Adaptable Shelving: Trendy Trio of Modular Shelves and Cabinets All in Wood!

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In the modern home, space is the most important commodity. This is truer in case of urban apartments and suburban residences where every inch matters. One easy way to maximize limited space is to turn to all the vertical room on offer. Wall-mounted décor does just that as it frees up floor space and gives the tiny interiors a visually airy appeal. Shelves and cabinets are the most obvious choices in this category, and they can be used pretty much in any room of the house with ease. What makes this idea even better are modular shelves that bring along with them a whole new world of possibilities!

Combine César & Fanny shelves tastefully to create a fabulous focal point in the living space

There are several modular shelves out there that you might already be aware of. But these smart and space-savvy additions also enhance the aesthetics of your home when they are crafted using wood. Wooden shelves bring visual and textural contrast to the polished modern interior. Combining this timeless warmth of wood with contemporary design, here are three charming modular shelves that win you over with sheer ingenuity –

Playful Brilliance of César & Fanny

César & Fanny are closed wall-mounted wooden cabinets unlike anything else you have ever seen before. Those striking and cute cabinets have custom wooden doors that have been crafted by Desormeaux/Carrette Studio that borrow their form from the little fences around poopy fields. With rounded wooden edges, the doors add both geometric and textural contrast to pretty much any room that they sit in. Combine this with a matching credenza from the same collection and you have a dashing, space-savvy décor collection that makes plenty of impact. With French artisanal charm and a hint of color, there is plenty to fall in love here!

Masterfully rounded wooden edges of the shelf door ring back images of beautiful picket fences
Modern wooden floating shelves inspired by fences found around poppy fields
A beautiful matching buffet for your unique wall-mounted shelves that are just picture-perfect
Closer look at the buffet with door that steal the spotlight
Gorgeous César & Fanny collection brings a touch of old world charm to modern homes!

Magnetic Charisma of GATE

Looking for a super-sleek, modular shelving unit that can be opened and closed depending on your needs? Then GATE is absolutely perfect for you! Ultra-cool and contemporary, these shelves were designed by Artem Zakharchenko-Halytskyi in ash wood and also use a steel frame. Each of the wooden blades is fixed to the frame and the overall structure can be either enhanced or reduced based on what you need in your home. The entire unit has a system of magnets that allows you to open and close the shelves with a mere touch. Many compositions and even more decorating choices await with GATE…

GATE modular shelving system made using wood, metal and magnets
Modular shelves designed by Artem Zakharchenko-Halytskyi
Flexible and folding wooden shelves can be arranged in different configurations
Adaptable GATE shelving units can be used in spaces beyond the living area
Sleek wooden shelves can be folded away when they are not in use
Closer look at the details that shape the GATE modular system

Timeless Open Boxes

Unlike GATE and Cesar & Fanny, you might not be able to buy these bespoke wooden shelves in the market, but you can still easy create them at home. Made from solid oak wood by Martins | Afonso atelier de design, these simple and yet immensely useful box-styled shelves were created for a project they undertook in France. It is their unassuming appearance, flexibility in form and ease with which they can be placed anywhere that make them such a big hit. If you happen to be competent with carpentry DIY projects or know a local expert who can get these done, then by all means get things started as soon as possible. Repeating the wood used for the shelves elsewhere in the living room or the kitchen accentuates their visual impact further.

Collection of boxes made from solid oak wood in the living room
Smart box-like bookshelves in the backdrop blend into the backdrop
Space-savvy wooden boxes made from oak can fit in pretty much anywhere
Repeating the wood in rest of the living room gives the room a more curated look

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