50 Tips and Ideas For a Successful Man Cave Decor

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You can have so much fun decorating a man cave it’s actually really exciting to simply think about it. A project like this offers a lot of possibilities. Let’s say you decorate a bachelor pad or a basement. Think about all the themes you can choose from, all the gadgets and fun features, all meant to make you happy. You can be very bold when decorating a man cave and the whole project is a great way to express and manifest your personality.

A basement turned into a teenager’s man cave

If you want a few general ideas of how a man cave looks like and how some of the individual elements that we presented before can be combined, check out some of these inspiring project starting with this basement remodel by Inhouse Architects. The project’s main objective was to transform the basement level of this house from South Africa into a space that a teenager can hang out in, have friends over, relax and feel comfortable in. There’s a variety of cool and interesting design features here but the one that stands out most is the wavy panel that looks like a giant wave and connects one of the walls and part of the ceiling. It has LED light strips built into it and a surround sound system as well.

Modern apartment with a masculine and stylish interior

This is an apartment situated in Bucha, Ukraine. It has a rather unusual floor plan influenced by its unconventional shape. When asked to redesign the interior, studio 33bY Architecture found a cool and interesting way of using that in their favor.

They installed a sliding glass wall between the spacious living area and the bedroom and they used opaque glass in order to give the private area more privacy. However, the wall can also become transparent whenever desired which allows light to travel through and connects the two spaces visually. As far the rest of the design is concerned, the apartment has a dark and masculine aesthetic. It was designed and decorated with bricks, natural black stone, onyx, leather, copper and wood and it looks super elegant and professional.

A bachelor pad with a timeless design

A classic, simple and timeless design often suits a bachelor pad. The style goes well with neutral colors like grays combined with white, a bit of beige and of course black which are also colors you can see in this elegant apartment designed by Belotto Scopel Tanaka Arquitetura. The simplicity of the forms is complemented by a variety of different textures and finishes and the lack of unnecessary details puts an emphasis on the space as a whole as its timeless style. Elements such as the accent wall made out of concrete as well as dark flooring give this place a masculine vibe which is beautifully complemented by the soft curves of the furniture and the warm textures of the rug and other details.

An eclectic apartment with a great way

Who’s to say that a bachelor pad can’t be warm and cozy? Although a lot of times the use of dark colors and star finishes prevails, there are also cases where a man cave can be full of light and super welcoming, like this apartment from Seattle designed by studio Hoedemaker Pfeiffer. What helps this place stand out compared with the other bachelor pads we’ve looked at I the eclectic style which puts together modern, contemporary, rustic, vintage and mid-century elements. All of these influences complement each other in a very natural and organic way. The apartment, as you can see, has these large windows that bring in a beautiful view and makes this feel like a beach house.

An open space with glass partitions

A lot of times when designing a man cave or bachelor pad the focus is primarily on making the place as practical and as functional as possible. That’s always desirable but shouldn’t negate the need for beauty. When these two facets of interior design blend together the result is often amazing and a great example is this apartment from Kiev designed by Martin Architects. Their strategy was to think of this space like a big puzzle and to try to seamlessly combine all the different elements in a way that fits. The objective was to turn this into a space where the owner can feel comfortable both alone and with company. They included an open living area that connects to all the other spaces, a bar and a bedroom which is separated from the social areas by a glass wall.

Wall textures and décor ideas


One way to give character to a man cave is through walls. By that we mean you can paint them a fun color, cover them in stone or wood or decorate them with artwork, posters or collectibles. This textured wall and the earth tones give the space a warm and cozy feel.{found on mydesigningsolutions}.


Turning a barn into a man cave is a wonderful idea. All the wood on the walls, floor and ceiling makes it feel really welcoming. You don’t have to cover up the walls. In fact, they stand out more if you don’t.{found on heritagebarns}.


You can recycle wooden pallets and use them to cover the walls in your pad, basement, barn or whatever else you’re using as a man cave. You can stain them and build an accent wall or even build a divider.{found on cape27blog}.

Textured or patterned wallpaper

Textured or patterned wallpaper is the perfect design solution when you want to add some character to a space such as a home office. Give the space a masculine but elegant vibe. Make the walls black and add a few golden accents.


