Blue accents bring depth and personality to these two modern apartment interiors, each measuring under 60 square metres (layouts included)

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Our first tour explores a living space that connects with a stylish glass wall bedroom in a coordinated grey, white and wood tone colour scheme. Bolder blue accents strike inside a colour block kitchen, bathroom and entryway. Moving on to home tour number two, we visit the ‘forest house’. Here, green accents are inspired by the trees that surround the home and provide its beautiful views. Blue accents make a rich partnership with the forest green statement walls and furniture, and keep the eye moving around a feature packed space.

Visualizer: Yevheniia Nahorna  

The glass wall bedroom design helps to increase the sense of space in this 59.84 square metre home. The glass feature is also a practical element in sharing natural light from the large living room window.

Beige drapes pull across the bedroom wall to close off the space when desired. Oak bedroom furniture creates a cohesive look with the neighbouring living room furniture.

A mirrored wardrobe reflects the light inside the bedroom, and builds the optical illusion of expanded dimension.

A home workspace is situated up against the outside of the glass bedroom, which establishes a visual divide between the social and private zones of the apartment.

Track lights evenly spread illumination throughout the living room and hallway, whilst dining room pendant lights hang atmospheric mood lighting over the table.

The media wall connects seamlessly into the home workspace setup, with the PC tower slotted up against the modern TV stand. A white desk chair complements the clean white finish of the media unit and wall shelves.

A dark blue accent wall adds depth to the hallway of the home, where a cushioned entryway seat fits below a row of wall hooks.

The kitchen brings the biggest blue accent to the apartment interior, with rich royal blue base cabinets and oven housing unit.

White wall units and a white tile backsplash create light contrast against the darker elements. A colour coordinated soffit tops off the blue kitchen run, creating a wraparound effect.

A modern bathroom vanity adds warming wood tone to the blue bathroom scheme, next to a bold dark blue accent cube.

A rectangular bathroom sink tops the smooth wooden countertop. Black fixtures add weight to the predominantly light room design.

The decorative blue bath panel and tiled vanity backsplash bring energising pattern to the room.

Wood effect tiles complement the modern bathroom vanity unit. A vertical radiator adds a hint of blue to the adjacent grey concrete wall.

Apartment floor plan.

Visualizer: SuitHouse studio  

This 58 square metre project is the Forest Loft. Forest green walls and prussian blue accents fashion a plush interior. A blue sofa is matched by a coordinated barn door, which leads to the bedroom. A rectangle mid century modern style coffee table brings a note of rich wood tone to the centre of the room, whilst grey elements neutralise the surrounding space.

Grey scatter cushions tie the sofa styling with the rug.

Bespoke green cabinets mirror the accent wall colour on the opposite side of the room.

Raw concrete feature walls communicate a cool industrial vibe.

The concrete element continues over the ceiling of the living room, behind modern black track lights.

A forest view comes in at two living room windows, continuing the green accent around the white painted portion of the layout.

Concrete planters bring a piece of nature deeper into the room, decorating a shelving unit in one corner and a live edge bar behind the sofa.

Even the stylish cat house gets a colour coordinated paint job.

In the kitchen, the window sill has been transformed into a sleek breakfast bar, complete with two wooden bar stools.

Green cabinets meld with the green wall and door in the hallway, which are broken by an inviting seating nook that’s backed in attractive wood grain.

A backlit shelving unit rises by the live edge bar design, where glasses and wine bottles shine in the soft glow.

Light bounces across unique stainless steel units around the base of the kitchen, whilst grey concrete effect wall cabinets match the walls.

An open kitchen shelf above the hob introduces a wooden element to the scheme.

Inside the bedroom, a blue tufted headboard enriches the grey concrete decor.

A grey interior door and two concrete effect wardrobes blend into the walls and ceiling of the space. A black ceiling fan with light coordinates with stark black metal shelving units at either side of the platform bed.

A green statement wall extends the forest greenery around the foot of the bed.

The platform bed brings a solid wooden accent into the cool scheme.

White marble adds luxe to a small powder room.

The main bathroom is situated off the master bedroom. White marble tiles envelop every inch of the room, including the face of a fitted bathtub and a concealed cistern setup. Industrial style bathroom shelves and a rustic towel ladder add in warming wood accents to counterbalance the cool effect of the tile.

Dark grey cabinets and a matching interior door stand out starkly against the light backdrop.

The apartment floor plan illustrates the layout of the two bathrooms, with the powder room situated by the home entryway.

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