A Great Electric Fireplace Will Heat and Class Up Any Room in Your House

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An electric fireplace combines the warmth and visual splendor of a traditional fireplace with the convenience of a modern appliance.

Visually, it’s a fireplace with flickering lights and/or logs to resemble the fire of a traditional fireplace. Then there’s a separate heating element that puts dry heat out through vents.

Though there is something lost without the actual flames and cracks and pops, not having to deal with a chimney, and the associated heat loss, smoke or ash make electric fireplaces much easier to keep and use.

But the best electric fireplace will offer more than the convenience of no clean-up. Because it runs on electricity, you control the amount and duration of heat and exactly how much energy you use. That can save you a lot of money on heating in the long run. Plus, if you’re replacing a traditional fireplace, you’ll never have to buy wood again.

But before you go carving up your brick wall for an electric fireplace, we should study up on electric fireplace basics.

What kinds of features should I look out for in an electric fireplace?

  • Convenience: Electric fireplaces can plug into any home outlet and they don’t produce any ash, soot or waste of any kind. While burning wood is awesome, the clean-up, danger of live fire, wasted energy and lack of control are not.
  • Energy efficiency: Some electric fireplaces feature high-power and low-power settings so you can choose to use less power and less heat.
  • Temperature control: Being able to control the temperature is always nice because you can turn the heat down if you’re overheating a space. On the other hand, single-temp fireplaces have to be shut off if they’re overheating a room.
  • Flame control: The flames in the electric fireplaces are basically light. Some electric fireplaces offer flame color, speed and brightness controls so you can customize the fire to your mood.
  • Remote control: Every electric fireplace will have controls built into the unit, but being able to operate the fireplace from afar, say in bed, with a remote control is the ultimate little luxury.
  • Plug-in vs hardwire: Most electric fireplaces plug into standard outlets, but if you’re planning on putting the fireplace in the same place for a long time, you might want to seek out an option that can be hardwired.
  • Heat zone: You want to make sure to get an electric fireplace with decent BTUs, basically the ability to produce heat. You’ll also want to check how many square feet of space the fireplace can heat if it’s listed. Naturally, these two things will be related. Some fireplaces also let you control how fast heat gets blown out, which will decrease heat-up time.
  • Aesthetics: You want to make sure the fireplace will blend into your home in the right way. Do you want logs or some kind of glass door? Maybe you’re going more for the long, flat, boardroom type of electric fireplace. Would you like your electric fireplace to make fire sounds? Though all electric fireplaces share some basic features, they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Unless you’re getting a portable electric fireplace, you’ll want to keep the room getting the fireplace in mind when buying.
  • Safety: Even though there’s no fire, anytime something is producing heat there is some risk of fire, like, if the fireplace tipped over. Some electric fireplaces have timers, sleep modes or other auto-shutoff features so you can turn the heat off if you’re not able to monitor it or don’t have a remote. Some also have overheat prevention and will turn off if they reach a certain temperature. If your electric fireplace has a glass pane or door, it should be heat-resistant to some extent and remain cool during use. That typically isn’t a problem because there’s no actual fire.

What kinds of electric fireplaces can I buy?

  • Wall-mounted: Some electric fireplaces can be mounted on walls just like TVs. Some options can also free stand. Just be sure you get the right-sized electric fireplace to suit the wall.
  • Portable: Portable electric fireplaces have little feet to stand and can easily be picked up and moved around from room to room. As long as there’s a standard outlet, you can plug them in.
  • Built-in / Insert: These make for great replacements for traditional fireplaces because they pop into the space where the logs and fire used to go. Like wall-mount electric fireplaces, be sure you get the right size and make sure there’s a wall outlet nearby or preferably in the wall space.

Now that you’ve got the basics, check out our favorite electric fireplaces below.


1. PuraFlame Klaus Electric Fireplace Insert


Insertable fireplaces are probably the best and easiest way to replace a traditional fireplace because they’re meant to occupy the same space as your previous fireplace. The PuraFlame Klaus Electric Fireplace Insert is an excellent option if you’re looking to replace an old fireplace. It slots right into the wall space, can rest on the floor and plugs into a standard outlet for power.

This fireplace also boasts three flame settings, with controllable intensity and brightness for that low burning ember ambiance or the appearance of a roaring fire. The electric fireplace also features temperature control so you can up or down the heat as you like and comes with a remote control for convenience. And if you just want the fire without the heat for the light and appearance, you can always use the fireplace without heat.

