3 Insanely Easy Ways To Create Laundry Room Storage

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Laundry rooms can end up being a a dumping ground. Everything you are unsure of where to put it can easily end up cluttering your laundry room. So, to create useful laundry room storage, I have 3 insanely easy ways you can create laundry room storage!

I have partnered with The Container Store along with Joni and Kitt from Practically Perfect to showcase how to shop The Container Store like a professional. And we are focusing on laundry room organization. Check out the video below to see how we created laundry room storage with products from The Container Store!

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To create laundry room storage, the first thing you need to do is remove anything that isn’t laundry related. For some clients, we have kept tools, batteries, and cleaning supplies in the laundry room because that is where they had the most space.  Regardless of what thins you consider “laundry items”, just group them all together to create an organizational system. But there are some daily laundry items that can easily be contained to create extra storage in your laundry room.
1.  Laundry Pods
Storing the laundry pods into a container helps create extra space in your laundry room. The reason being is that nothing will stack on top of the pods, making it easy for you to actually do your laundry. We love using the glass jars that are found in the kitchen section of The Container Store for laundry room storage. By storing the laundry pods, powder detergent, and other powder cleaning agents, you are able to clear the space by reducing visual clutter, and have easy access to all the laundry items you need as they are contained in the jars with glass lids.

Add a label to the jar or leave them clear to create a streamlined look in your laundry room.

2. Dryer Balls
I don’t love to store my dryer balls in the dryer when we aren’t using them, so I recommend storing them in a glass jar. Beside the obvious that they look pretty, they are contained so they won’t roll away or get lost! I store my dryer balls next to my essential oils that I use when some of the clothing needs a little refresh!

3. Garment Bags
Typically, I keep the garment bags in the laundry baskets to collect socks and underwear. But I always end up having extra. To create laundry room storage, I keep the garment bags in glass jars on a baker’s rack in my laundry room. The baker’s rack is the perfect size for our laundry room and the glass jars look perfect on the shelves. By storing all my laundry items in glass jars, I have created insanely easy ways to create laundry room storage that is both easy and beautiful!

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For all the laundry room storage projects we do for clients, we always recommend using the Anchor Hocking Glass Jars with Glass Lids. These are just a staple for us because they are so versatile and create laundry room storage while looking beautiful!
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