A chandelier crafted from chicken coop mesh and a leather stool made from fish skin are among the pieces showcased in this exhibition of Dutch designers organised by Ventura Projects and Colony.

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Rick Tegelaar moulded chicken wire into a light fixture, accented with gold trim, to create Meshmatics Chandelier
Dutch Design is a joint exhibition curated by Margriet Vollenberg, founder of Ventura Projects, and Jean Lin, who runs New York design collective Colony.

The showcase presents the work of seven designers from The Netherlands at Colony's New York showroom, with each exploring unconventional fabrication methods.
Made by Rain, a ceramic collection by Aliki van der Kruijs ,features a pattern created by actual raindrops, in various shades of blue
It forms the latest showcase produced by Ventura projects, which is behind the annual Ventura Lambrate and Ventura Centrale during Milan Design Week. The company has brought a similar showcase to New York's annual design week in recent years – including a presentation of objects by 14 Dutch designers.

"As a whole, the presented collection is the result of experimental research where production methods directly influence form and function of the created objects without obscuring their beauty," the curators said.
Studio Jeroen pieced together leftover veneer to manufacture a small cabinet and moulded plaster to create vases
Among the designs are a set of woven sculptural panels that design Rick Tegelaar creating using a 3D print-like technique that irons Colback fibres onto a non-woven Colback material. Another piece by Tegelaar, the Meshmatics Chandelier, moulds chicken wire to create a light fixture that reflects light in various directions.

Alissa + Nienke also designed panels, partitions, window coverings and sculptures that play with the movement of light. The studio researched the materiality of stainless steel for Mirabilia Metal, a surface that changes its appearance depending on one's perspective.

"The fold-out pattern catches light from all directions, creating a lively surface when you walk around it or move it," Alissa + Nienke said.

Dutch Design also exhibits hand-woven cushions and wall coverings by textile designer Aleksandra Gaca in variety of colours that feature a ribbed texture.
Hanging pendants and colourful glassware made by Studio Kalff also feature in the exhibit
"Weaving is an ancient technology," Gaca said. "I like to honour the emotional, deeply human quality of woven textiles while constantly pushing the boundaries of the industry."

Blankets woven with mohair, linen and cotton that mimic the touch of skin by Nienke Hoogvliet also experiment with textile fabrication. She also used fish skins to create a tanned leather to upholster a small stool.
Nienke Hoogvliet wove mohair, linen and cotton to create these blankets that mimic the texture of skin and crafted fish skin into leather to form a small stool
Aliki van der Kruijs, a textile designer by trade, showcases experimental ceramic work in the collection. The idea for Made by Rain porcelain came from her fabric of the same name, which uses the print of actual raindrops to create a pattern.
Woven sculptural panels by Tegelaar use a 3-D print technique that irons Colback fibres onto a non-woven Colback material
Other items on exhibit include Studio Kalff's colourful glassware and a sturdy shelving unit that Studio Jeroen Wand constructed using leftover veneer.

Dutch Design is on display at the Colony 324 Canal St, 2nd Fl in New York from 12 September to 20 December.
Alissa + Nienke designed panels, partitions, window coverings and sculptures that play with the movement of light
Colony is a design collective that was founded by trend forecaster Jean Lin in 2014. Previous exhibits have included a presentation of designers works hacked by artists, tapestries and home products, and a politically charged furniture and lighting installation.

Photography is by Jason Wyche.

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