120 Genius Repurposing Ideas Teach Us How To Turn Junk Into Treasure

120 Genius Repurposing Ideas Teach Us How To Turn Junk Into Treasure

Creativity is such a broad concept…it’s hard to even define it. On the other hand, it’s pretty easy to come up with examples and a lot of times they have to do with items being repurposed and used as something else or in environments where they weren’t originally meant to be. A lot of things can be repurposed, including furniture, decorations and large things like pallets or even shipping containers. In one way or another, they can all be used to create a home with tons of character.

Old tires deserve a second chance

Turn an old tire into a hanging wreath

It’s hard to believe that anything beautiful can come out of a dirty old tire but you’d be surprised. The thing is, old tires are quite special. They tell stories and they each have a rich and interesting history. They actually deserve to be put on display. If you agree, check out thecraftpatchblog to find out how to turn a tire into a wreath decorated with delicate flowers and lovely ornaments.

Wall old tires turned into planters

Maybe displaying a tire wreath on the front door isn’t for everyone. After all, it’s quite the unusual decoration. However, there’s one place where it would fit just right: the garden shed or garage. You can turn all your old and unused tires into wreaths and you can display them on the exterior walls just as suggested on recapturedcharm.

old try turned into an ottoman

There’s even a way to bring a tire indoors without it looking out of place. In fact, you can repurpose it into a cozy and comfortable pouf or ottoman. it would be a pretty easy project. The idea is to knit a sort of cover for the tire using chunky yarn. It’s an idea that we got from yellowgirl. We find it very interesting as well as very inspiring.

Cute dishes ready for a new chapter in their existence

Porcelain jewelry organizer

Where one sees a stack of dishes, another sees a world of opportunities to create something unique and special like an interesting wall decor installation or a jewelry organizer like the one described on confessionsofaserialdiyer. This is the type of project anyone can do.

Tired jewelry organizer

For some reason, porcelain is excellent when it comes to jewelry organizers and this is why things like ornate plates and dishes are great for this sort of projects. if you liked the previous one we just showed you, confessionsofaserialdiyer has another lovely one for you to take a look at. It’s slightly more ornate and it has a nice tea kettle at the top where you can store all the small things that might get lost otherwise.

Tea cups used like succulents for plants

In case you also have some nice tea cups which you no longer use, we have a suggestion: turn them into cute little succulent pots. They’d be perfect for this. They’re small and delicate and so are the succulents that you can put in them. They’re a perfect match, not to mention that the transformation is also extremely simple. Find out all about it on hip2save.

Tea cups clock and flower vase

There’s another way in which you can repurpose a beautiful tea cup. If you don’t want to turn it into a planter, then you can just use it as a small vase. Cut some fresh flowers, trim their stems and make a lovely arrangement which you can display on a shelf, on a table or on your desk. It will make your day more beautiful. {found on love-the-day)

DIY teacup bird feeder

We have one more idea that has to do with tea cups. This time it’s not something you can do for you but something for the little birds around your home. It’s a bird feeder which you can make out of a tea cup and saucer or a small plate. You’ll need a little bit of glue and some rope as well as some seeds for the birdies. The project is described in more detail on practicallyfunctional.

Cake stand from soda glasses

Enough with the tea cups. They’re definitely cute and all but they’re not the only things which can be repurposed. In fact, plates and glasses are a lot more common and they too can be repurposed in lots of ways. For instance, check out these cupcake/cake stands featured on brit+co. They’re incredibly easy to make using nothing more than glue.

Ceramic hangign bells

As you can see, dishes don’t die when they become too old or too boring or when you get a new set. Cups, glasses and plates are not the only things that can be repurposed. You can even give bowls a new function. You could use some to make decorations like these interesting ceramic bells that we found on thehousethatlarsbuilt.

Having fun with kitchen accessories

Grater caddy jewelry holder

What good can a cheese grater be for outside of the kitchen? Well, you’d be surprised. You can actually use a grater as an earring holder and all you’d have to do is paint it. Actually, you don’t even have to do that if you like the way the grater looks in the first place. Still, as brit+co suggests, you may find that a touch of color can change a lot about an item.

Rope wine bottles flower vase

Other things like bottles for example are usually a lot more versatile. Everyone knows you can repurpose bottles into vases but not everyone can turn them into beautiful centerpieces likes the one in our bottle centerpiece tutorial. It’s a simple project for which you need some scrap pieces of wood, some rope and glue and a bit of paint in case you want to give the bottles a makeover.

Coalader wall lights pendant

Colanders, as it turns out, are very versatile too. There are lots of interesting repurposing ideas that revolve around them, one of which comes from recyclart. The idea suggested here is to turn colanders into wall lights. Their perforated patterns create some really eye-catching designs as light passes through.

Colander pendant wall lights

It seems that turning a colander into a light fixture is not such an unusual thing. If you check out handimania you’ll find out how to turn one into a pendant lamp. It’s a great design idea for the kitchen and a lovely way in which to personalize a home without breaking the bank.