Use shelves to display your collections and memorabilia. This is a really simple way to personalize the space and to display the things that make you happy. Of course, they’d have to fit there so we’re talking about small objects like action figures.{found on benedictaugust}.

wall display trophies

Decorate the walls however you like. For example, if you enjoy hunting as a hobby or sport, you can display trophies on one of the walls. Add some accent lighting to give the collection a dramatic look.{found on nakeddecor}.


A vintage map can be a beautiful decoration in a lot of situations. So if you’re passionate about map or if you travel a lot, display a map on one of the walls and document the places you’ve been to or simply let it become a decoration.{found on 30smagazine}.


This type of decoration is something you can adapt, depending on your location, preferences, etc. it’s made of baseball bats which have been painted and organized in a way that, as a whole, makes them look like a flag.


Do you like fishing? Then perhaps you’d like to adapt this wall decoration and turn it into something beautiful for the wall in your own man cave. The pictures can be a reminder of all the fun things you’ve done over the years.

A bar


What kind of a man cave doesn’t have a bar, right? Well, although it isn’t absolutely necessary to have one in order to feel awesome in your basement, a bar is definitely a great feature. It doesn’t have to be big. It just has to be there.{found on maryprincephotography}.


If there’s enough space, you can have a bar with a fridge, glass racks, wine coolers and everything. This one is L-shaped are perfect for corners. The bar stools are quite interesting. They’re robust and have that striking industrial allure and yet they’re stylish.


Actually, the bar doesn’t have to be an indoor feature. It would definitely be wonderful if your man cave also had a patio, backyard or terrace you could use for entertainment.{found on jakemossdesigns}.


This is more of an accessory for a bar than an actual bar but the idea is interesting nonetheless. It’s a cooler that was either made from an actual barrel or designed to look like one. You can attempt to recreate the project yourself.

A focal point


Every room has a focal point and, in the case of a bachelor pad or any other kind of man cave, sometimes it’s a big more striking than a simple coffee table or wall painting. Actually it can be something as awesome as a car.{found on mtarchitecture}.


Speaking of cars, if you have a nice collection then your man cave can showcase them all. You can design everything else around them or they can stay in an annex with glass walls so you can see them from the adjacent rooms.{found on trbuilt}.


Car-themed decors are pretty common and they don’t always have to include actual cars. Another option is to have something that was built from a car part like a desk for example.{found on herdesignsnj}.

front grill of your favorite car

The front grill of your favorite car or the one that was on your old car can become a part of the décor. You can add it to the bar and turn it into a decoration and a centerpiece for the space.


A focal point or centerpiece doesn’t necessarily have to be displayed in the main living area. For example, it can be something like a whiskey barrel turned into a sink for the powder room.{found on murphycodesign}.

Gadgets and fun features


A pool table is one of those things you dream about but can’t have because of whatever reasons. Well, in your man cave you can make that dream come true. In fact, you can add all sorts of other fun features.{found on michaelabrams}.


Not everyone finds the same things fun or interesting. So if you’re not a fan of playing sports but you like being a spectator and a collector, this can be reflected in your man cave décor through things like a huge monitor to watch the games on or framed memorabilia on the walls.

old refrigerator kegerator

If you like beer, than you know how important it is for it to be cold. So why not have kegerator? You can make one from an old refrigerator. It’s cheaper than to buy one and you can have fun doing the project.{found on wired}.


Hammock floors are definitely fun, not to mention really relaxing and comfy. They’re the perfect feature to include in a man cave that has more than just one storey.{found on ooda}.

Floor wine storage cellar

Where would you keep your beverages if you had a man cave? Surely, a shelf would be a bit boring. A bar is a good idea but if you want something more impressive and unusual, try an underfloor cellar. It would be like a secret room under the floor and you can hide it from everyone else or design it with a glass cover.

The right type of furniture


There’s something about this type of leather furniture that makes it really elegant and gives it a masculine look. This bachelor pad features a combination of industrial elements mixed with Victorian accessories, resulting in a space with plenty of steampunk character.


For a man cave, pick furniture that’s robust, simple and that has straight lines and angles. Leave the soft curves and sleek lines to the ladies. These leather armchairs are a really great example and they actually warm up this industrial décor.{found on shelleystarrdesign}.


It’s important for the furniture in a man cave to be comfortable and this usually means a big couch that doesn’t exactly have a beautiful silhouette but which is awesome to sit on. Try however to find a balance between looks and comfort or functionality.{found on lminteriordesign}.


The furniture doesn’t only include bulky couches and big armchairs. It also includes the smaller things like shelves. An interesting idea can be to build a shelving unit yourself using wood planks and pipes.{found on diyesq}.


