Curiously Dark & Moody Interior In Kyiv

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Curiously dark decor shapes this modern 117 square metre apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine, visualised by Alexey Savchenko. Moody shades of grey and black smooth over modern silhouettes that rise from the shadows of the dark living room decor. Atmospheric lighting kisses the edges of the furniture and the room perimeter, and brings forth hidden details throughout the interior design. Sand yellow accents pour a brighter vibe into the guest room of this home, which doubles as a home workspace. Ruby red wall tiles and a unique red glass bathtub slip a seductive focal point into the bathroom, vibrantly uplifting a backdrop of charcoal wall decor and grey bathroom fixtures.

Modern furniture shapes emerge from the shadows of black and grey living room decor, their edges softly illuminated by light from a large window and a subtle, atmospheric lighting scheme. See more inspiration for Modern Dark Interior Design here.

LED ribbons underscore a floating media unit and highlight the top of the TV mount. Without the lighting arrangement, the dark TV wall falls into the shadows almost unseen.

A black ottoman is separated from the L-shaped sectional sofa arrangement to neatly close around the coffee table.

A soft grey throw breaks the dark furniture upholstery with a slightly lighter shade.

In contrast to the uber dark lounge decor scheme, the open plan home entryway glows a crisp, clean, bright white.

A charcoal area rug creates a dark island beneath the living room couch and round coffee table.

On the coffee table, a clear glass vase catches the light, adding a brief moment of reflected illumination.

The dining area is situated directly behind the living room sofa, where it benefits from natural light via the large window. Six modern dining chairs surround a black stained wood dining table with an uplift of lighter greige upholstery. A round art piece hangs tonal wall decor.

In the neighbouring kitchen area, the black and grey colour scheme continues solidly with dark grey kitchen cabinets and black integrated appliances. Open kitchen shelving is brightly highlighted out of the gloom with bright strikes of cool white LED light.

A linear suspension light illuminates a small dining peninsula, where two modern kitchen bar stools stand in a black and grey finish.

In the home entryway, a strip of recessed lighting draws attention to the hidden detail behind a hallway bench, where tufted upholstery adds fashionable plush padding.

The surrounding cabinetry by the entryway carries a fresh white finish, which is reflected in a mirrored wall on the opposite side of the hallway.

Inside the master bedroom, a dark grey and pure white decor palette achieves peaceful balance.

Two huge windows give the space a beautiful dual aspect.

A grey upholstered bed is set upon a matching dark grey bedroom rug. White bed linen freshens the effect.

The chic floor lamp is an Oda grey lamp, designed by Sebastian Herkner for Polpo.

The deep sides of the upholstered bed largely negates the need for bedside tables.

A round ottoman furnishes the corner of the bedroom, serving as a spot to discard today’s outfit. Lightweight grey drapes softly pool at each side of the window panes.

The generous walk in wardrobe/dressing room is furnished with a smart black-framed closet system and a custom vanity table that cuts across the window to capitalise on natural light.

The glass-fronted closets feature interior lighting strips that illuminate each level of clothes storage via glass shelving.

A backlit floor-to-ceiling mirror serves the dressing zone.

Solid shelves are underlit with LED strips to illuminate folded garments and shoe storage.

A sheer window blind provides privacy at the vanity table without blocking out the window light. A modern vanity stool tucks in neatly underneath the floating dressing table.

Sandy yellow accents brighten the guest room in the shape of a bespoke bed design with shelving in the footboard, and a ribbed round rug.

Custom wardrobes are built in around the food of the yellow bed in a matching finish.

A custom-made desk design tags onto the end of the wardrobe installation, where it benefits from a window view.

A sandy yellow swivel chair coordinates with the colourful furniture in the room, and roundly complements the circular accent rug.

Black wall panels create dark contrast across the bedroom TV wall, under a strip of LED perimeter lighting.

The work space is kept tidy with a vertical file rack and illuminated with a modern desk lamp.

Moving on into the bathroom, we find a dark decor scheme that’s vibrantly disrupted by ruby red accents. A vertical section of red ceramic tiles and a stunning red glass bathtub create a seductive focal point.

A small red side table coordinates with the red focal wall, and offers up a handy spot for toiletries when relaxing in the freestanding bathtub.

In contrast to the red bathtub wall, a grey vanity unit, modern black vessel basin and grey wall tiles make a dark vanity area combo. A backlit bathroom mirror adds a moment of bright illumination.

Black bathroom fixtures camouflage against the dark tilework. A reed diffuser sweetly scents the small room.

A grey wall hung toilet fades away against a dark grey panelled cistern concealment wall. Areas of hidden bathroom storage are tucked within the pattern of sleek modern panel work.

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