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Wood burning is the art of decorating, writing or drawing on a wooden object with a heated stick or poker. This allows you to customize various products or create truly unique works of art.

There are more than 8,000 wood burned products listed on Etsy alone (which makes that an ideal source of wood burning ideas itself). So it’s a popular method and an in-demand type of item.
Wood Burning Ideas
If you’re interested in getting into this type of craft or even building a business around it, here are plenty of different wood burning ideas you can try.
You can transform a plain wooden palette or even an unfinished slab of wood by burning a quick message onto it. You can make anything from a welcome sign for the front of a house to a punny quote for the kitchen.
Picture Frames
Wood is a popular material for photo frames. To make them stand out even more, burn cute patterns into the frame or add a favorite quote or message. You can even create completely customized messages like the date of a wedding or the location of a family vacation.
Coasters aren’t just for keeping drinks off the table anymore. They can serve as decor pieces on their own. Burn simple messages or patterns onto the surface and then stain and seal the wood so it doesn’t warp when exposed to condensation from beverages.
Jewelry Boxes
To make a small jewelry or trinket box stand out, burn the person’s name or initials into the front of the box, along with other decorative elements like hearts or swirls.
A simple wall or desk clock can be transformed into a visual focal point through wood burning. Add unique decor elements or customize it with names, photos or quotes.
A wall shelf can be the perfect way to mix beauty and function. Add a welcome message, quote, or image to decorate a plain shelving unit. For a shelf that’s meant for each family member’s coats and belongings, you can even add names over each section to keep everyone organized.
For standard dining or accent chairs, you can use wood burning to make them stand out with unique patterns. You can also offer small chairs customized with names or initials. This may be especially popular for parents with young kids who want a special chair that can also act as a keepsake.
Coffee Tables
Turn a plain old coffee table into a visual centerpiece by creating completely unique wood burned images. This can be especially popular for people with rustic style homes, so consider images like mountain ranges or animals.
Dining Room Tables
A similar concept applies to dining room tables. However, these products are often even larger and more involved. This option may be best reserved for craftsmen who create custom products for local customers.
Another furniture product that’s commonly made of wood, benches are often placed around entryways or used as accents in living or dining spaces. Spruce up plain wood benches with quotes, initials or intricate images.
Cutting Boards
Cutting boards are often made of wood and can serve as decorative elements in kitchens. You can add names, initials, quotes or unique visual designs to make them really stand out.
Wooden Spoons
Wood burning can help you transform plain wooden spoons into really noteworthy kitchen utensils. Since these items are usually fairly small, they’re perfect for small flowers, flourishes or initials.
Cake Stands
Decorative cake stands are popular with bakers or couples who want unique displays for their weddings. Offer a customization service for this product so you can add couples’ initials and wedding dates to wooden cake stands.
Wedding Displays
Additionally, large wooden backdrops are also popular for rustic or traditional style weddings. You might offer custom images or quotes for couples in your area who want a really unique focal point for their venue.
Garden Markers
If you want to create a really small and simple product for online buyers, create wooden garden markers that are labeled with different herbs, vegetables or plants. You can also add unique fonts or small decorative elements to make them stand out even more.
Garden Boxes
Another garden product you can offer, wooden garden boxes can be made custom for the front of houses or for backyard gardens. You can include the names of different plants for different sections or just add a unique floral pattern for visual interest.
Ornaments are popular throughout the holiday season, both as gifts and as personal purchases. You can offer pre-made products decorated with holiday imagery or offer customers the option to customize their orders with names, dates or even family portraits.
If you want to offer small fashion accessories, bangles are the perfect solution. Use wood burning to add small flourishes or patterns to simple wood bracelets. You can even paint or stain them after they’re burned to make them stand out even more.
Some costume earrings can also be made from wood. Add tiny patterns using wood burning techniques so each piece really stands out.
Belt Buckles
Decorative belt buckles can include names, initials, short words or phrases, images or decorative elements.

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