A coffee table made from a recycled tire seems like an awesome thing to have in a man cave or bachelor pad. A truck tire would be great. You’ll also need some plywood and a lot of tools.{found on instructables}.


Things like a table with built-in coolers are great to have in general although a lot of time you sacrifice them for the sake of others. But when you’re furnishing a man cave, the only one that matters is you.{found on remodelaholic}.
old leather belts

Smaller things like a shelf are something you can easily make yourself. And we have a great design idea. Use your old leather belts to mount the shelves on the wall. The result will be interesting, good-looking and practical.{found on blueistyleblog}.

Turn some old beer barrel

Turn some old beer barrels into bar stools. It’s a fairly simple process if you have the right tools. Alternatively, you can buy something similar. And now imagine how cool it would be if the barrels were actually full.


A stool with four baseball bats as legs… what an inspiring piece of furniture to include in a man cave and what a great idea for a gift. You can make something like this yourself. Just find some old bats.


Although this isn’t actually furniture, the idea of using baseball bats to build a rail for the staircase is really interesting. You must definitely use this idea is your man cave is in a basement.


Sure, your man cave may be really fun and a great place to hang out with the boys but it also needs to stay clean and organized. So design your furniture in such a way that it allows you to maintain that look without a lot of effort.

Color options


Some colors are perceived as being feminine and delicate and others as being masculine and dramatic, although they can migrate from one category to another. When decorating a man cave, look for colors that are neutral such as gray.{found on lucycall}.


Keep in mind that grays usually give out a cold vibe so consider complementing them with something warmer and a bit more cheerful such as orange, yellow, beige or brown. Use the second shade as an accent color.


The brownish gray used on the wall here is really beautiful. It’s masculine but also warm and elegant and it goes really well with the furniture and the parquet flooring. The mirrored surface makes the space seem bigger which is another advantage.



The little things always matter. You can use these accessories to make a space feel complete or to emphasize a certain style or space. A lot of accessories are things you can craft yourself, like a wood slice serving board.{found on manmadediy}.

turn your old liquor bottles

Turn empty liquor bottles into table lamps. Sounds interesting, right? It’s actually pretty easy. You can fill the bottles with jelly beans, glass beads and pretty much anything you want as long as it fits inside.{found on instructables}.


Add any type of lampshade you want. It can match the label on the bottle or it can simply have an interesting color or shape that you really like. The bottle can be filled with tiny pebbles or anything that makes it heavy enough to be stable.


Whiskey bottles can be reused in a lot of interesting ways. For example, turn one into a soap dispenser. You just have to screw the mechanism on and fill the bottle with liquid soap.


If you have a bar, then you’ll also want some shot glasses. You can make some from empty glass bottles. But you have to be really careful with this part. Or you can just buy some shot glasses if you’re not into DIY projects.


Light up your bar in style. Start with three paper mache letters and remove the backing. Mark each letter for the placement of the lights. You can use outdoor globe lights or whatever other kind you want. Cut out tiny holes in the letters, insert the lights and then display them on a wall or shelf.{found on tealandlime}.


Beer or wine bottles can be recycled and turned into lamps or sconces. For example, you can use them in combination with pipes to create an industrial-style fixture for your man cave.


There’s a lot you can do to customize your light fixtures. For example, this is an old gas pump transformed into a wall lamp. It’s vintage, eye-catching and simple and masculine enough to look great in such a setting.Available on Etsy.

Baseball table lamp

If you’re a baseball fan, you’ll definitely love this table lamp. The base is made of actual baseballs and at the base there’s a baseball glove placed on a small wooden platform. Available for $49.


In case you have a wrench or two you no longer use or if you simply want some really cool hangers for your man cave, take a look at this idea. You just need enough force to bend them and a drill.


Don’t overlook the smaller areas such as the bathroom. In here, you can add a vintage ladder to use as a towel holder or a wooden crate decorated with an antique license plate which can serve as a cabinet.{found on funkyjunkinteriors}.

Toilet Paper Holder

Here’s another interesting accessory for the bathroom. It’s a toilet paper holder with a lot of industrial character. It even has a small shelf on which to place an extra tp roll or something else.


You must surely throw away quite a few bottlecaps, especially if you have a bar. Instead of doing that, you could save them and turn them into coasters. This way the idea of actually using coasters won’t seem so girly or annoying.

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