Colander succulents

Another suggestion, this time coming from housebyhoff is to repurpose an old colander as a succulent planter. It’s one of the easiest things you can do. Just treat the colander like a regular pot. Put some pebbles in it, some soil and then the succulents and, finally, find a good place to display it.

Colander hanging porch

Speaking of colanders as planters, a practical idea can be to hang one so you can free up space on the counter. Check out sadieseasongoods for instructions on how to get it done. We find the idea to be really inspiring and the actual planter to look charming. It’s a look that adds rusticity to the decor while also looking unconventional enough for a modern setting.

Vintage strainer colander tired stand

There’s one other way in which you can repurpose vintage colanders and it works with bowls too. We’re talking about a tiered organizer and storage station which you can use in the kitchen but also in various other environments. Use it to separate the vegetables from the fruits or simply to keep things in order on your counter. {found on knickoftime}

Plastic spoon mirrror decorative

I think we can all agree that plastic spoons are practical in certain situations when regular tableware just isn’t the answer but what about other uses for them? For instance, have you ever thought that you could use spoons to make a beautiful mirror? It’s possible and it’s not even that difficult. You can watch our video tutorial to find out more.

Recycled spoons

You can also use spoons to make custom markers for your garden or potted plants and herbs. It’s an idea that we got from domesticsimplicity. It’s a simple transformation which requires spoons, paper, waterproof pens, markers or whatever you want to use, mod podge, a paint brush and acrylic coating.

Divided organizer vintage

Ever used a muffin tin? It has those little compartments which actually seem very practical. By that we mean that you could use it for more than just baking muffins. Our suggestion which is inspired by etsy is to repurpose a muffin tin into an organizer for little things like paper clips, rubber bands, hair ties and all sorts of other items.

Old grate organizer

If you like the vintage appeal of old, rusty kitchen tools and accessories, check out this unique organizer made out of really old graters. You could use it as a memo board or a place to hang notes, pictures and other things. It has a certain charm although this is not a style for everyone. {found on etsy}

Funnels candle DIY

No candle holders? Well, who needs them anyway when you can have something with a lot more character like some repurposed funnels? If it sounds odd and unusual that’s because it is. It’s just one of those ideas that make sense but only after someone else thinks of it first. In our case the inspiration came from poppytalk.

Vintage clips cooking

Even though we live in an era where technology is spreading rapidly and in all domains, sometimes we still stop to taste the magic and to appreciate the charm of old-school things like reading a recipe off a card while cooking. If that’s something you think you’d like to do, you might as well make yourself a recipe card holder and for that you could just repurpose some old kitchen utensils. {found on sadieseasongoods}

Rolling Pin Hook Rack

Some things are just too common not to have in a kitchen, like rolling pins. Maybe you don’t use one often but you probably have it anyway. If you ever think of getting a new rolling pin or just throwing out the old one, consider first the repurposing possibilities. You could, for example, make a rolling pin coat rack like this one on etsy.

Another idea, one that’s pretty great actually, is to repurpose a rolling pin into a towel holder. It’s clever and very practical because the pin rolls and that makes it easy to put towels on it as well as to take them out. Something like this can look great in the kitchen. Find out how to do it on olivebites.

A lot of things can be transformed with the help of paint. You can use it to make things stands out more but also to completely change the purpose and function of an item. For example, you can paint a bunch of wooden spoons and turn them into markers for your garden. This way you can organize everything by color and the whole garden will look cute and neat. It’s an idea that comes from adashofmegnut.

On thistlewoodfarms we came across this clever and very interesting idea: to repurpose spoons as handles for the kitchen cabinets and to stamp/ engrave them so you always know which every drawer and compartment holds. Of course, if one day you decide to move the pots into the bottle compartment, then you’ll have to replace the handles as well.

You can also repurpose knives (not the sharp kind) into hooks for hanging clothes and other things. They’ll definitely stand out so that’s a way to make your entryway more interesting or to make your kitchen more practical by adding more storage. Either way, go for the look featured on etsy.

Speaking of storage and kitchens, you may be familiar with this problem: you have a few favorite mugs and you want to keep them close at hand and to display them in a practical and nice way but you just can’t find any suitable solution. Well, maybe this can help: a mug organizer. It’s something that we found on homeroad.

Of course, we can’t end this category without also mentioning bottles. They’re extremely versatile and they can be used in groups to create some wonderfully original things, some simple and others quite complex, like this chandelier that we came across on diynetwork. Check out the tutorial to find out the list of supplies and detailed instructions on the project.

Fun projects featuring cans

Cans, like many other things, don’t become useless as soon as they’re emptied out. In fact, that’s when they begin a new chapter in their existence. Let’s say you somehow gather a bunch of empty coffee cans. You can use them to make a custom wine rack. You’ll need glue to secure the cans together and some spray paint if you want to add a touch of color to the rack. {found on brit+co}

Plastic bags are irresistible. We say we’ll stop collecting them all and somehow we still realize we’ve gathered a whole pile of them. The problem is not how big the collection is but the fact that we usually don’t have any organized and space-efficient way to store and to organize them. Maybe you could change that by crafting a plastic bag dispenser out of a  can.

