A Luxury Interior For Art Connoisseurs (With Floor Plan)

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Inspired by the homeowner’s love for modern art, this luxurious apartment interior in Kyiv was shaped as a unique, private art gallery. Visualised by IQOSA Architect, the space is designed to ensure that every art object looks completely organic in its position. Decor materials and interior design solutions make smooth interaction with the art, whilst also building a home that is unique and eye-catching in its own right. Luxe white marble carves out stunning feature walls, a gorgeous stone dining island and an enviable ensuite bathroom. Furniture is modern and high-end. Wood flooring is fabulously on-trend with a bold geometric motif, whilst luxurious rugs overlay intricate woven trims.

A cover of flat white paint serves as the perfect gallery base for the home of these art connoisseurs. Areas of natural wood tone gently warm the cool and airy aesthetic. Brighter colour comes in the form of duck-egg accent cushions on the sofa, and in matching lounge accent chairs.

The modular sofa design draws a two-sided seating arrangement around the luxurious living room. One side faces into a nesting coffee table set and pair of lounge chairs to create a conversational setting. The opposite side of the sofa is situated to take in the city centre views of Kyiv.

A floating tv stand is mounted onto fabulous marble TV wall decor. The marble panels scoop a fluted feature that beautifully catches natural light from the living room windows.

A commanding modern sculpture fills the corner of the lounge area, where it overlooks the couch. At the centre of the room, a luxurious living room rug sets a woven trim against a stunning wooden geometric floor treatment.

Square coffee tables stamp golden lustre into the core of the light decor scheme. Round coffee tables overlay punchy black additions.

The living room chair duo back onto a sleek white marble kitchen island with an attached dining table.

The dining table stands on a textured marble support.

The textured marble table frame attractively contrasts with a smooth edged tabletop.

Grey upholstered dining chairs form gently curved silhouettes alongside the harsher lines of the kitchen installation, creating a shapely balance.

A statement dining room chandelier makes a sculptural addition above the eating area.

A full-length mirror encases a structural column, which visually increases the sense of open space in the room and reflects natural light.

The table centrepiece is an artistically sculpted glass vase and fruit bowl set with a luxe golden shimmer.

A wall of bronze kitchen units subtly shade the back of the room.

Dual aspect, floor-to-ceiling windows flood the entire living space with daylight.

Open kitchen shelving spans a lightbox backsplash.

The hallway of the home is wrapped in the visual warmth of natural wood grain, which makes a textural mount for wall art. Matching interior doors are hidden within the panels, and built-in storage cabinets are camouflaged along one whole wall.

A unique marble bench furnishes the atmospheric hallway, where LED light strips shine soft mood lighting.

Directional spotlights highlight works of art.

The focussed lighting scheme and muted acoustics of the wood-lined hallway evoke a quiet art gallery feel.

The second lounge area stands secluded from the main open plan living area, creating a snug space. A magical lighting installation sets a glamorous mood.

The bedroom is very generously proportioned with an open plan ensuite bathroom design.

A dark grey bedroom rug is perfectly shade-matched with the upholstered platform bed.

Bronze panels and striking natural stone line a distinctive headboard feature wall. Unique bedroom pendant lights descend as a duo over a bedside unit.

A modern vanity table is situated by the bedroom window to benefit from the influx of light.

A plush grey vanity chair coordinates with the luxury bedroom rug.

The bedside units present different designs and silhouettes to build interest in the bedroom layout.

A large glass table lamp provides reading light.

The luxury bedroom suite also boasts a walk-in wardrobe, which is custom-fitted with full-height closets.

A grey upholstered bench provides comfortable seating at the centre of the stylish space.

The ensuite bathroom design is a clean cocoon of white marble slabs.

A freestanding bathtub takes the spotlight in centre stage of a raised platform floor.

Fluted glass doors seal off the shower area and the WC.

Vertical towel bars thread darkly contrasting accents down the white bathroom walls.

A freestanding bath tap stands near the edge of the bathroom platform, making it convenient to set the bath running whilst on route to choose the day’s outfit from the walk-in closet.

At the back of the ensuite bathroom, a double sink vanity unit floats lighting across the front of two full-length vanity mirrors.

Recessed spotlights distribute even illumination from the white marble ceiling.

Backlit mirrors provide focussed task lighting at the bathroom vanity area.

Inside the water closet, the streamlined white marble decor scheme continues seamlessly. A wall hung toilet leaves the limited floor space clear.

Next door to the WC, the shower enclosure is spacious and bright. A ceiling-mounted rainfall showerhead makes a deluxe addition.

On the initial floor plan, we see how the second lounge/snug was originally intended as a twin bedroom. We can also see that guest bathroom facilities are located just off the home entryway, and can fully observe the generous scale of the master ensuite.

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