In terms of appearance, this electric fireplace also tries quite hard to resemble a real one. The glass doors and mesh screen add to the realness and the glass makes the light look a bit more like an actual fire at first blush. It also features resin logs and a faux brick background, so only people looking close will be able to tell it’s an insert. Lastly, it also makes use of a fire-crackling sound to really augment the realness.

best electric fireplace - PureFlame Klaus electric flireplace insert

Buy: PuraFlame Klaus Electric Fireplace Insert $469.99


2. R.W. Flame Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace


A wall-mounted electric fireplace opens up your possibilities in a way an inserted electric fireplace cannot, though it tries less to replace your traditional fireplace and be more of its own thing. For someone with the right know-how, you can mount this onto or into really any kind of structure you can make as long as it’s secured or a recessed spot in a wall. The R.W. Flame Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace can be a great, not too pricey option if you’re considering multiple locations for the fireplace, and it comes with everything you need to put it on a wall.

It looks sleek and modern, and it’s fairly large at 50 inches long and 18 inches tall, so it’ll fill up any room with heat and lovely fire visuals. It features a touch screen as well as a remote to manage the controls. And there is a surprising amount to control: You can adjust the flame speed, the flame brightness and choose from 12 different flame colors for both the bed and the flames themselves. You can use 1500W for more heat or 750W to save on energy, and a quiet fan helps send the heat out into the room to quicken heating times.

On the downsides, it’s only rated to heat 400 square feet, though some users found it more than sufficient to heat larger spaces. Overall, this R.W. Flame electric fireplace looks cool, is fairly easy to use and install, and plugs into a standard outlet for power. With just a couple of hours of work, you’ll have a lot more heat and ambiance to your favorite room without breaking the bank.

electric fireplace - R.W. Flame 50-inch wall-mounted electric fireplace with remote

Buy: R.W. Flame Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace $369.99


3. Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace


If you plan on moving your electric fireplace from room to room, you’ll want to invest in something more portable. The Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace punches above its weight for a compact, nice-looking, portable electric fireplace. In terms of appearance, the metal fireplace closely resembles a traditional hearth, with some fake resin logs and a glass-paneled door. But it’s a heck of a lot easier to use and manage than anything that actually burns fuel. You can adjust the flame color, brightness, and speed, operate the pretty realistic-looking fire with or without heat and safely use it knowing it’ll turn itself off automatically if it starts to overheat. Even better, if the room’s getting hot and you don’t want to get up, just turn it off with the included remote.

You can control it through the included remote or the touchpad on the unit, which has a digital temperature control so you can set the heat precisely to your liking. Lastly, the top of the fireplace doesn’t get hot, which means it can make for a great side table against a wall.

best electric fireplace - Bronze Duraflame electric fireplace

Buy: Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace $239.99


4. Valuxhome Electric Fireplace


If you’re looking for a fireplace to take over a room, you might consider the largest model of the wall-mountable Valuxhome Electric Fireplace. The 74-inch long model is one of the longest options we found, but it’s got all the standard features you’d expect in a solid electric fireplace besides its size. It can heat from 71 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit and features low (750W) and high (1500W) power settings as well as adjustable top lights, flames colors, and flames bed colors. All of that can be controlled through the touchscreen or the included remote. Thankfully for safety purposes, you can set timers from one hour to nine hours and the fireplace will turn off itself if it’s overheating.

What’s also kind of cool about this is the inclusion of both logs and crystals, so you can choose the flame bed you want, or use both. If you prefer the design and way the fire looks on this Valuxhome Electric Fireplace, you can always downgrade all the way down to the 36-inch-long model.

Valuxhome 74-inch wall-mounted electric fireplace

Buy: Valuxhome Electric Fireplace $999.99


5. Home Decorators Collection Cecily Media Console Electric Fireplace


Most of the options we’ve covered so far are standalone electric fireplaces, but it might be more convenient for your home to get an actual piece of furniture that includes an electric fireplace. The Home Decorators Collection Cecily Media Console Electric Fireplace makes for a classy selection. The console has two drawers, two cupboards, a shelf for any media devices, and a space for the insert electric fireplace, all enclosed by a combination of rich brown cherry-finished wood and laminate. The fireplace itself runs on 1,500W, has four flame level settings, can be operated without heat and includes a remote. We should also note that all fake logs look fake, but that the logs here are some of the most realistic-looking logs we’ve seen.