Metal cans from things like spices and food in general can be repurposed into organizers for the kitchen. You can use some to make a magnetic organizer like the one featured on ehow. The project is simple and requires the following supplies: metal tins, ceramic disc magnets, metal magnet clips and glue.

The fact that coffee cans or tins in general can be repurposed doesn’t really come as a surprise. However, we didn’t expect soda cans to also be recyclable in this way and yet here it is: a tutorial on grill-designs showing how to repurpose them into planters for an herb garden.

Scrap wood put to good use

If you’re the type that likes DIY projects, constantly up to something, with a new idea waiting to become reality, you probably have a bunch of leftover materials just waiting to be used somehow. We found an idea that can give you the opportunity to work with repurposed wood. It’s a jewelry hanger which you can make out of some scrap wood pieces and which also doubles as a shelf on which on you can display items. The project is described in more detail on myrepurposedlife.

New uses for old shutters


It’s getting increasingly more difficult to find old-fashioned window shutters these days. They’re no longer common and that makes them desirable items in modern interior decor. By that, of course, we mean that repurposed wood shutters can be charming in a lot of different ways. One idea is to turn a shutter into a shelving unit like the one we found on simplicityinthesouth.

Old wood shutter turned into email organizer

Another idea is to turn a single shutter into a display area for photos and other similar things. You can first sand down the shutter and stain or paint it and, if you like the vintage look, distress it slightly just to get that finish right. There’s no need to do much else. Just install the shutter on a wall and enjoy displaying your things. {found on westfurniturerevival.

Mail organizer from an old shutter

A similar idea is presented on thethings-we-do. The suggestion here is to repurpose a shutter into a wall organizer for things like mail, magazines and also keys and accessories. It’s something that you can add to your entryway. The transformation is simple and inexpensive and you can do it easily in just a few minutes if you don’t want to necessarily change the structure or appearance of the shutter.

Speaking of organizers, we also found a similar project idea on craftsbyamanda. This time the idea was to repurpose a set of wooden shutters into distressed organizers for things like jewelry, hats and personal accessories in general. Check out the details to find out more about the finished items and how the look was achieved.

You can also use a shutter as a support for storage baskets in which you can keep vegetables and fruits in the kitchen. It’s an idea inspired by the hanging produce bin featured on myrepurposedlife. Three wire baskets and the necessary mounting hardware should be all you need unless, of course, you also want to change the appearance of the shutter in some way.

Believe it or not, a repurposed shutter can be very useful in a kitchen. You can use it an organizer and storage station for kitchen utensils of all kinds. It can look really nice if you just paint it all white but if you really want to give it a trendy and fun look, check out designsponge for a great design suggestion.

You can also make the most of a repurposed shutter by turning it into a mail station. The transformation is fairly simple. Just paint the shutter or stain it to give it a fresh look and install a few hooks at the bottom. You can use them to hang your keys and the actual shutter can hold the mail. Find out more about this strategy on samanthaelizabethblog.

Obviously, there are many other ways in which to repurpose shutters. In the kitchen, for instance, you can use two shutters to create a base for a table. You can install casters or wheels and use it as a cart or island. The nice thing about having shutters as a frame for the table is that they can double as magazine racks or organizers. It’s all described on Beyondthepicket.

Kids get older, cribs get smaller

Repurposed crib

We’re now slowly entering the world of repurposed furniture. We’ll start with cribs. They’re very useful when the kids are tiny but, as they grow up, cribs become useless in the sense that they can no longer be used for their intended purpose. You can simply throw the crib out, give it to someone with a baby or repurpose it into something useful for your home, like this bench that we found on grillo-designs.

Don’t limit yourself to the inside of the house. A crib or part of it can also be repurposed as something useful for the outdoors. For example, you can take apart the frame and use part of it as a gate for the garden. Antique cribs are the best for this type of recycled furniture projects, as proven by the project on vinyetetc.

Maximized basket storage

We came across this tiered basket stand on hearthandvine and we thought you would appreciate it even though the baskets are not actually repurposed. They’re still used as baskets, for storage, but in a different form. You can easily make something just as useful. You’ll need three baskets of different dimensions and a rod that can fit through their centers.

New and unusual ways to use windows

Even things like windows and doors can be repurposed too. In fact, there’s a whole range of projects centered around this very idea. Let’s start with the windows, more exactly the window frames which can be upcycled in lots of interesting ways. One idea is to turn one into a wall decor element. It could look similar to what you can see on sustainmycrafthabit.

If you want you can leave the glass on and spray paint it to turn it into a chalkboard. It’s an idea that we got from theshabbycreekcottage. It’s a fairly simple transformation and the most important part is obviously the rustic window. Start by sealing the frame and then tape it off so you can spray paint the glass.

