65 Home Library Design Ideas With Stunning Visual Effect

65 Home Library Design Ideas With Stunning Visual Effect

Having a home library seems so classy and distinguished. In fact, that image of a room with antique furniture and lots of books, a desk, and sliding doors is not the only type of interior design a home library can have. So try to distance yourself from the cliches and come up with your own innovative ideas. We thought we could be helpful, so we’ve gathered 65 home library ideas you might like.

Home Library Designs To Suit Every Size of Room

1. Have high ceilings? Use a ladder

Traditional home library with dark-stained wooden furniture and ornate details

>2. Use the staircase walls as bookcases

Use the staircase walls as bookcases and you’ll get a unique library design

by Eric Roth

3. A Symmetrical Library Design

The symmetry of the layout and design makes this space feel imposing

by Dan Mayers

4. A Colorful Library Ladder

Your home library can be a simple reading corner with bookshelves that go up to the ceiling

5. A Professional Home Office for Working From Home

Your home library can also be your home office and you can make it look professional

by Peter A

6. Place Bookshelves Above Your Door

Don’t waste any space and put up bookshelves above the door

by Magle

7. Cover an Entire Wall with Books

You can have an entire wall covered with shelves and books

by  David Duncan Livingston

8. A Practical Ladder for a Large Library

The ladder is both a practical and fashionable accessory

by Tim Street-Porter

9. Turn An Interior Staircase Wall Into A Bookcase

If you decide to turn the interior staircase wall into a bookcase then you’ll definitely need a ladder

by Slic Interiors

10. A Home Library in a Media Room

This home library is also a media room and the mood lighting gives it a mysterious feel

11. Include A Desk In Your Bookcase Wall

Combine functions and include a desk in your bookcase wall

12. Display Your Books Above a Door To Make the Most of Your Space

In a room with high ceilings, the space above the door is perfect for displaying books

by Louise Lakier

13. A Tall Bookshelf System In An Open Floor Space

A tall bookshelf system can be easily included in an open floor space

14. Create A Cozy Reading Nook In A Window Wall

Turn the window wall into a cozy reading nook with bookshelves on either side

by Kazart Photography

15. Fix The Ladder To The Bookcase Wall

Fixate the ladder to the bookcase wall so you can easily move it around

by Rob Karosis Photography

The high ceilings give the home library a professional and classical look. They remind us of the public libraries with bookshelves that go up to the ceiling and you would need a ladder to reach them. That’s exactly what you should do. A ladder can look interesting in a home library and it also allows you to use all the space available for storage.

16. Bookshelves Under The Stairs

The area underneath the stairs is small but cozy enough to be a reading corner

by Griffin Enright Architects

17. Cubbies Built Into The Staircase Wall

Cubbies built into the staircase wall can be perfect for storing and displaying books

by Reid Rolls

18. Transform The Window Under Your Staircase Into A Cozy Reading Nook

Turn the window under the staircase into a cozy reading nook with built-in bookshelves

by Hand Werk

If you’re lacking the space for a home library then you can improvise. Don’t bother combining functions and including bookcases in your living room’s design when you have a staircase. The space under the stairs or even the staircase walls are perfect for this purpose.

19. Home Office Libraries

The antique furniture and the fireplace give this office an old-fashioned look

20. A Gray Home Office Library

Gray is a beautiful color for a bookcase, allowing the actual books to stand outdoors

21. An Open Plan Home Office With a Library

A home office/library doesn’t necessarily have to be an enclosed room

22. A Home Office with a Sitting Area

If it’s spacious enough, a home office can also accommodate a sitting area

by Leonas Garbacauskas

23. A Casual Yet Professional Home Office

Casual in the front and professional in the back with elegant accents in between

24. An Elegant Wood Office with a Library

The wood really makes this home office look imposing and also elegant

25. A Traditional Home Office With A Library

A traditional home office or library looks similar to a living room

When you think about it, home offices and home libraries have lots of common. So why not combine the two into a single space? You could have a desk, a reading corner, a tall bookcase and plenty of storage space. Turn this room into your sanctuary and work space.

26. Reading Rooms

A floor lamp is a must-have in any reading room

by Lee Jean-Gilles

27. A Comfy Sofa for Reading and a Nap Area

Make the space feel comfortable with a sectional sofa and maybe even a nap area

by Lincoln Barbour

28. A Beautiful Spot to Read and Admire the Views

Let your mind run wild as you admire the views and come up with your own scenarios

by Robert Benson

29. An Attic Reading Room

The attic is a perfect place for a cozy reading room

30. A Reading Sanctuary in Your Home Office

Your home office can also be your reading sanctuary. Love the Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair

by Practically Studios

31. Turn Any Free Space Into a Reading Corner

Any little free space can be turned into a reading corner

32. Add Two Reading Armchairs to Any Space

Have two armchairs, in case someone wants to join you

33. An Ottoman Instead Of A Coffee Table

An ottoman can be a lovely coffee table replacement as well as a comfy footstool

by Aaron Leitz Photography

34. Give the Ceiling a Magical Makeover

Paint the ceiling to make the room feel even more magical and classy

by Jauregui Architect

35. Create a Reading Corner in Your Family Room

Organize a separate area in the family room where you can spend some time with your favorite book

by archia Homes.

