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Hey hey hey. For all you mamas out there, this post is for you.

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Jada is back on the blog! Today, the celebrity sleep trainer & nursery designer is here getting UBER specific. You guys love a detail, so I picked her brain to the max for this post.

You can expect to hear all about the smartest bassinet, different bookshelf options, little things to make your life with a newborn easier, & the tiniest little accessories to get your baby to sleep. It is LIFE- let me tell ya.

If you missed Jada’s last posts get familiar with her here & then check out her tips for creating the nursery of your dreams.

Alright, the devil’s in the details, so here ya go!


♡ Alright Miss Nursery Designer, what are the hottest accessories of 2020? Spill the juice.

Jada Neoni: First & most important are diapers! I’m so obsessed with the @coterie diapers- they are extremely soft, fragrance free, chlorine free, latex free- all the bad things we never knew existed in diapers Coterie has removed!

For moms looking to use bottles or as an addition to breastfeeding – Dr. Brown’s bottles are phenomenal! Dr. Brown’s bottles are scientifically designed to remove air bubbles from the bottle helping to prevent gas & reduce colic in babies!

One of the most used items ( yet sounds the scariest ) is the FridaBaby NosaFrida Snotsucker. Yes it sounds gross right? The NosaFrida does exactly what it says- it allows moms to suck out snot & tiny boogers from the little ones noses to help them get through those nights & days when they have colds!

Books are so important. Bedtime stories should start from day one! While we all love the classics, some of my favorite books are by Josh Funk. Some of my other favorites are: The Day the Crayons Quit, & Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.

The Snuggle Me Organic is a new way to do tummy time & also a great lounger for your baby during the day – great addition for you to have when you want to play or read to your baby! Put your lounger on the floor, lay your baby down, & grab some books. it’s a great way to free up your hands during the special bonding moments with your baby!

The Chomp n Chews teethers are a MUST during those rough teething months when your baby just wants to chew on everything including your fingers! What I love most about the Chomp N Chews teethers is they actually fit directly on the parents fingers & allows your baby to chew away! The teethers are super safe, BPA free, & made of food grade silicone! Those teething months come in fast & hot so be prepared for all the drool & chewing, moms!

For moms wanting more neutral color toys – The Manhattan Toy Wooden Natural Skwish toy is small for the nursery & easy to travel with. It will keep your baby entertained & amazed!

For those late nights & early morning feedings, a new accessory I love is the Bokee – it’s designed to serve as an extra hand for mom while she holds a baby in one hand & needs to prepare the bottle in the other hand!

♡ If you had to pick one thing every mom should have in their nursery, what is it?

JN: One thing every mom should have is The Jada Baby Sleep Edit. The Jada Baby Sleep Edit will help you build your nursery step by step. It will help you keep track of all the things you should always have stocked in your nursery, & what the must-have baby products are. My Edit also helps moms know if they are feeding their baby enough, how to put your baby down for naps & helps get you through those overnights!

The second most important thing is a comfortable glider. You will spend so much time in the nursery with your baby, so comfortable seating is important! If you are breastfeeding you will need the glider to position yourself correctly to nurse. Every night during bedtime stories you will be in the glider for a few or many good books before putting your baby down!

♡ When it comes to sleep training, you’re an expert. What are some essential accessories for sleep training?

JN: Safe sleep is important for every new mom. For getting your baby to be a good sleeper the must-have accessories are:

A good monitor –  The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests the earliest you should have your baby sleeping alone in their room is 6 months- so having an amazing monitor is key – I only trust the Miku in my nurseries. I love the Miku because it’s a monitor you can install on your phone with their app- you can monitor your baby anytime from anywhere. The monitor gives you a complete report on your babies sleep patterns, breathing rates & any movements in the room.

A white noise machine is a non-negotiable & I love the Hatch Baby sound machine – this is a great mix of technology & design. The white noise can be controlled from your phone & it’s a soothing white noise to help your littles fall asleep & stay asleep!

Swaddling your infant is scientifically proven to help your newborn sleep longer – currently I’m obsessed with the Akooi swaddle!! It’s actually a mix between a pajama & swaddle. It’s made of the softest bamboo & is so easy to swaddle your infant!

Once your baby has grown out of the swaddle age – sleep sacks are so important because you should never use a blanket in a crib until over 18 months- I love the Kyte baby Sleep sack! It’s extra long for your growing baby & sooo sooo soft!

The SNOO is a dream for any mom! Yes the SNOO costs around $1200, but lucky for moms who can’t afford such a large purchase, they have a much lower monthly rental rate. The SNOO, designed by famed pediatrician Dr Harvey Karp, is a safe bassinet which can detect your baby crying & can turn on sounds & a rocking motion to calm your baby. The SNOO can also help you track your baby’s sleep & awake time!

♡ What’s a ‘mistake accessory’ everyone gets but doesn’t really need?

JN: The biggest mistake everyone gets for their nursery & doesn’t need are those damn diaper pales! I don’t care how pretty they are or how much they promise to keep the smell in the pale, they all STINK! I’m not sure who said they were needed in nurseries, but I personally don’t design with them in mind. Most moms end up just putting the diapers in their normal trash bins! So moms, save the spot on your registry- don’t get a diaper pale!

