Creating Mixed Moods With Concrete Interiors

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At first glance, a laconic materials palette of cold grey concrete may not appear to lend itself greatly to fluctuations in character and atmosphere between the different rooms and functional spaces of a family home interior. However, it turns out that the cool concrete slab makes an excellent candidate for flexible functionality and an ideal canvas on which to create mixed moods. In these two inspirational home designs, the use and play of atmospheric light takes the role of a writer or artist, scripting and sculpting new scenes for life. Considered lighting schemes shape warmly welcoming lounge areas, sacred family dining spots, invigorating home workspaces, and preciously detailed connective spaces.

Designer: J.C design studio   Photographer: Hey! Cheese  

A long fireplace glows across the concrete living room of our first inspirational home interior, creating a burning horizon like the setting sun.

A large swing arm wall lamp extends beside the leather sofa, where it’s best placed to highlight the furniture’s warm cognac colourway.

The lounge merges with the neighbouring kitchen via a wide concrete column that is fabulously lit by a halo of LEDs at its crown.

Textured wall panels and fluted door finishes playfully catch and cut the atmospheric light that features around the home, causing deep shadow play.

Perimeter lights carve visual borders around the open plan concrete interior.

One of the many advantages of concrete decor is that it can be moulded into bespoke furniture and ornamentation, such as this unique curving fireplace hearth. A stylish leather chair draws upon the cognac colour accent that is initiated in the sofa. A TV wall clad with bronze panels ties in with the warm hue.

The stone staircase design emerges from a series of raised and lowered concrete planes, and colliding linear and curved silhouettes. This architectural conclusion creates macro and micro perspectives, each as unique as a painting.

Inside the grey dining room, a stunning domed concrete ceiling integrates the owner’s love of ancient European church architecture under a layer of modernity. A Meshmatics chandelier, by Moooi, exudes delicate beauty in the centre of the dome, where its scattered light unexpectedly converges. At night, the light becomes a beacon of communion, where family members converge to share, discuss and comfort.

The dining room bar tends to the party with a show of brilliant golden light.

The concrete kitchen decor is warmed through by the contrasting tones of a bronze and brown stone covered kitchen island.

The custom-made kitchen bar resembles a luxe boutique.

The face of the bar is shaped into compartments that neatly enclose the legs of a row of diners.

A pair of chandeliers drip like molten glass in the corner of the kitchen, where they highlight a sculptural Spun chair designed by Thomas Heatherwick for Magis.

A slice of cool white LED light washes down a row of tall units at the back of the kitchen diner.

Glass blocks share light between the rooms of the textured, castle-like haven.

Inside the grey bedroom, decisive, neat lines achieve a calming atmosphere.

Ribbons of focussed light stripe the ceiling beams.

Interlaced stone steps give the bespoke bathtub elegant form.

Modern wall sconces paint geometric art onto the concrete bathroom walls.

A pedestal sink duo stand dead centre of the bold bathroom layout.

A bespoke bench builds a unique window seat.

Light and shadow fluctuations create a sensory interior.

Designer: In Work   Photographer: Hey! Cheese  

As we tiptoe into this treasure box of timeless elegance, we uncover a living room that’s adorned with decorative gems from world travels.

The intricate display shelving unit builds a grid pattern behind the sofa, which is lit evenly from above by a recessed light strip.

A Roman Composite column capital characteristically displays smooth volutes and curling acanthus leaves to make an eye-catching hero piece.

A quietly low-chromatic palette fashions a refined and stable space that relieves fatigue and daily pressures.

Low-key paintings and carvings bring additional muted tones and textures.

Wire mesh kitchen pendant lights descend from a beautiful dome in the concrete ceiling, where they illuminate a Wabi-sabi-style, deliberately imperfect dining table.

The concept of this home is based on the idea of ​​a magic wooden box. This mental image heavily influences the centre of the space, from its visual temperature to the close connection between living room, study, bedroom, dressing room and multi-functional area, so that daily life may be “opened and closed” at the homeowners wish.

Sliding doors expand or limit shared space, facilitating coexistence or independence.

The darkly decorated multifunctional room has a contemplative nature, suited to introspection, meditation and active wellness pursuits.

Another iron shelving unit and subtle mood lighting drapes the home office with a serious expression.

Neatly arranged containers form a curious, exploratory character within the home.

Treasured items tell the story of the homeowners’ lives.

A wood clad ceiling is the stand out feature in the bedroom. The rich wood grain forms a dark canopy above the platform bed to cosy effect.

The minimalist bedroom decor makes “people” the prime element in the space, in order to nurture strong emotional connection.

Pocket doors close the peaceful bedroom from the attached workspace.

Inside the dressing room of the master suite, a bathroom mirror of interlinking circles draws the eye toward a stylish vanity area.

A textured feature wall colours the room.

The double sink bathroom vanity marks the entryway into the ensuite.

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