Since you now know how to make a chalkboard window, let’s find a practical way in which you can use it once it’s done. One option is to turn it into a sort of calendar or organizer. It can be useful for the kids to write down their weekly schedule but also for office spaces. Actually, you can just hang this in the entryway for everyone to see. {found on housebyboff}

If you want, you can remove the glass and only keep the frame of the window. You can then replace the glass with window panels. The final look has a lot to do with the type of window you’re using for the project. The model featured on craftinest is excellent for such a project because of the grid design.

Simpler window frames that only have one large glass panel can also be repurposed in interesting ways. For instance, you can turn one into a decoration for one of the walls in the kitchen or in the dining room. Check out funkyjunkinteriors for some inspiration with this type of transformation and for tips on how to use a stencil.

A window turned into a cork board seems like transformation and it would be if cork panels were used instead of wine corks. We’re talking about a project featured on mom4real which resulted in a one-ofoa-kinf memo board perfect for lots of spaces, styles and decors. If you want to make something just as special you better start collecting wine corks because you’ll need quite a few.

Picture this: you just replaced your old wooden windows with new ones and now you have a bunch of frames to deal with. You could get rid of them or, if you’re in need of a new table anyway, you could repurpose them. Obviously, the design would be a very simple one. You can use window frames to build a base for the table and you can even use one for the top. Feel free to improve the design featured on funfamliving in any way you want.

Ever heard of a design strategy where empty frames are used as decorations on walls? If you like the idea then maybe you’d like to repurpose some old windows in a  similar way. You can use frames of different sizes and shapes to create a gallery wall. It could look nice in the living room but also in a bedroom or office. {found on themagicbrushinc.

Apart from the usual window recycling ideas, there are plenty of other ideas that you might find interesting and useful. For example, an old window can be upcycled into a window box/ planter. You can hang it on the garden shed and make it look like it actually has windows. Find out more about this project and all its requirements by checking out the description on simplyswider.

If you’d much rather bring a little piece of the outdoors inside the house, then perhaps you’d like to build a lovely fairy garden or terrarium similar to what we found on unskinnyboppy. A lot of things went into the design of this miniature garden, including a window which became a part of the structure that holds it all together.

Old doors used in unique projects

After looking at some ways to repurpose windows, it’s now time to also check out some projects that revolve around doors. We’ll start with a headboard made out of two wooden doors. The idea comes from dreamywhites and the transformation seems to be super simple. The doors used here have this nice distressed finish that gives them a vintage allure but you can obviously use any type you want.

From door to table…that’s a pretty interesting transition. It would work best if the door had a smooth surface although you can always just add a glass panel on top or just use the tabletop as it is. If you plan on using this idea to build a new dining table, then chances are there’s no need to cut the door or adjust its dimensions in any way. {found on dirtstainsandpaint.

If you can gather 4 doors or so…you could make a playground feature in the yard. It could be fu for the kids and it would also be an opportunity to be eco-friendly. The design could look like a sort of tent. You could paint each door a different color. Actually, just check out earthscappeplay to find some inspiration in this sense.

Another nice thing you could build for your yard or garden is a miniature greenhouse. It’s a sort of raised bed with a roof which can either be a repurposed window or a door. If you plan on using a door, keep in mind that it needs to have a grid structure with glass panels so light can go through. Have a look at the full description offered on growgardentomatoes for more details.

An old door can also be incorporated into a piece of furniture, like this entry bench featured on friendly-home. It’s a transformation for which you’ll need a bit more than just a door. Try to also acquire some scrap wood, maybe from an old shelf, a desk or a table. It would be nice to also have a drawer which you can repurpose.

Repurposed wooden crates

Wooden crates have a lot of repurposing potential even if usually they’re nothing more than just simple storage containers. That’s definitely a practical way to use them but there are more options cu explore. For instance, if you tun a wooden box to its side and you add four legs to it you can make a side table. We learned this from the project featured on dreamgreendiy.

An even simpler way of making a wooden crate side table is to not give it legs at all. Just install a divider and place it on its side. The divider will become a shelf and you can use the space inside for storage. Consider this transformation for spaces like your reading corner, lounge area or even the living room or office.

A wooden box or crate can also be repurposed into a tray and, to make it more fun for the kids, you could paint its bottom using chalkboard paint so they can draw on it. You can add this to their list of arts and crafts supplies. You can add handles to the box to make it easier to carry around and to also make it look more like a tray. {found on thecasualcraftlete}

Wooden crates can also help you organize your home better. At the same time you might add some useful furniture to your home, such as a unit for the entryway similar to what you can see on abeautifulmess. This is actually an organizer for the mudroom. It’s made out of three wooden crates, two sitting on the floor and serving as benches and storage modules for shoes and one on top of another.

