matches the size of the bedroom’s ensuite bathroom. A small built-in coat closet conveniently serves the home entryway.

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