♡ What’s a baby shusher?

JN: Everyone says it’s the best thing ever. One of my best kept secrets in designing celebrity nurseries is The Baby Shusher. I know the name alone is hilarious but trust me, it delivers just as it’s name suggests. The Baby Shusher is a mix of white noise with the tried & true shhhhhh sound all in one tiny portable machine! What makes the Baby Shusher so genius is it allows the calming of the shhhh sound to help your baby sleep,

♡ What are some bath time accessories that every new mom needs?

JN: My current favorite bath tub is the Schnuggle Tub – it’s a little costly but so worth it! It has a grid at the bottom to prevent your baby from slipping & has just enough water to keep your baby from feeling cold.

Once your baby grows out of the infant tub & you are now bathing them in your bathtub, EVERY parent should have the MagicFun bath kneeler – your knees, back & elbows will thank you! Bath time can be such a magical, special bonding time with your littles, but bending over the tub on your knees isn’t the most glamorous, comfortable job. The padded kneeler is a lifesaver.

Also, the softest, most dreamiest washcloths are from Numpher. They literally feel as if you are bathing your baby with a cloud!

For soaps/lotions – Everything Mustela ! The products are the most gentle & safest for sensitive newborn skin! I read every label & what I love is that Mustela is free of parabens, phthalates, & phenoxyethanol.

For those mamas dealing with eczema or flaky newborn skin, I love Aquaphor for babies.  An easy fix for those delicate newborn skin!

For diaper rash we love Pinxav because it’s extremely gentle yet helps comfort & heal those unavoidable diaper rashes. It’s so on brand for The Skinny Confidential.

♡ Talk to us about clothes. I’m a fan of L’ovedbaby & I know you are too. Why do we love them so much?

JN: My absolute favorite clothing for newborns is L’ovedbaby hands down! L’ovedbaby just does everything right with their collection. First off, it’s 100% organic cotton so it’s safe for your baby’s skin! What I also love is L’ovedbaby’s fit. Normally baby clothing, especially onesies, are cut to be so boxy, but L’ovedbaby’s fit is very structured to snuggle your babies body- it’s a very custom-like fit.

L’ovedbaby has been around for years & been a favorite of celebrity moms like Halle Berry, Kelly Rowland, & Gwyneth Paltrow! What I think most modern moms love most is the chic selection of colors- the black onesies , the greys, & all the neutrals!

Another clothing line I think is so genius is the Bondsie Baby – it’s designed for moms with the importance of skin to skin in mind. It’s two piece clothing where the top completely opens allowing the infant to be placed against the mother’s skin. Skin to skin is very important for Parents from the very beginning for bonding with your newborn. I love that this can encourage skin to skin & still keep your baby warm!

♡ If you’re going to shop online what sites do you recommend for accessories? 

JN: Let’s just be honest, most moms & moms-to-be do their shopping from home, late at night after the baby is sleeping. My favorite online shop is The Tot– it’s a very well-curated online shop that only sells safe, toxic-free clothing, skincare, toys & furniture.

When shopping for fashion & a little bit more of a curated look, Maisonette is a dream website! Maisonette has traveled the world to create a place where you can shop the latest tiny designer trends & specialty toys!

You can also never go wrong with Amazon! Almost anything & everything you need to get for your nursery can be found on Amazon. & if you have Amazon Prime, it’s your best friend!

♡ What pieces of furniture do you recommend to hold accessories?

JN: I love to use the unexpected when shopping for nursery accessories. When thinking about storing toys or stuffed animals I use gorgeous wicker baskets in neutral earth tone colors. This immediately gives a nursery a high-end feel.

For the smaller accessories & mementos I love the idea of clear acrylic bins. Something so you can still see what’s in the bins yet cute enough to be on display. For rooms that require larger storage, a well-designed shelving unit is always the right way to go. We used the most beautiful acrylic & gold shelves in Zaza’s nursery.

♡ What are some bigger accessories you recommend?

JN: When designing a nursery, after you’ve selected the major items, it’s time to focus on the big accessories you will need for your baby. Like the perfect bouncy seat. For Zaza’s nursery we went with Charlie Crane Paris. Their rockers are just so chic & safe for newborns & has a gentle rocking movement.

For the very important ‘Tummy Time’ – which EVERY baby should do – I accessorize every nursery with the Lovevery Play Gym. It’s perfect to help keep them entertained by looking at themselves in the little mirror while stimulating their vision with the special black & white patterns.

Every nursery should be accessorized with cute plush stuffed animals. The must-have brand for any nursery is Jelly Cat. It’s important the accessories keep the same theme or color scheme going that you’ve already set up. In Zaza’s nursery we needed glamour even in the plushies, so we got the oh so glamorous Pom Pom.

For book storage accessories, sometimes I install the bookshelves on the wall. It’s such an easy & fun way to showcase your books & super affordable with the shelves from Amazon.

For a more designed, curated look I love the Babyletto acrylic bookcase.

♡ Where can everyone find you? 

JN: I’m on Instagram @thejadababy & my new website is jadababy.co.


Be sure to check out the podcast episode where Jada talks about sleep training, nursery design & baby CPR. Plus, she’ll be back for one more post to talk about sleep training, so stay tuned.

x, lauryn

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