If you need a desk and if you like the shabby-chic look with rustic or vintage influences, we have a great suggestion for you: use wooden crates to build a base for your new desk and then add a piece of wood and top. It’s as easy as it sounds. Just make sure the height of the desk is comfortable and that everything is secured together properly. {found on desiretoinspire}

We also have another idea that you might like but for this one you’ll need more than just three or four wooden crates. We’re talking about a crate bookcase. You’ll need around eight crates if you want to replicate the design you see here. You can either have the bookcase built like a tall vertical tower or a low horizontal unit.

Coat hangers get new uses

Aren’t bed tables simply wonderful? They make breakfast in bed a reality and they’re quite easy to build. If you have four wooden hangers and a piece of wood…that’s all you need to build a small and simple table. We happen to have a great video tutorial about this exact project. Check it out and learn how to make your own bed table using hangers.

Hanger are good for…well…hanging things so, in a way, if you’re using one to hang something other than clothes it doesn’t necessarily count as a repurposed item. So what could you hang? Well, magazines are an option. You could make a lovely magazine hanger by hardly changing anything about the hanger. Of course, if you want, you can give it a makeover and exquisitelyunremarkable can help with that.

We also have another interesting suggestion: to use hangers to create a custom coat rack. Basically you have to cut off a section of each wooden hanger and then to secure them all to a flat piece of wood. They’ll each serve as double hangers, great for coats, accessories and bags.

Repurposed old keys…who knew?

It’s not very often that you get to have unused keys. We don’t usually think twice about throwing them out but they can actually be repurposed if only you’d give them a second chance. Wondering how? Our tutorial will show you how to turn old keys into a key holder. It’s quite poetic actually, that the old keys will be used to hold the new ones.

Repurposed furniture and inspiring makeovers

Furniture often gets repurposed. Dressers in particular are quite versatile this way. We’re not only talking about a piece of furniture which is taken from one place and put in another to serve a similar purpose but under a different name. Some transformations are more complex than that. A dresser, for instance can become a bench. This requires a bit of work but the result is inspiring and you can see it on createinspireme.

A desk, for example, can be transformation into not one but two separate pieces of furniture. If it’s a desk with a symmetrical design that has storage drawers or compartments on both sides, with a work area in between, you can just remove the central piece and use the two storage sections as separate nightstands. It’s something that we learned from realitydaydream.

Some projects are a bit too specific to be replicated but still very inspiring. There’s one that we found on homehinges. Believe it or not, this magazine rack/ storage module/ console or however else you want to call it used to be a very very old TV. It was a TV that came with a wooden frame, sort of like it was built into a cabinet.

Chairs are replaced quite often compared to other furniture pieces which have a more permanent character. Of course, chairs gain character as they get old and parting with them can be difficult. So instead of getting rid of a chair that you used and loved for so many years, perhaps you’d prefer to repurpose it into something else. Take apart the legs and turn them into wind chimes. As strange as it sounds, it’s all real and very possible. Check out theshabbycreekcottage if you’re curious.

Taking ladders to new heights

We love the idea of turning a ladder into a towel rack for the bathroom. Somehow it feels right and the ladder looks very natural in this environment, almost like it was meant to be used this way. So what are you waiting for? If you find this as charming as we do, go find yourself an old ladder and give it a new purpose in your cozy home. {found on funkyjunkinteriors}

Since we’re on the subject, how would you feel about having a ladder in your bedroom? It sounds unconventional but consider this: you could use it as a blanket rack or it can even double as a nightstand. In addition to that, a wooden ladder would add warmth to the decor of the room and you can coordinate it with other wooden elements. You have cherishedbliss to thank for this inspiring idea.

There also some things that a ladder would be just perfect for. For example, a double ladder could be used as a plant pot holder. this can be seen as an opportunity to create a vertical garden which can look beautiful both indoors and outdoors. The ladder doesn’t need to look good or to have a certain style or design. It just has to be strong enough to hold all the pots. Go to smalltownrambler to find out more.

Some spaces, such as the kitchen, don’t really seem like the environment in which to bring a ladder but you’d be surprised by the versatility of this item. Picture this: a ladder hanged vertically from the ceiling, above the kitchen island. You can use it to store and hang pots, pans, utensils and various other things. It addition, it will look interesting and it will serve as a conversation subject. {found on theqhitecottagefarm}

Finding new and clever uses for clothespins

Using an empty can, a few wooden clothespins, a glue gun and a piece of thin rope you can make a lovely little planter that looks like a tiny barrel. These DIY clothespin planters are great for succulents, cacti and small plants in general. They also look very charming and easy to integrate in just about any decor and environment.

Wooden clothespins can also be used to make a beautiful picture holder with a sunburst design. This is actually an easy technique which you can also use if you want to make a custom frame for a mirror. Think about painting the clothespins before you glue them to the frame. You can also cut them to create various patterns.

How about a lamp made of clothespins? Actually, this one looks like a jingo tower and you can probably actually use jingo blocks to make something similar. It’s a clothespin lamp that offers subtle lighting, perfect for bedrooms. It’s quite easy to put together and the tutorial shows you all you need to know about the process.