The one obvious downside is the price. You’re getting a high-powered electric fireplace in a console that uses some actual hardwood, and there’s no way around the fact that that costs money. There is also some assembly required and the naming is somewhat misleading because the electric fireplace itself is 42 inches long while the whole console is 72 inches long. But if you’re looking for a more permanent addition to your home with a fireplace baked into it, you can do so much worse than the Cecily Media Console Electric Fireplace.

Home Decorators Collection Cecily rich brown cherry media console with electric fireplace

Buy: Home Decorators Collection Cecily Media Console Electric Fireplace $799.00


6. Cambridge 20-inch Freestanding Electric Fireplace


For an electric fireplace that looks a little different than most offerings, you can check out the Cambridge 20-inch Freestanding Electric Fireplace. There’s something appealing about the look of this freestanding fireplace, with its curved display, as though you’d see it in the same room as an Eames Lounge Chair.

But it’s also just a solid electric fireplace. It’s easy to use and install, features two heat settings and a touchpad and remote to control the heat and flame intensity. Built-in timers and overheat protection round out the safety features to make this Cambridge electric fireplace an overall great option.

Cambridge 20-inch Freestanding Electric Fireplace

Buy: Cambridge 20-inch Freestanding Electric Fireplace $202.56


7. Ameriwood Cleavland Electric Fireplace TV Stand


If you’re all about a unique-looking electric fireplace then you will love the Ameriwood Cleavland Electric Fireplace TV Stand. The console itself is just under 65 inches long with space in the middle for a 23-inch electric fireplace insert, but it’s the sci-fi-looking fireplace and color scheme that will really get you.

The stand uses a mix of gray laminated particleboard, MDF and hollow-core construction with metal feet and glass shelving and a blue light illuminate the shelving for a decidedly futuristic take on a fireplace TV stand. Of course, you can expect the fireplace to have adjustable flame brightness, flames with or without heat, flames that can change color, timers and a remote control, so it’s as useful and easy-to-use as the TV stand itself.

Ameriwood Cleavland electric fireplace TV stand

Buy: Ameriwood Cleavland Electric Fireplace TV Stand $492.50


8. Ameriwood Home Farmington Electric Fireplace TV Console


Want a fireplace that doubles as a spot to place your TV? The Ameriwood Home Farmington Electric Fireplace TV Console is a multi-functional unit that is made to last thanks to its durable exterior of laminated MDF and particleboard. Designed to hold TVs up to 50” (there’s also a larger option that can hold 60” TVs), the Farmington provides a TV console, storage, and can heat a room that is up to 400 square feet in size.

The Farmington comes with a remote control for ease of use and can also be purchased with a matching nightstand for living rooms and bedrooms. The mid-sized unit is available in four stunning neutral finishes and uses LED lights that give off a realistic flame aesthetic for up to 50,000 hours.

Ameriwood Home Farmington Electric Fireplace TV Console Buy: Ameriwood Home Farmington Electric Fireplace TV Console $265.76

9. TURBRO Suburbs TS17 Compact Electric Fireplace Stove


Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you need to give up on adding an electric fireplace with traditional design elements. The TURBRO Suburbs TS17 Compact Electric Fireplace Stove is ideal for small apartments, homes, and rooms, measuring 15 by 18 by 18 inches. With 4,777 BTUs of power, the Turbo still outputs plenty of heat to warm up a small room and it can also be used solely with the flame effect. Designed with the heating element on the bottom of the unit, the Turbo’s body is cool to the touch and safe for homes with pets and small children.

Easy and safe to use, the Turbo features overheat protection and is CSA certified. The control knob is conveniently placed on the top of the fireplace and enables users to turn on the fireplace and choose their desired temperature. Weighing only 13 pounds, arriving assembled, and emitting a gentle 37 dBA of noise, the Turbo is a compact, user-friendly electric fireplace.

TURBRO Suburbs TS17 Compact Electric Fireplace Stove Buy: TURBRO Suburbs TS17 Compact Electric Fireplace Stove $95.81

10. Comfort Glow ELCG251 Electric Log Heater Insert with Flame Projection


If you already have a fireplace but don’t want to deal with cleaning the ducts, stocking wood, tending to real flames, and all the other work and safety issues that can come from an actual fire, you’ll want to check out the Comfort Glow ELCG251 Electric Log Heater Insert with Flame Projection. The faux flames and logs fit perfectly inside a pre-existing fireplace or can be used on their own. The Comfort Glow can be used with or without heat for year-round enjoyment and boast 1500 Watts of power.

Using energy-efficient LED bulbs, the Comfort Glow has five levels of brightness to help set the mood or brighten a room. Arriving fully assembled, Comfort Glow can provide a heating source using 4,600 BTUs of fanned air.