36. Practical Open Shelves To Make Your Room Seem Bigger

Open shelves make a room seem more spacious and they’re also very practical

37. Add Cheerful Wallpaper to Brighten Up Any Space

Personalize this space with some cheerful wallpaper

by Annie Schlechter

38. Use Dark-Stained Wood for a More Traditional Look

Choose a cohesive, traditional look and use dark-stained wood throughout

by Mariko Reed 

39. Add Bold Artwork or Furniture to Any Space

Add a touch of color to the room with some artwork or bold furniture

by Jacob Termansen Photography

I used to love reading books so I can understand why someone would want to have a reading room in their home. It doesn’t have to be a big space. A tiny room with bookshelves on the side walls and a cozy sofa or chair in between would be just perfect. Choose a book, sit down and enter the mysterious world of imagination.

40. An Upstairs Home Library

Also, you’ll be able to admire it from downstairs

by  Josh and Neal

41. Create a Unique Display With Open Shelves

Install some open shelves and create an interesting display

In a loft, a hallway is formed as you go up the stairs and reach the top floor. That space is perfect for a home library or reading area. Just think about it: some bookshelves on the wall and an armchair or a bench would turn that space into an extra room.

42. Modern Home Libraries

The library/ reading area is raised off the floor and it becomes a separate space

by Griffin Enright Architects

43. Floor-To-Ceiling Glass Walls For More Light in Any Room

The floor-to-ceiling glass wall provides panoramic views of the outdoors

by Jim Bartsch Photography

44. Brown Décor for a Simple yet Classy Look

Brown can be modern too as long as the décor is simple

by Markash Design

45. Create a Home Library in Your Entryway

Use the walls which normally remain empty such as on the entryway area

by Moshi Gitelis

46. Create An Intimate Reading And Sitting Area

Turn part of your living room into a more intimate reading and sitting area

by Benvenuti and Stein

That typical traditional design we all have in mind with wood panels on the walls and brown all over the room doesn’t really apply to modern interior designs. If you want a home library in your modern home, then you’ll have to get creative. It can be an open space off the living room or it can be a cozy corner with access to the terrace.

47. Bookshelves Above The Door

You can install shelves above the door in any room of the house

48. Make The Most of Even the Smallest Spaces When Adding a Home Library

It’s a great way of saving space in your home office

49. Install Bookshelves In The Kitchen Or Hallway

You can even install bookshelves in the kitchen or in the hallway

50. Design A Wall Unit To Suit Your Space>

Design a wall unit that goes all the way to the ceiling and frames the doors

51. Create a Seamless Home Makeover

Such a design also allows you to create a more cohesive interior décor

by Rob Karosis

52. Make the Most of Smaller Rooms With a Home Library

A wonderful idea for small rooms without lots of space for storage

by Julie Ranee 

The space above the doors is perfect for installing bookshelves. It normally remains empty so, if you want to save space, this would be a great way to do it. Of course, in case you have lots of books, you’ll also need a wall. The shelves will be impossible to reach so you’ll need a ladder, another ineresting décor element to put in your home.

53. Vertical Bookcases

Organize a library around a column in your living space

by edritger

54. Add Vertical Bookcases to the Corners of a Room

Vertical bookcases are easy to fit in any space and they look great in the corner of a room

by Universal Joint

55. Add a Vertical Bookcase in the Center of Your Reading Room

Create a cozy sitting/ reading corner with a vertical bookcase in the center

by Mary Prince

56. Store Books in Your Wall Unit or Closet

Find space for it in your wall unit or closet

by Curtis Martin

57. Pair Multiple Units To Make A Centerpiece For Your Room

You can pair multiple units to create a focal point in the room

Although usually a bookcase or bookshelf is long and sometimes even runs the length of a room, this doesn’t mean it’s the only way to do things. How about a vertical bookcase instead? It can be something as simple as a niche in your wall unit or a series of wall-mounted shelves. You can find lots of ways to include such a piece in your home.

58. Bedroom Libraries

You can use the wall behind your bed, although an earthquake would ruin your night

by Michael J Lee Photography

59. Any Wall Can Be a Bookshelf

Any wall in the bedroom should be ok for a bookcase

by Whit Preston

60. Install Bookshelves Above and Around The Windows

Save space and install bookshelves above and around the windows

61. A Room Divider to Store Books

A room divider would nicely solve the problem

by Rob Karosis Photography

62. Keep Books Close to Your Bedside for Easy Access

The bookshelves should be close to the bed so you can reach them

If you’re the type that likes to read before going to bed, then why not have a library in your bedroom? It’s much more practical than having to go find a book every time and then returning with it in the bedroom. It’s also a nice idea because there’s not a lot of furniture you need in this room so there should be enough space for a bookcase.

63. Place a Quote Over Your Bookshelves for Inspiration

home library 63. Place a Quote Over Your Bookshelves for Inspiration
Add inspirational text above your books to keep you motivated to read and increase your knowledge

64. Make The Most of Every Inch of Space

home library Make The Most of Every Inch of Space
In a smaller home, make the most of every inch of space by adding bookshelves built into your wall

65. White Shelving to Store Books and Collectibles

home library White Shelving to Store Books and Collectibles
Adding stylish bookshelves to your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune with this DIY library wall tutorial

Books are one of the biggest gifts for children and adults around the world, but they often end up in piles on the floor or scattered around your home. Make the most of any spare space in your home this year by creating a home library. Take inspiration from any of these designs listed above, which can be adapted to fit a room of any shape or size. You’ll find that by adding a reading nook in the corner of a room, you’ll have somewhere cozy and relaxing for you and your family to hang out after a busy day at work. A home library is somewhere you’ll treasure for years to come, so don’t delay in adding one to your home this year.

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