Remember the planters that looked like tiny barrels? Well, you can use a similar technique to make some really charming clothespin candle holders. This time you’ll need short-sided tin cans or anything else that can work as a container for this. Basically you just have to glue clothespins to the outside of the container. You don’t even have to take them apart.

Funky new ways to use picture frames

Want to make your guests truly feel welcomed into your home? Well, you could do that with a framed message. There’s not much to this project really…all you need is a large picture frame, some chalkboard paint and some colored paint. You may need to also add a back piece if the frame doesn’t have one. myrepurposedlife will show you all the steps required for a successful project.

Are you familiar with shadow boxes? Frame shelves like the ones on shanty-2-chic are pretty similar to those. You can build your own using a few pieces of wood which can be leftovers from other projects and some picture frames. You could skip the frames if you want to simplicity things but that would take away a lot of charm in this project.

Pictures frames can be repurposed as organizers for desks and vanities. It’s a transformation that’s easy to do by anyone. Start with a simple picture frame, some fabric or decorative paper, ribbon and a glue gun. Cover the rig backing of the frame in paper after you’ve removed the glass and then glue two strips of ribbon across its front, just as shown in the tutorial. You’ll be able to craft a beautiful hair accessory organizer.

Speaking or organizers, you could also make one for your desk. Once again, you’ll need a picture frame, some fabric and a glue gun. The project is described in detail on wishfultinker but you can probably figure out all that needs to be done just by looking at this thing. After all, it’s pretty simple and it’s always nice to add a personal touch to everything you do.

Picture frames can also be used as decorations for walls. With a little bit of help, they can become eye-catching accessories. You can even consider making some themed decorations using frames such as a Halloween wreath like the one that we found on beckiadams. Here’s what you’ll need: a frame, some spray paint, a plastic spider, some twine and a glue gun.

From picture frame to tray…it’s a simple journey open to a lot of customization possibilities. One design idea is offered on sweethings. The project involves an old picture frame, a drill, handles, glue, varnish, damask paper and metallic spray paint. You can, of course, just go to a store and get a new frame just for this purpose but you’d miss on the opportunity to salvage something old.

Old leather belts get repurposed

Ever seen a belt used as something other than a fashion accessory? If the answer is yes then you probably have some ideas about how old belts can be repurposed and if the answer is no then you’re in for a treat. One of our favorite kinds of wall mirrors are the ones hanged using leather belts. To better understand what we mean by that, check out confessionsofaneworldhomeowner.

Curious how else you can repurpose belts? Have a look at the wall shelves featured on athomeinlove. They’re made of wood planks and belt straps and this seems like a very simple and at the same time inexpensive project which has the advantage of looking unique and being special.

If you liked the first two projects, prepare for something on a whole new level. We say that because for the project featured on sallyannk you’ll need more than two belts. In fact, you’ll need around 25 or even more and that’s because you’ll be making a new seat for an old chair using only leather belts. The waving is quite nice and comfortable and it has a lot of character.

Updated yardsticks

Who uses yardsticks anymore, right? Well maybe you’re not using them for their intended purpose/ original function but you can definitely find something useful to do with them. If you manage to find at least 3 yardsticks maybe you could use them to make a coat hanger. They’ll actually make up the board on which the hooks are mounted. You can see how it would look like by checking out mysalvagedtreasures.

If you’re lucky enough to find more than 3 or 4 vintage yardsticks, you could do something really cool with all of them. For example, you could use them to cover up the surface of a desk or a table. The project is not difficult but requires some items such as corner edge molding, wood lath and some adhesive. If you want you can even build the table or desk from scratch. {found on ilovetocreateblog}

You may be wondering if there’s something that you can build entirely out of yardsticks. Well, of course there is. You could make a yardstick tray like this one showcased on simplicityinthesouth. It looks great and it has a lot of character. You could offer it as a gift to someone you care about or you can keep it all to yourself.

We also have another wonderful project to show you. This one is special because it’s made using repurposed items and we’re not only talking about yardsticks. It’s a wall clock made out of an up cycled bike wheel. The yard sticks indicate the time and they contrast nicely with the clock itself. This is a project that comes from thistlewoodfarms.

Cool ways to upcycle skateboards

Maybe you’re a skateboarder, a skateboard enthusiast or maybe you simply have an old skateboard that’s you’d like to repurpose somehow. Well, you can definitely find something to do with it. If you want, you could use it to make a garden swing. There’s no need to modify anything about it. Just get some rope and make sure it’s nice and secure. You can hang it from a tree. {found on hiconsumption}.

If you remove the wheels and only keep the board, you could turn that into a seat for a cute little bench. There’s not much to it, actually but you might have to build the base for the bench from scratch. Even this part is easy if you measure twice and cut once. {found on pinterest}.

It’s pretty rare to have several skateboards just lying around…but in case you do, check out this shelving unit. Its shelves are skateboards, each painted a different color. There’s five of them in total but you can make your unit as high or as low as you want. {found on pinterest}.