Comfort Glow ELCG251 Electric Log Heater Insert with Flame Projection Buy: Comfort Glow ELCG251 Electric Log Heater Insert with Flame Projection $138.69

11. CCC Comfort Zone Mini Ceramic, Electric Fireplace Stove


If adding a heat source to your home is the most important factor in your search for an electric fireplace, you will want to check out the CCC Comfort Zone Mini Ceramic, Electric Fireplace Stove. The portable fireplace weighs only 5.33 pounds and has a built-in handle, making it easy to move the fireplace between rooms where warm air is most needed. With 1200 Watts of power, the CCC Comfort Zone has two heat settings and users can also opt to enjoy the look of the flames without any heat output.

Built with safety in mind, the CCC Comfort Zone has a cool-touch body and overheat protection with an auto-shutoff. Available in several colors, the electric fireplace arrives fully assembled and ready to start warming rooms and creating a relaxing aesthetic immediately.

CCC Comfort Zone Mini Ceramic, Electric Fireplace Stove Buy: CCC Comfort Zone Mini Ceramic, Electric Fireplace Stove $39.97

12. Clarabelle Double Door Rustic Electric Fireplace


For a fireplace that doubles as an entertainment center, we like the Clarabelle Double Door Rustic Electric Fireplace. The Clarabelle is large enough to hold a TV up to 65” in size and can handle 150 pounds on its top surface. The Clarabelle also comes with double-sided, concealed storage, with the shelves able to hold up to 30 pounds each. The Clarabelle is an all-season electric fireplace, with users able to choose between flames with and without heat (the fireplace has a maximum heat output of 4,600 BTUs).

The farmhouse style of the Clarabelle is available in five wood finishes and made from a durable MDF core and laminate surface that is easy to wipe clean. We also like the rustic aesthetic of the metal hinges that will add to your room’s décor.

Clarabelle Double Door Rustic Electric Fireplace Buy: Clarabelle Double Door Rustic Electric Fireplace $559.99

13. HearthPro Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove


Get the ‘real’ fireplace feel with the HearthPro Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove, which allows users to open the glass doors and enjoy added warmth and a more realistic look. The five-sided electric fireplace can fit in small to medium rooms, while still boasting an impressive amount of supplemental heat up to 1,000 square feet thanks to 5,000 BTUs of power.

A great option for those looking for a traditional aesthetic, the HearthPro is available in black or dark red and stands 28” tall, creating an impressive impact even in large spaces. The HearthPro arrives fully assembled and thanks to its five glass windows, users can enjoy the gentle flickering lights from just about anywhere in the room.

HearthPro Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove Buy: HearthPro Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove $209.99

14. Lianna Electric Fireplace by Darby Home Co.


For a fireplace that comes with built-in storage and still boasts a large heating area, we like the Lianna Electric Fireplace by Darby Home Co. The Lianna can be used as a bookcase, an area for displaying pictures, and even a buffet for large gatherings. Energy-efficient LED lightbulbs help to light up the logs and flames inside the Lianna, which comes with a remote control that allows for five levels of adjustment for the simulated fire.

The Lianna can provide heating up to 150 square feet and is ideal for homes with young children and pets since the glass pane remains cool to the touch. We also like that the Lianna can be enjoyed with the look and aesthetic of flames and no heat, making it an excellent option for use during warmer months as well as chilly days. The Lianna does require some assembly and weighs just over 130 pounds, so two people should work to install the unit together.

Lianna Electric Fireplace by Darby Home Co. Buy: Lianna Electric Fireplace by Darby Home Co. $959.99

15. PanoGlow 3D Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace


For a cozy fireplace that features a unique dimension, we like the PanoGlow 3D Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace. The PanoGlow has an exposed exterior panorama front with a three-sided glass display that adds a touch of modern elegance to the traditional fireplace. A great fit for any décor, the PanoGlow also includes a traditional wood-like frame in a soft, neutral brown that will match most living rooms. Boasting a 5,200 BTU heater, the PanoGlow can heat a room up to 1,000 square feet, using infrared heat that will keep rooms from drying out.

Users will enjoy the 3D flame effect technology and being able to customize their fireplace experience thanks to the five adjustable settings for color, brightness, and FAN speed. The bottom of the PanoGlow is finished with casters that make moving the fireplace simple. The PanoGlow arrives fully assembled and includes several convenient safety features, including automatic timers that can be set between 30 minutes and nine hours.

PanoGlow 3D Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace Buy: PanoGlow 3D Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace $209.00

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