Bright Apartments Styled With Mid Century Modernism

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Two bright apartments bid a cheerful welcome here, each designed by the talent at Kroniki Studio. The airy interiors are uplifted with colourful accent pieces, and boosted with that distinctive mid century modern style. Naturally, wood tone is an essential player in the mid century modern aesthetic, along with crisp white painted walls. The rest of the decor bobs between pale grey and solid black elements, broken apart by beautiful infusions of pink and yellow in home number one, and blue with red in apartment number two. Take a look at the easy balance of colour achieved in each space, and the quirky vintage elegance that shapes them.

Our first mid century inspired home is an apartment in Gdynia, in Poland. This cosy minimalist interior design has distinct mid-century modern roots, and a cheerful pink and yellow accent palette.

The tufted sofa stands on wooden feet, lifting it well off the floor in classic mid century modern style. Pale pink and corn yellow scatter cushions stand out against the sofas dark grey upholstery.

A corn yellow accent chair draws on the colour of the yellow sofa cushion, growing the hue into a bigger part of the scheme.

Pale pink is branched out across the rest of the room too, appearing as lining and casing for the wall shelves behind the couch. A small pink vases brightens a white tray table.

A grand wooden unit with smooth curving edges lords over the room. The large area of attractive wood grain makes a warming addition to the predominantly white decor.

Scandinavian style chairs have been brought to the table in a mix and match colour scheme. A duo of dining room pendant lights contribute more pink into the scene.

The grand wooden unit standing at the end of the living space opens up to reveal a television behind its centre storage space, which can be enjoyed from the couch or the dining area.

A plain glass vase makes a simple centrepiece.

Additional greenery springs from a planter on the floor by the dining set.

A fruit bowl on the dining table offers snacks between mealtimes.

The tall wood unit that houses the tv in the living room expands around into the kitchen. Wooden cabinets make up one entire wall of a galley kitchen layout, facing a row of white base units.

In place of wall cupboards, there are open shelving units in the minimalist kitchen. Black metal frames hang down from the ceiling line holding natural wood shelves full of glassware, crockery and plants.

An integrated oven sits inside the wall of wooden kitchen units, along with a shelving tower for cookbooks.

Inside the bedroom, pink throw cushions brighten the bed.

White and wood fitted wardrobes span one wall.

A unique coffee cup perches on a mid century modern cherry wood bedside table.

A mid century modern table nestles against the end of the bed.

Moving into the bathroom, a black framed vanity unit makes a minimalist statement. An equally simplified bathroom vanity light shines down onto the pristine white countertop.

A black glass vase decorates the end of the vanity.

There is a kids room inside the apartment too, where cute wooden cacti form the handles of a toy cupboard.

More wooden accessories shape the design of the room, along with blue-grey and green elements.

A little llama peeps down from the house framed bunk.

Our next stop is at a playful vintage apartment, in Gdansk, Poland. Cobalt blue and candy apple red accents colour a vibrant living space.

A speaker flanks each side of a solid blue locker style media cabinet. A plant stand adds greenery on top of one speaker, and more plants build revitalising energy throughout the space.

Blue appears even in the tiniest details of the room.

Religious art colours the top of a mid century modern sideboard.

Pink bird figurines peck around the apartment.

Bikes arent always a desirable part of a homes decor, but they are often essential. In this home, the bikes have been made part of the decor by incorporating their colours. A candy apple red bike frame hangs in the living room, and a neon pink and green one hangs in the hallway.

Cobalt blue floor tiles fill the home entryway with geometric pattern.

An unusual glass vase sits on a monochrome dining table runner.

Blue art interrupts plain white walls.

More geometric tile floods the floor of a small bathroom.

The bedroom is a serene light grey, white and wood affair.

An unusual black metal framed bedside unit stands tall beside a monochrome bed set.

A black chair serves the other side of the double bed, opposite a black garment rail.

The full-sized wardrobe is situated at the opposite side of the room, behind handle-free white slab front doors.

An unusual lamp/planter adds interest at the bedside.

The black and white kitchen has a simplified Scandinavian flavour.

Patterned tiles cover the kitchen floor, whilst plain white ones make up the backsplash. A rail hangs a collection of indoor herb planters over the hob. Ducting draws a link between the black kitchen extractor hood and a glossy black fridge freezer, and adds a trendy industrial style element.

Stainless steel containers and kitchen accessories add a cool, casual sheen to the work area.

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