Classy Contemporary Interiors With Deep Brown, Grey & White Decor

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Deep brown, soothing grey & clean white decor shades these three classy contemporary home interiors, visualised by Mai Trang Nguyen. The calming neutrals meld with chic furniture arrangements to fashion living spaces that are reposeful and on point. Each of these stylish home designs feature inspiration for modestly scaled open concept living spaces and small kitchen ideas, beautiful lighting designs and eye-catching accessories. Home design number one is a luxe, high-end expression of taste; interior number two explores an adventurous space themed decor scheme; design three gives us a shape led interpretation with modish racetrack outlines and interior arches, whilst home four simplifies the palette for a small space.

A russet brown modular sofa adds tremendous heat to dark grey and cool white surroundings in our first featured home interior. A black and white houndstooth throw washes a moment of light relief over the sofa upholstery.

A chevron rug lightly patterns the floor beneath a freeform modern coffee table design, and a contemporary small side table.

Above the lounge and adjoining dining area, a black painted ceiling creates drama and wow factor.

The modern dining room comes alive under the glow of an artistic wall light; golden accents gleam warmly under the illumination. An exquisite marble tabletop makes a shapely oval outline amidst modern dining chairs.

A fabulous TV wall has been constructed with an eye-catching ribbed panel behind the TV screen. The textured, inverted arch reflects the sofa’s hot russet brown hue.

Wine storage is showcased under bright LED ribbons close by the kitchen run. The wine storage cabinet balances out an entryway storage unit on the opposite side of an glamorously gold wrapped entryway bench.

The bowed golden recess in the entryway complements a stunning curved kitchen island design with a champagne gold base.

The island is extended at one end to include a breakfast bar. Lustrous gold framed kitchen bar stools further elevate the look.

Unique kitchen island lights cluster above the prep countertop and eating area. See more kitchen lighting here.

The base kitchen cabinets have been framed with a champagne gold racetrack-shaped motif, which perfectly matches the entryway cabinets. This cohesivity gives the impression of a much wider kitchen space.

A black marble countertop and upstand create a bold divide between the light upper and lower units. A glossy black fridge-freezer continues the dark accent.

Our second interior design features some adventurous space themed decor, with mini astronauts landing on the surface of a space-age inspired coffee table. A modern wall sconce sets a celestial aura against the pale grey living room wall.

A unique modern sofa forms a futuristic silhouette under white upholstery, whilst the modern lounge chair plants a deep brown accent.

A cute sitting astronaut hangs out on a plinth next to an unusual TV stand on a plethora of reflective chrome feet.

Phases of the moon wall lights transition across the dining area.

Two different styles of modern dining chairs gather interest around a unique oval dining table.

Wood flooring warms the lounge area, whilst cool white tile cleanly defines the kitchen and dining zone.

Ribbed cabinet doors texturally define the upper units in the all-white kitchen design.

Creamy-white tiles add a subtle tonal contrast to the one wall kitchen.

A full moon waxes in the moody grey and black bedroom scheme. The moon wall light nibbles away the corner of a ribbed gypsum headboard feature; LED light ribbons around the edges.

Black frosted glass allows shadowy clothing silhouettes to mysteriously show through the walls of the walk-in closet.

The second bedroom in this home is a space themed kids’ room, where a wall mural depicts the moon in close orbit to the bed.

A floating kids’ desk is mounted onto an extended headboard design, which creates a smooth flow across the room.

In our third featured home design, brown is promoted from a small accent to the main focal colour of the room. Here, we see a solid rich brown TV wall, which melts into the hallway that leads to the bedrooms.

An unusual brown and greige upholstered sofa design reflects the solid brown feature wall. A perfectly coordinated rug calls attention to the sofa’s two-tone characteristic. A racetrack shaped coffee table and a racetrack bench seat lead a curvaceous theme.

The L-shaped kitchen installation draws upon the brown accent colour for a tiled backsplash.

Two brown modern dining chairs join two pale grey counterparts at the round dining table.

A piece of wall art ties together the brown accent and arched decor themes.

A graceful, gold and glass dining room pendant light echoes the table’s circular outline.

Finally, our fourth featured home design is a small space that gleans wonderful depth from the deep brown, grey and white palette. A small curvy sofa and round footstool are sharply contrasted by a hexagonal coffee table, though all meld under gentle grey finishes.

Globe pendant lights drop a modern focal point over the centre of the room, whilst classic bust sculptures bring art history to a bespoke, built-in TV unit with integrated storage and bookshelves.

A dark brown and white kitchen design fills the back of the small open concept living room.

A Scandinavian rug shakes up the small space with a bold graphic print.

In the home entryway, a unique shelving unit and a recessed nook establish an elegant arched theme. See more inspiration for arches in interiors.

A racetrack dining table is placed close to the wall to facilitate easy movement through the compact layout.

Undulating 3D wall art and a freeform wall mirror on the opposite wall prevent the limited space from feeling static.

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