Creatively Colourful Interiors Inspiration: 4 Home Tours

Creatively Colourful Interiors Inspiration: 4 Home Tours

Colour makes a home feel cheerful and inviting. However, we often limit ourselves to just one or two accent hues in a conservative application. Reserved decor palettes are restful and safe but sometimes, you just have to break some boundaries! These four creative home interiors are shaped by the intuitive use of bright and contrasting colours, and don’t shy away from pattern and unusual paint effects either. We’ll discover a small open concept living space with a calculated clash of orange and green accent colours, a confidently coloured lounge with an artistically painted TV wall, a colour-blocked abode with pink panache in the bedroom, and an elegant apricot infused city pad.

Visualizer: Victoria Kutsa  

Orange shelving echoes the orange stripes of a cheerful area rug inside of our first home interior. LED light strips highlight their bold linearity and a minimalist display of books. A pale grey modular sofa cools the lounge palette, whilst a modern coffee table contributes a weighty black anchor.

A plethora of indoor plants is arranged over a black wireframe shelving unit, situated by the window to ensure they receive ample sunlight. The plants grow an attractive, textural feature against a flat white TV wall.

Cool sky blue cabinets draw out a kitchen arrangement in the small open plan living room corner. The breezy colour solidly zones the cooking area and a compact dining peninsula.

Geometric floor tiles fill the open concept with interesting pattern.

Black kitchen bar stools coordinate with the glossy black kitchen countertop and the coffee table in the neighbouring lounge area. An industrial wireframe light & storage rack takes the black accent to the ceiling and creates a space-saving home for more attractive green foliage.

Deep orange units build a warm and energised welcome in the home entryway.

The orange accent bleeds into paintwork around a contrasting black front entry door. A floral stool combines the bright and dark notes beneath recessed perimeter lighting. A full-length frameless mirror creates the illusion of added space.

Visualizer: Brick-Brot Studio  

A calm grey base colour anchors our next colourful home interior. A warm grey tufted sofa stretches out behind two concrete square coffee tables. Concrete planters give the low tables a little added height.

The inspirational TV wall is alive with colour and an artistic graphic mural. The blue, red and teal paint effect creates an interesting mount for the wall hung TV screen and paints a jovial background for a pair of modern wall lights.

A sculptural Serie Up 2000 chair by Gaetano Pesce for B&B Italia boldly competes for attention against the eye-catching wall treatment.

The colourful graphics continue in the dining area, where they become an incredible background for a floor-to-ceiling tensioned bookcase. An oversized dining room pendant light complements the murals curves.

3D wall art rounds out the artistic living room scheme.

Designer: cubkvadrat  

This colourful flat in Moscow is created with a contrast of blue, green, and orange. Wood flooring and unique planters bring in subduing natural tones.

The cobalt blue sofa is complemented by a matching blue pouf. A black tray-top coffee table ties in with the black-framed modern bookcase, where Keith Haring style nesting dolls add an artistic element.

The colour volume comes down inside the small dining room with pale blush walls.

Modern wall shelves carry a black-framed aesthetic akin to the lounge bookcase, to maintain cohesivity between the interconnected spaces.

A hand-blown glass vase creates a simple centrepiece for the wooden dining table.

The biggest blast of colour in this area comes from a green one wall kitchen installation.

Light green kitchen cabinets are contrasted by an apricot chevron backsplash. Wood tone wall cabinets blend with the warm apricot wall paint.

Inside the bedroom, a band of sky blue horizontal color blocking holds a brightly patterned decor scheme together.

A stylish modern bedroom chair and a geometric knitted bed cover add some pink panache.

A wireframe memo board, an industrial bedroom pendant light, and a metal bed frame thread thin black accents across the room.

The terrazzo bedside table introduces a moment of pattern.

Yellow drapes frame the window and a bedroom workspace. A clean white shelving unit displays decorative items.

A Scandi style bedside table puts a pale blush accent in front of the blue colour-block panel. Fitted wardrobes wrap the blue accent around onto an adjacent wall.

An assortment of colourful and novelty pillows dress the bed.

Our final featured home tour begins in a cool grey toned lounge space. A small L-shaped modern sofa defines the lounge area within the open plan layout. An apricot kitchen creates a warm spot at the back of the room.

Wine storage is concealed inside the central kitchen island.

Botanical tiles make a modern deconstructed mural across the back wall of the kitchen.

Apricot base cabinets are counterbalanced by clean white appliance housing units on either side and a glossy white chimney extractor.

A trio of bar stools place a light and colourful accent against the dark grey kitchen island.

A yellow entryway bench establishes a chic dressing area next to hallway closets. LED ribbons highlight a modern mirror.

The dark grey bedroom scheme is electrified by vivid accent pieces. The awesome Ghostbuster print is entitled City by NVM Illustration.

A Monstera motif side table adds a pop of purple next to the grey upholstered bed.

An open fronted closet stands out with a fun pink trim.

The bed converts into a modern seating area by moving the headboard cushions away from the wall.

A white office chair pulls up to a wood-framed workspace.

In the second bedroom, an end of bed bench draws a red accent. Green pillows throw in contrast.

The bathroom is a meld of modern neutrals, with luxe marble and a copper coloured modern bathroom vanity.

Black bathroom fixtures punctuate the scheme.

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