18 Creative IKEA BILLY Bookcase Hack Ideas

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Eighteen Creative IKEA BILLY Bookcase Hacks and Ideas. Get inspired with these low cost IKEA home decor ideas for those with million dollar taste.
IKEA BILLY Bookcase Hacks

IKEA Billy Series
The IKEA Billy Series has been around over 50 years. Developed in 1979 by the Swedish designer Gillis Lundgren, IKEA has sold over 60 million units of the bookcases worldwide. Obviously it’s a popular series. Well the world has gotten more creative and the platform of Pinterest has been created.  This media sharing has inspired many Billy Bookcase creative designs with an IKEA low-cost price tag.

IKEA BILLY Bookcase Ideas
We have found same amazing Billy bookcase IKEA ideas. Enjoy this list of the top 18 IKEA BILLY Bookcase ideas. Show us what you design after being inspired by these IKEA hackers.

If you want a floor to ceiling custom built in, get started with this BILLY Bookcases cheat sheet and stacking formula. Turn IKEA BILLY Bookcases with glass doors into the most perfect built in you’ve ever seen with this full tutorial. | Vintage Revivals

Turn your shelving unit into a craftsman dream by adding trim. Adding molding to IKEA BILLY bookcase makes it look like an expensive built in unit. | Blesser House

Get crafty for the kids! Turn a white bookshelf into a life size DIY dollhouse. Touches of paint, wallpaper, craft paper and dollhouse furniture and you have a complete home. | The DIY Village

This BILLY bookcase lighting hack adds illumination to any space! Best of all, Jamie doesn’t even have to flip a switch this this remote control lighting trick! | Southern Revivals

This BILLY bookcase hack closet idea is perfect for someone who lacks the IKEA closet PAX wardrobe space. Lauren has quite the experience with IKEA storage units too. Her entire room has intricate plans! | Blesser House

Make your book shelf pop with this DIY hack with billy bookcase drawers. Turn your BILLY book shelves into a colorful dresser. | Infarrantly Creative

This built-in day bed and reading nook transformed this playroom. The hidden gem is created form two different sizes of IKEA bookcases. | House Homemade (Also seen in our Reading Corner Ideas for Kids)

I gave my husband these plans and begging him to make this IKEA billy bookcase entertainment center for only $300! It would resolve our “no entertainment center” problem by 1,000s! | Amanda Katherine

Look at this home improvement hack! Cover an ugly AC Wall Unit with an IKEA bookcase hack. | Design Evolving

This BILLY Bookcase bedroom idea is perfect for a little girls room. Combining a dresser and IKEA book shelf and then paint for the most adorable pop! | Designer Trapped

Need more storage in the kitchen? Custom build a pantry with this IKEA bookcase idea. Compare the price! You can buy IKEA pantry cabinets for around $400 or buy a 15” BILLY bookcase (with a door) for just around $100! | Run to Radiance

Look at this great idea! Take an IKEA bookcase and install over a door or entryway! | The Accent Piece

Revamp your playroom with this painted IKEA bookcase storage unit. Perfect for organizing – so easy on the eyes. | Blesser House

Paint the background of your custom bookcase like this IKEA playroom idea. Love that pop of green! | Centsational Style

Think outside the box and transform your kitchen island by adding a billy bookcase island with IKEA butcher block. | Golden Boys and Me

Revamp your entryway or even your garage with this custom mudroom built ins From IKEA white bookcases for $300! | The Kim Six Fix

Find a similar IKEA mudroom hack using white bookcases with full design inspiration and links. | House homemade

This might be my most favorite BILLY Bookcase hack. It is so easy and really makes your shelf look like a million bucks. Hide the holes in your BILLY Bookcase with DryDex Spackling. Goes on pink and dries white. How satisfying! | Centsational Style

IKEA BILLY Bookcase Planner
Inspired? Become your own interior designer with the help of the IKEA Billy Bookcase Planner Tools. Create your perfect storage and home improvement solutions. Plan online at IKEA and you’ve completed your design you can add it to your cart and order it online – easy.

Visit IKEA Planning Solutions
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