Making wine corks useful again

Once a wine cork is out of the bottle…that’s usually about it. The lucky corks get salvaged and repurposed. There’s plenty you can do with them. You could use them two by two to make some holders/ bungee ties for your cables. This way you’ll get to organize your cables better and you’ll give some poor corks a new purpose.

Monogram decorations are an interesting way of personalizing a space. They come in lots and lots of different forms and, naturally, there had to also be a way to use wine corks for this. Check out this cork monogram on diys if you want to find out more about this.

Even individual corks can be repurposed into cute things. The best example are these tiny wine cork planters. They’re very easy to make and if you glue small magnets on them you can then stick them to the fridge so they serve as decorations. They’re really cute and, even though they’re so small, they’re one of our favorite projects.

How to repurpose books

Once you’ve read a book, you’re pretty much done with it. Sure, you can read it again after a while if you want but that only applies to those books that you really enjoyed. For the rest, it’s all over unless you can think of a way to save them. Luckily, we have a few ideas that we’d like to share. One is to hollow out a book and turn it into a secret storage area. You’ve probably seen this in movies and such things actually exist. There’s one on etsy.

Another pretty popular idea has to do with shelves made out of books. When you think about it, it makes sense. A book is sturdy and strong (at least the hardcover ones are) and that makes it similar to a piece of wood from which a shelf is usually made. Substituting one for another is easy and you can find out the details on realsimple.

What does a router have to do with a book? Well, hardly anything unless you could the fact that you can use a book to hide a router. Actually, you’ll only need the book cover so remove the pages inside it and glue two pieces of cardboard on the sides so only the front is open, sort of like a box. slide the router inside. Of course, this only works if the router doesn’t have those big antennas sticking out.
If you’re absolutely certain that you’ll never want to read a certain book again, you could just remove some of its pages and use them to make paper roses. You can then use several flowers to make a beautiful bouquet or you can glue them to a branch. You can even use them to make a unique wall decor. In any case, 100layercake will offer you all the details you need to know about this.

Plastic bottles recycled into stylish home accessories

Everyone can recycle a plastic bottle by simply putting it in the right garbage can or taking it to a recycling center. Not everyone, on the other hand, has the inspiration or patience to take a simple plastic bottle to a new level and to give it a new life. If you’re interested, there’s a way to make plastic bottle lamps.

Two plastic bottles are enough to make a handy organizer for pens and other things. It’s actually a sort of zipper case which you can craft using a few simple supplies, including a zipper of course. Since there are so many different types of bottles, including of different sizes, shapes and even colors, you can customize this organizer in lots of different ways.

A light bulb never dies

Surprisingly, a light bulb doesn’t become completely useless unless its glass breaks in which case there’s not much you can do to save it. But if there’s nothing physically wrong with the light bulb, then you can use it in one of your DIY projects. For instance, you could turn a bulb into a tiny hanging vase. Keep in mind, however, that this is a delicate project and you need to be extra careful.

A few ways to upcycle pallets

Everyone knows that wooden pallets are versatile and that they can be repurposed in various ways so it’s no surprise that you could use them to build things like furniture or organizers. A pretty simple project to start with can be a pallet daybed. There’s not much to it, actually. All you should do is install wheels or casters on the pallet and it can then be used as a base for the sofa/ mattress. {found on le-minimalist}.

Another simple use for a wooden pallet involves its transformation into a vertical garden. Here’s what you should do: remove every other crossbar from the pallet and use them to top off the remaining horizontal bars. This way you’ll be making boxes in which to plant the herbs. You can paint their fronts with chalkboard paint to make a pallet herb garden just like this one.

If you take apart a pallet, you can then use the pieces to build pretty much anything. For instance, you could make a planter box. It’s simple, stylish and even a little bit sophisticated. You can display the planter outdoors, on the patio, the deck, the terrace, the balcony or by your front door and if you want you can also bring it indoors.

Cardboard-based DIY projects

I don’t know about you but I find shoeboxes to be too practical and useful to just put in the trash. They can always be used as storage containers. If you want you could make them look nice and pretty. Maybe you’d like to turn them into belted totes like these ones on brit+co.

Think of a cardboard box as the starting point of a beautiful DIY project, the frame on which you can built stylish things like these nifty organizers for things like makeup, brushes and basically anything that you find suitable. You can put them up on walls to save space or you can keep them on a desk, a table or a vanity.

There’s a lot more you can do with cardboard. You can use some cardboard pieces to make decorations such as these floral letters. They’re simple and colorful and they look lovely. You can use fresh flowers or you can make some paper flowers.

In case you have some extra shoeboxes and a lack of wall decorations, maybe you can solve both problems with a single simple project. We’re talking about giving the boxes a makeover. There are lots of ways to do this and some are described on brit+co. One idea is to use the lids only and to decorate them with wrapping paper or fabric.

