Custom closets are the epitome of gracious living

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Just ask any celebrity. All their wardrobe finery, shoes, and accessories are maintained exactly the way they want, often in larger-than-life closets that create a buzz on social media. With Tailored Living®, you can have an equally custom closet to manage your wardrobe with a closet organization system that lets your unique personality shine through. For any size closet or any size budget, dare to dream a “celebrity status” closet and Tailored Living can help your dream come true with closet accessories to make it your very own.
Borrow ideas from celebrity closets to create your own custom closet with creative storage, artistic touches, and all the bling you want
More hanging space in less space Tiered rods can double or triple coveted hanging space. Utilizing all space from floor to ceiling allows for two or three tiers, with special pull-down rods to access clothing at ceiling height. Adjustable rods let you create dedicated space for longer items, so they hang straight and don’t get wrinkled at the bottom, while doubling up hanging space for shorter items.
Outfits stay wrinkle-free with expanded hanging space that eliminates crushing clothes on overpacked hanging rods
Organize clothes by color or by function, i.e., work, fancy dress, workout gear, and casual. You can quickly see what you have, streamlining the process of getting dressed. Place seldom worn or seasonal clothes on the higher rods, keeping everyday items easily accessible. Use breathable, cotton garment bags for extra protection of all your clothes, especially storage for out-of-season garb. Add a touch of class to your closet with matching hangers in decorative colors and styles.
Decorative clothes hangers such as satin padded hangers, wood and brass, or velvet covered hangers give a consistent, decorative look to your closet
Display, don’t just store shoes and boots Footwear is a huge part of any wardrobe: sandals, sneakers, stilettos, pumps, platforms, wedges, flats, hiking boots, designer boots, athletic shoes, dress shoes, flip flops, and slippers. If you only had one of each, you’d have a baker’s dozen, already more than an out-of-touch blogger who wrote, “The average person has five to ten pairs of shoes at any given time.” Celebrities’ shoe collections reach incredible proportions, for both men and women, with walls of shoes included in their closet designs. Tailored Living can help you display your own shoe collection, whether large or small, to ensure there’s never a missing shoe when you’re headed to the gym or your favorite nightspot.
Shoe collections are safely stored on custom shelves or pull-out shoe racks so you can always find what you need when you need it
Slanted shoe racks with rails hold the highest of heels without any falling to the floor. Custom shoe racks can reach floor to ceiling to accommodate and beautifully showcase any size shoe collection, including tall boots and flat sandals. Pull-out shoe racks hold dozens of shoes in a very small space. LED lights illuminate your shoes, so you don’t leave the house in one navy and one black shoe. Wardrobe accessories deserve special attention Accessories like jewelry, belts, hats, ties, purses, and scarves can take up a lot of space in a closet and unless they are properly stored, you can lose track of what you have, or they can become damaged. Scarves stuffed in a drawer can end up with snags or matted fringe, jumbled jewelry results in tangled, knotted chains and chipped gemstones, and ties and belts simply can get lost. Custom closet accessories come to the rescue of all your accessories to keep them neat, organized and ready to wear.
Utilize drawers to store what would normally be in a dresser, freeing up bedroom floor space for a chair, bookcase or just uncluttered breathing room
Drawer dividers create organized storage for ties, lingerie, folded scarves, belts, clutches or wallets. Velvet-lined jewelry drawers protect jewelry, sunglasses, and other precious accessories. It’s easier to mix and match outfits and accessories when everything is stored in one place. Cabinets with drawers can replace dressers that take up valuable bedroom space.
Special treatment for accessories enhances your closet’s functionality and usefulness
Specialty hooks for belts, ties, and scarves keep them organized and in full view. Purses and hats line up nicely on open shelves or they can store and display in cabinets with glass-inset doors. Retractable valet rods provide extra hanging space any time you need an extra hand to stage an outfit or hold dry cleaning until it’s put away. Integrate beauty and functionality in your closet Custom closet organization lets you design for exactly what you need and want in your closet. Options of style, color, and finish for the cabinetry from traditional to modern gives unlimited possibilities for a design of your choice. Combinations of hanging space, shelves, drawers, cabinets, storage islands, and more, let you manage your wardrobe as suits your lifestyle. Custom closet accessories add distinctive style and functionality with customizations and personal touches.
Create a beautiful space for getting dressed and, remember, there’s no such thing as too fancy
Crown molding, decorative hardware, granite countertop, and a charming chandelier can take your closet to the next level of elegance. A storage island with drawers or shelves provides extra space for lingerie, accessories or shoes. Glass-inset doors create openness while displaying and protecting what’s stored inside. Integrated LED lights brighten up shelves and illuminate cabinet contents. Add a full-length mirror to check your image from head toe before you start your day.
Modern, clean lines with custom accessories make your closet both functional and fabulous
Capture all available space with floor-to-ceiling tiered hanging rods, adjustable shelves, drawers, pull-out bins, and laundry hampers to accommodate everything in perfect order. Custom shoe racks keep floor space free of clutter, with all shoes organized and visible. Shelves keep folded items like jeans and tee shirts easily available, as well as accessories like hats and purses. Pullout bins and drawers are ideal for small items like workout gear, socks, folded scarves, or rolled ties and belts. Custom accessories ensure a shared closet meets the needs of both users. Your closet can take the ordinary task of organizing clothes, shoes, and accessories to extraordinary (just like the celebrities do) with a custom closet storage system. Tailored Living’s numerous styles and finishes, including laminates, wood stains and glazes in a range of colors let you have the look you want, and then you can customize with closet accessories to create a personalized, organized place for everything in your wardrobe. Call 866-641-8958 (US) or 866-973-8221 (CAN) today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation or go online to to find a designer near you. Your local Tailored Living designer can help you achieve a star-quality closet you’ll love. Additionally, as whole-home organization specialists we also offer innovative storage solutions for every area of your home where clutter or chaos is a problem, from pantry organization to custom garage cabinets and garage flooring. Check out our online Design Guide to learn more.
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