Even vegetables can be repurposed

They’re great when served in salads, soups and even deserts but that’s not all vegetables are good for. Of course, you probably know all about pumpkins and how they become jack-o-lanterns on Halloween but you can also use them as decorations the rest of the year as well. In fact, almost any vegetable can become a vase or a candle holder and if that’s not what you had in mind there are other ways in which you can take advantage of their freshness to make your home look lovely. {found on brit+co}

Fun ways to repurpose Floppy Disks and CDs

Who uses a floppy anymore these days? Probably nobody, at least not in the way they were meant to be used. In case you found some old floppy disks somewhere at the bottom of a drawer, don’t get rid of them just yet. They bring back memories and it’s worth keeping them around, even if in a different form. Five disks can make a planter and every time you’ll be looking at it you’ll get to reminisce. {found on brit+co}

You can also make a planter out of CD cases. It will just be a little bigger than the floppy disk one. The idea is the same: you use five cases, one is the bottom and four are the sides and you glue their edges together. If you want you can use cases from music CDs with covers on them.

A CD can be turned into a table clock. You only need the CD and a clock kit but you might also want to build a base or a frame to hold it up. Brit+co suggests using some washers, bolts and screws for this part.

Even a spindle can be repurposed. In fact, it would be perfect for storing bracelets. You might want to make it look pretty beforehand so perhaps some spray paint can help. This gold version looks chic and stylish so how about that?

Not even a broken CD is useless enough to be thrown out. Actually, there’s one project that actually requires CDs to be broken into pieces. These pieces are used to decorate the frame of a mirror and the result is a mosaic design.

We’re back to CD cases to let you know that they can be used as picture frames. The idea is that you print out the pictures and cut them to fit inside the CD case. This is how they’ll be displayed. You can mount them on the wall with double-sided tape.

A rusty garden rake is not exactly pretty to look at but that can be easily changed. You can turn the rake into a beautiful and original wreath to hang on your front door or to decorate your garden shed with. Faux flowers and succulents are perfect for the job so collect a bunch and glue them onto the rake. Spend some time playing with various combinations and arrangements before you settle on a final look and check out petticoatjunktion if you need inspiration.

Old jeans are pretty cool too because there are many interesting ways in which they can be upcycled. One idea is to make hanging denim baskets like the ones shown on pillarboxblue. It’s a simple project really and all you need is the legs of some jeans, cute fabric and embroidery hoops. You can play around with different types of fabric for the inner liner and make baskets of different sizes based on the type of jeans that you have. If you want to make a bigger basket you’ll need to stitch your own denim tubes.

A ping pong bat doesn’t really seem like the type of decoration one would want to hang on their walls…until you turn it upside down and you paint it to make it look like a giant Christmas ornament. You can use acrylic paints to create any type of pattern or design you think would look nice and then hang the bats with some ribbon and a hook. For more details check out pillarboxblue.

Wire coat hangers are pretty useful when it comes to DIY crafts and you can them in various interesting ways to make decorations and accessories or custom storage systems. One of the simplest ways to repurpose them is described on handmadecharlotte. These hangers are now used to display and store kids books and they look lovely. The secret here is colored tape.

You can also use a tray to make a beautiful garden side table. This one is flower-shaped which definitely adds to the charm but is not really a must-have as even a simple, rectangular tray could look beautiful once the transformation is complete. There’s a complete tutorial on deliciousanddiy which explains all the different steps and gives a list of all the necessary supplies for this project.

Even an old bike wheel can be turned into a beautiful decoration with a little help from you. The project we have in mind is described in detail on daintydressdiaries and involves cleaning and painting the wheel and then decorating it with faux flowers and plants in order to transform it into a magnificent wreath which you can hang on one of the walls in your home or offer as a gift to someone.

Ordinary things like plastic bottles can also be used in lots of creative and interesting ways. For example, you could use small plastic bottles to make cute little Easter baskets like the one shown on diyncrafts. You only need the bottom section of the bottle, a pipe cleaner and a piece of foam sheet to make a basket which you can then fill with anything you want.

If you plan on getting some new furniture to replace your cabinets, don’t throw out the old pieces just yet. You can definitely use them to make some awesome things, like these beautiful farmhouse-style crates which are actually upcycled drawers. Only a few small changes are needed for this transformation. You can also turn a drawer into a cozy little bed for your cat or come up with an entirely different use for it. Check out sadieseasongoods for more ideas and inspiration.

Take an old dining chair, remove the seat, put a large pot inside and voila, you have a beautiful planter with an original stand. There are a few extra things you can do to make this look nice and pretty, such as paint the chair and the planter in the same color, as suggested on blog. You can display your new chair planter out on the porch or in your balcony and you can always make more if you have extra chairs in need of a makeover.

A vintage suitcase is a wonderful resource for tons of cool DIY projects. One of the things you can do with it is a little custom chair similar to the one featured on seekatesew. In addition to the suitcase, for this project you’re also going to need four wooden legs, screws, a piece of plywood, fabric and foam or pillows. If the suitcase you’re using is small, the chair might end up being mostly decorative but your cat or dog would surely love it.

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